Opinion  Sever Plocker
Moscow and Ramallah: The new alliance
Sever Plocker
Published: 06.04.14, 20:39
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1. Good move. US is not fair. US chief
American Veteran   (04.06.14)
negotiator represents israel's interest.
2. Stopping Obama's UNSC Veto of Palestinian State is key to PA
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (04.06.14)
...future success. Russian financial support in West Bank is problematic, Israel can block it.
3. End US biased "mediation" ...involve Moscow
Lynx ,   Palestine   (04.06.14)
Obama's entire advisors on the issue are Jews and ardent Zionists, except Kerry. This speaks volumes on the so called peace mediator. End the nonsense..end the naked bias and process-for-sake-of-process. Kick out USAid while at it. Who needs their dirty money, they are bankrupt anyway.
4. you'll have to do better
An interesting hypothesis, but you'll have to do better. The PLO spat in Obama's face because everyone (except Israel) is doing it. PLO knows that Obama is going down thanks to the Obamacare debacle. They got what they could (some freed murdererers and Netanyahu agreed to "limited ethnic cleansing") and when they could get nothing more they left for the UN. They will get UN recognition because Obama will not make any pro-Israel veto because he wants revenge on the Jews. But an alliance with Putin? First, PLO has nothing to offer Russia. PLO supported Sunni Jihad against Assad. Iraq, Egypt and Saudi Arabia have already joined the Russians because Obama stabbed them in the back. And remember: the only thing the PLO wants is money to maintain their kleptocracy. Russia does not have cash, only the Europeans do, and they hate Putin because he stopped them from seizing Ukraine.
5. Al Qaeda Vet: Russia doesn't want a new terrorist Arab state
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (04.06.14)
6. Al Qaeda Vet: Russia works with Israel in covert operations
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (04.06.14)
7. Could be
Israeli 2   (04.06.14)
but Israel should refuse, change its leadership and annex all areas immediately. Most importantly, remove all Pals to Jordan or elsewhere. NO MORE NEGOTIATIONS
8. # 1 What's wrong with Israel's interests?
After all, the land belongs to the Jewish people and not the Arabs. Learning some history might do you some good. Besides, why can't USA represent Israel when EU and Russia represent the Arabs? Why do you assume that the Arab demands of stealing the historical Jewish homeland is "fair"? Why do you assume that Jewish demands of reclaiming their historical Jewish homeland called Israel is "unfair"? Why do you assume that EU and Russian support for the Arabs is "fair" and American support for Israel is "unfair"? Explain yourself.
9. #1 Veteran of too much Owsley acid obviously
A ,   Belgium   (04.06.14)
Putin, who is a cruel but calculating politician...unlike Oblabla...would not place his bet on a losing deal like the "palestinians". They have nothing to offer him, but they would love another source of money to leech off of. Putin knows this, he will turn to Israel. Potential wealth in off shore gas fields, friendly ports on the Mediterranean Sea, maybe even a bit of control of the Suez Canal. How VERY tempting! How so very weak America is to stop it!
10. Israel should have sought help from Putin instead of Nobama
11. birds of a feather stick together
zionist forever   (04.06.14)
Putin & Abbas were made for each other Both hate Israel Both hate the US Both have oversized egos Both think they can dictate to the world Abbas wants to act like an emperor and tell the US if you don't play by our rules we will go to Russia. Russia would love to get a foothold in a future palestinians state, a naval base in Gaza to replace the base they will eventually loose in Tartus would be good. Try expand the Russian influence in the Middle East like in the good old days when the entire arab world were Soviet client states and Israel being the only one with western values the US realised Israel could be a useful ally which is something Obama has chosen to ignore to keep muslims happy. With Russia wanting to expand its empire back into the ME hopefully Obama will realise who Americas friends in the region are.
12. #11. "a naval base in Gaza"
A ,   Belgium   (04.06.14)
The Russians wouldn't dare such a move, first, because the ruling Hamas government in gaza is considered a terrorist entity in many parts of the world and after the takeover of the Crimea, Russia would still want to look innocent, especially after it continues to support Assad, the present #1 Middle East terrorist (after Abbas) and the Iranians, and two, they would never want to risk a confrontation with Israel, which COULD cause the American Administration to awaken from its 14 year (started wxith G.W.) hibernation and respond with a bit more than a red line.
13. This is ominous because of the nations involved in the Ezeki
Rivkah   (04.07.14)
Ezekiel chapter 38 war. If Gog of Magog, Chief Prince of Mesach and Tubal is Putin of Russia, Chief Prince of Moscow and Tubulsk instead of Turkey's Erdogan being Gog of Magog, then the players for a horrific war are lining up.
