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Arab microbiologist is Israel's new 'Master Chef'
Raz Shechnik
Published: 06.04.14, 12:12
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1. Well done she deserved to win
Haim ,   TA   (04.06.14)
2. It couldn't get more PC, but that's OK: now we can use it to
tom ,   tel aviv   (04.06.14)
refute the Apartheid accusations; you don't think so?! Me neither :-)) She probably makes mean Choolent as well.... Good luck & why not.
3. funny
The extreme Left hate the Jews and support anyone who wants to destroy Israel. In Saudi Arabia and Gaza, she would be locked up and hide her face, she would not even have a driver's license. In Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and Iraq she might have achieved her degree, but in Egypt she'd be raped (and hijabbed) and would have no money for food while in Syria, Lebanon or Iraq she would have lost everything she owns, her children and husband murdered and she'd probably be raped. Under PLO rule in Judea and Samaria, she might have be safe from crime, her property protected and she would have a job, all thanks to the IDF. It is not for nothing that psychiatrists recognize Leftism as a severe mental illness.
4. Mazal tov Nof!
R ,   Israel   (04.06.14)
5. Well ! that's great
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (04.06.14)
A scientific head and a great CHEF ! With such capacities ! That's impressive . Kol hakavod Lady !
6. But how can that be? Isn't Israel an Apartheid state?
7. Congratulations Nof
vicky ,   ashkelon Israel   (04.06.14)
8. Well done
Abe 4u ,   Migdal Ha Emek ,, Is   (04.06.14)
She deserved to win, now perhaps the Arabs can whine about how their bretheren are mistreated in Israel. Where else can his happen ? She opted to live here in peace with us , she is most welcome to do so. The likes of Arabs in UmAlFakum wanting to live in Palestine ? Terrific, have a poll like in Crimea , and then cut this cancer from our mists. Send them to so called Palestine, let's see how many will vote in the referendum to go to Palestine.
9. biased
Sandra ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.06.14)
Sorry, but I really think those reality shows are biased. A filipina won X-factor and an arab-israeli won this ? Don't you think it's done to show to the world that Israel is a tolerant country ?
10. Congratulations!
GS ,   Germany   (04.06.14)
11. Why is this news?
A ,   Belgium   (04.06.14)
Things like this, an arab woman with a PhD and postdoctoral degrees who studied in a Jewish school and wins a cooking contest in Israel, happen everyday in racist, apartheid Israel.
12. winner
alex   (04.06.14)
What chanses has white Ashkenazi man to win when HE cames against black and Arab women ?
13. #6
Rau   (04.06.14)
It's pretty obvious that you don't fully comprehend what apartheid is.
14. Mrs. Nof - Dr. Nof - Congratulations !
miri ,   israel   (04.06.14)
I only wish I could cook half as well and in short times as you ! In my opinion, you are amazing,
15. Good that everyone can have an equal chance to win in Israel
Naomi   (04.06.14)
16. well done !
alsky ,   toronto   (04.06.14)
17. #13 sarcasm?
Alon   (04.06.14)
Not just a word you can't spell from the dictionary
18. #9 Sandra
Sergio ,   Tel Aviv   (04.07.14)
I am sorry to tell you that but no. Nof was a strong competitor to others. I personally think she was the best in this season. I am sorry to disappoint you.
19. #9
Master Chef ,   Jerusalem   (04.07.14)
To Sandra #9. Although I agree that X-factor was biased (Rose was not the best singer on the show), Nof really seemed to be one the best candidates on the show from the very beginning. She deserved it, Edo and Meseret were crap compared to her
20. #6
J ,   Tel Aviv   (04.07.14)
So a single Arab-Israeli succeeds: there are still millions more with and more without Israeli citizenship yet subject to the policies of the Jewish dominated government and military. Fine, if not apartheid then what? Segregation? Institutional racism?
21. Mabrouk; fantastic
Sami ,   Ex. Cairo, Egypt   (04.07.14)
Mabrouk. Fantastic. Very happy to see Israeli Arabs successful.
22. #20, 6. You mean, gasp! Like every other
Haifen ,   Haifa   (04.07.14)
Country in whole world?! We're not worse and not better. But could always improve on what we are
23. #20-J
Sarah ,   Jerusalem   (04.07.14)
You're delusional -- there are NOT millions of Arab-Israelis without Israeli citizenship.
24. so much for "apartheid"
nadav ,   tlv   (04.09.14)
how do the jihadists and their far left allies actually call Israel an apartheid state, when, like the winner of this contest, Arabs can actually study at Jewish schools?! I guess there is so much hate and ignorance that if you tell enough lies all the time, people will start to believe it.
25. Learn history
A+ ,   Israel   (04.09.14)
Learn what an apartheid means, this can't be happening when an apartheid is taking place...
26. Mazel Tov!
Akiva ,   NYC   (04.13.14)
Good to see the diversity of Israeli cuisine.
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