Massive 3,800-year-old fortress uncovered in City of David
Eli Mandelbaum
Published: 03.04.14, 01:00
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1. So....King David is not fiction?
Israeli 2   (04.03.14)
But PROFESSORS at renowned universities state emphatically that King David and King Solomon are figments of a Jew's imagination. Tzztz tzzztz tzzz - Who to believe
2. Canaanites ... common ancestors of Phoenicians and Hebrews
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (04.03.14)
Arabs didn't even exist in Mecca until 2000 years later.
3. And then people ask...
Jonathan   (04.03.14)
Is the Bible real? Is Israel Jewish... What a crazy world ! This is really good news... well done everyone!
4. The Jebusseite/Palestinians were there 3800 b.c befire
John bayer ,   Brazil   (04.03.14)
5. #4 Lets get FACTUAL
Tim ,   Brighton   (04.03.14)
There is no archaeological, historical or scriptural evidence that connects Jebusites to Palestinians whatsoever That said - that Palestinians just as Israelis both have a right to a Homeland and Statehood is also indisputable But don't support your arguments with bogus claims and factual fallacies
6. Further proof!
manicdrummer ,   Haifa, Israel   (04.03.14)
The more archaeological digs they do, the more proof there is that the Torah is entirely factual. an accurate account of the history of the region.
7. What was that, Saeb Eraket,...
nadav   (04.03.14)
your ancestors were here first?! lol! this is just more proof that the Islamic Arab are, like the Spaniards in the Americas, foreign invaders who should be rolled back to the Arabian Peninsula, their true homeland!
8. Real interesting this
Cameron ,   USA   (04.03.14)
A fortress you say? Are all the pics above just what has been excavated underground? Any of the original structure still to be found in some degree on the surface?
9. Why?
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.03.14)
"The biggest fortress ever uncovered in Israel from the pre-Herod period was inaugurated on Tuesday **in a secret ceremony.**"
10. archaeologist
Barnea Levi Selavan ,   Jerusalem Israel   (04.03.14)
Joe Uziel is quoted, there is no G. Uziel
11. Slight Exaggeration
Steve Feingold ,   NY, USA   (04.03.14)
I was actually in the City of David on Tuesday touring and saw this new addition to the City of David. But the headline makes it sound much more certain than the actual exhibit did which was very careful to not make grandiose statements.
12. Caves, springs, conquered dozens of times, Hebrews not first
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (04.03.14)
...nor will European Jews be last. 2 not mine.
13. Natives converted to Judaism, then Christianity, Islam
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (04.04.14)
2 not mine.
14. Dr. Joe Uziel (Right, #10)
GS ,   Germany   (04.03.14)
15. Massive 3,800-year-old City of David
jon ,   uk   (04.03.14)
I wonder what the Palestinians will say about this maybe they will come out with something that it belongs to them and go to UN for a vote
16. # 5 Tim, Brighton
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (04.04.14)
" palestinians and Israelis both have a right to a Homeland and Statehood is also indisputable." Yes, but not to the same land, Israel. There is no evidence to support any claim of any pal to any of the land of Israel. Israel won the right, ( despite the biblical proof of Israel long recored history ) by winning 6 wars against her enemies, pals, muslims/arabs. Shalom. BUSY BUILDING !!!
17. # 8 Take a trip to Israel Cameron
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (04.04.14)
You seem so intent to destroy her..On the other hand, Syria still has flights and some old architecture and digs.
18. John Bayer, A History Lesson
ShimonHaNasi   (04.04.14)
Jebusseites are a tribe of Canaanites who were either completely absorbed or killed during the Israelite conquest. Phoenicians are a water people who came from Greece and expanded in a Viking like fashion. They attacked and made land fall along the Mediterranean coast including Italy,Turkey Libya etc. and were enemies of the Israelites as well as other indigenous tribes to the areas they pillaged. Palestinian (latinized: Phonecian) was a designation given to "protectorate" Israel by Rome after they destroyed the second temple and put down all revolts as a slight toward their vanquished foes. They also renamed Jerusalem to Aelia Capitolina in an attempt to make it a pagan city. People who identify themselves Palestinians are Arab descendants of the Ishmalites from Arabia who came to Israel as conquers during the Arab conquest 635 AD. I hope this helps.
19. # 6 Absolutely !!!!
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (04.04.14)
Get me hear a drum roll! BUSY BUILDING BABY !!!
20. # 15 jon, Hope they do...
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (04.04.14)
there's a semi forgotten US law that ends all pal monies should they go to the UN. So, let's hope they do and lets also hope America's Senators will keep the law by ending the US funding of the pals that should have NEVER occurred in the first place. p.s Europe should as well. BUSILY BUILDING !!!
21. # 1 So, who ya gonna believe?
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (04.04.14)
Your eyes or the lying people disputing the words of the most Holy book? No words are truer. KEEP BUILDING AND KEEP DIGGING !!!!
22. #7 Nadav Or, speaking of Spain...
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (04.04.14)
Spain marched 800,000 Jews into the sea to drown.. Can Muslims swim? ISRAEL CAN SURE BUILD !!!!
23. # 12 Care to make a wager? You'll lose (but you already have
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (04.04.14)
Damn straight these "European Jews' will be the last. Hitlers Final solution has come to bit the Muslims in the ass. Shame but, while Muslims are murdering Muslims... israel busy BUILDING And.. finding more proof that Jews, not pals, not arabs, not muslims are the original founders, builders and owners of Israel. BUILDING IS WINNING THE WHOLE ENCHILADA!!!
24. To: No. 12
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.08.14)
Mind citing historical works claiming these caves and springs BEFORE the Jews? Little hard to get past those Hebrew inscriptions, you know? Too bad for you. Israel belongs to the Jewish people. Forever. "Forever" can be as long or as short as you decide, sluggo, because if we go, we're taking as many with us as we can, and we WILL leave what's left of the world uninhabitable for the next one hundred thousand years.
25. Enchilada #23
Z man ,   USA   (04.22.14)
I did not know that there are enchiladas in Israel -cool
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