14. Definition of chutzpah lynx
Barney ,   USA   (04.07.14)
Who needs their money? How about the mythical Pali Arabs who produce absolutely nothing and have lived on nothing but charity for 60 years. Terrorism being their only contribution to the world. They depend on Israel for even electricity or else they would be sitting in the dark. Do you enjoy your life in ISRAEL?
15. #3, Mecca Arab: Putin grabed Crimea, will grab Gaza too
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (04.07.14)
16. #5, 6, are mine. I wholeheartedly approve the posts.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (04.07.14)
17. 2-Obama will be impeached and out of office before UNSC 2015
18. I don't think so
aaron ,   toronto,canada   (04.07.14)
I don't think the Russians want to touch the palis again, they still remember the BEATING they took by backing Egypt,syria,lebanon and Jordan in 67 and 73. So mr.abASS I suggest you look somewhere else.
19. What a great, little subject for our minds to start spinning
tom ,   tel aviv   (04.07.14)
20. What makes Abbas think there will be anymore?
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (04.07.14)
The Arabs have violated absolutely every single provision of every treaty they have ever signed. What makes the Arabs think we are going to ever talk again?
21. Very Good! Yes, Russia Will BE a Better Partner!
Z. Lazkow ,   israel   (04.07.14)
"...Who knows, perhaps Russia will be a better mediator after all.." This is exactly Right. Israel from it's early beginnings should have stick with Russia. NOT USA, but Soviet Union supported establishment of Israel in 1948 from the very first steps in UN. US joined only at the very last step. First 20 years, 1948-1968, France and NOT USA, provided Israel with military help, especially fighter-jets Mirages. US started providing help to Israel after 1967 Six Day War, ONLY because of balance of Power. Israel's early socialistic structure was closer to SU than to US. Israel's population was and still is 40% Russian speaking, Russian born, and Russian as the second or first language. In the 1950s-1970s it was around 60%. So it is natural and obvious that Israel has all cultural and social ties to Russia. It has to work on expanding economical, cultural and scientific co-operation with Russia, and less to be obsessed with USA.
22. #5,6:GOOD! it's a NEW Chapter in Israel+Russia CoOp.
Z. Lazkow ,   israel   (04.07.14)
23. Palestinians have made some calculations
Harri ,   EU   (04.07.14)
Now when Russia has very little to lose in the relations with US and very much to win in the relations with other world, especially with Arab world and Turkey, Russia could break the Gaza siege if it wanted to. I doubt that Israel would declare war to Russia, or that Putin would even care. Breaking the siege it would boost the relations with every country except Israel, US and Canada, and Russia needs that relations boost. Of course it would make the relations with US and Russia even more strangled, but It would make a rift to the Nato lines. We will wait and see. That strategy has many risky points also for both Palestinians and Russia, but looks like Israel stopped playing and let the other players define the game.
24. #17 - No Obama impeachment
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (04.07.14)
Not only will Obama not be impeached, but the next President will also be a democrat and the Senate will swing back to the Democrats in 2016. The republicans are screwing up so many states combined with demographics, means the republicans are going to be out of power from 2016 for many years.
25. Putin should be demanding Balfour Restoration instead.
BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (04.07.14)
Calling Muslims as Palestinians makes the Nazis more honest. It is totally false and a covert genocide aspiration of Israel.
26. #9
Simon King ,   Sacramento, USA   (04.07.14)
Hubris is the downfall of all, best remember that before calling America weak. It happened to the Germans, the Japanese, the Soviets, and the Iraqis. All of them had large militaries and America either directly beat them down or contributed greatly in their undoing.
27. #23
Your analysis makes no sense. Putin has no reason to give PLO money, he needs it for Russia and Crimea. If PLO aligns with Putin, even Obama won't be able to keep supporting them and PLO will lose EU money because of Putin's anti-gay stance. Putin isn't going to "break the siege" on Gaza because the first victim will be Putin's ally Sisi. Since Putin's next target is probably pro-PLO Turkey, it isn't clear what he gains from PLO. If anything, it makes most sense for Putin to not do anything against Israel while he stabilizes the gains he made due to Obama's failures.
28. #23, Arabs have always miscalculated, self inflicted wounds.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (04.07.14)
29. 5,6,15,16, not mine.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (04.07.14)
Fan club.
30. President Putin: You must listen! Elohim is putting a hook
Rivkah   (04.07.14)
into your jaw to pull your armies to the Middle East to destroy them Look at Ezekiel chapter 38. Mikhail Gorbachev's family name a hundred years ago was GOGbachev. If he is advising you to attack Israel and Scotland (Cattle Land mentioned in intercepted phone call of two Russian Ambassadors) and Alaska and California and Miami, you must not do that because Elohim will destroy the armies that invade Israel.
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