No progress made in meeting to solve talks crisis, Palestinians say
Attila Somfalvi, AFP
Published: 07.04.14, 01:19
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1. Ah,Kerry's bailing out.
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (04.06.14)
What does Kerry's sudden distancing from the 'peace process' tell us? Kerry wasn't in it for the sake of peace in the region.Kerry was in it for Kerry. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
2. Bogus 'Peace Process'
Righteous Zionist ,   Israel   (04.06.14)
Anyway there never has been a peace proess. itzhak Shamir was about the best PM in recent decades because he simply refused to get involved with such peace deals, where Israel gives, the Arabs take, and we always end up with even greater vulnerability. I do not believe Israelis are disappointed - most Israelis are now aware of the Arabs rejectionism and genocidal intentions and have no false hopes for a genuine peace.
3. Collapse of peace process?
Lynn ,   Knoxville   (04.06.14)
Kerry is a deluded, egocentric, unimportant man, contrary to his own ideas. Kerry was always chasing a legacy, for himself and his boss, BHO. It just so happens that legacies normally require big achievements, something both BHO and Kerry are woefully short on their entire lives. And, the other ongoing crises in the world are too big for them. Both are failures.
4. Negotiations are based on great compromises that never come.
Sam ,   Canada   (04.06.14)
Palestinians want East Jerusalem. Israel won't give it. Israel wants troops in the Jordan Valley for security. Palestinians won't give it. Palestinians want a right of return. Israel won't give it. Israel wants to be acknowledged as Jewish state. Palestinians won't give it. Palestinians want 1967 borders . Israel won't give it. All present and past negotiations start with expectations of great concessions that never come. It's no different with Kerry. If talks stop violence, at least there's that. Otherwise, it's time to move on.
5. Talks
Clive   (04.06.14)
The Palis are not as stupid as they appear. Prediction..To resume talks, Bibi- as usual- will capitulate and give them everything they asked for berfore the collapse of talks plus things they didn't ask for as a gesture of good will! Wait and see...
6. Concern of failure?!
yosef, phd ,   florida - israel   (04.06.14)
Oh when, oh when will this useless political masturbation by equally useless people finally end...?!
7. Nothing to worry
Harri ,   EU   (04.06.14)
Now the fighting moves to the UN courts, and everyone will be more careful what they do. There will be less killings and less terror. The one with better judges will win. All Israelis and all Palestinians will gain victories. Some leaders may get some kicks, but leaders are used to kick and get kicked.
8. What process?
Koose E Mack ,   NY US   (04.06.14)
A "Peace Process", or any agreement between governments can only succeed if there is good faith on both sides. The Palestinians have proven over and over again, that they can't be trusted to fulfill their part of the agreement. Israel makes compromises and receives rockets, mortars, bullets, and bombs in return. Would any other country accept this type of partnership????
9. What Israeli Is "Concerned"?
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (04.06.14)
I haven't spoken with any. It was a crock from the beginning. We shouldn't be talking with the terrorists: We should be hunting them down.
10. Collaps......Israel needs to be.Concerned,,,,
Hamad ,   Tulkarm -Palestine   (04.06.14)
The Palestinians are finally getting wise to Israeli antics.....and Israel is afraid Chaos is on the a big way...and things will get out of control... and Armageddon next....all hell will break loose..and things will spiral out of control... The Palestinians wish this....Cause life is not worth living under this Israeli occupation....
11. Concern means preaparing to repatriate all Arabs to Mecca
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (04.06.14)
12. Obama's "coolness" means no UNSC Veto on Palestinian State
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (04.06.14)
13. Sounds Like Israel Wants Endless Talks Fearing
Jersey Jew ,   New Jersey, USA   (04.06.14)
our USA wil begin 2focus elsewhere with her generous resources. Israel will then need to manage her local issues more alone including economy, dealing with the Pals, BDS, nations more favourable 2Pals, Egypt, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, & World Organizations. Arrogance will need to be tempered & realities managed ... Buena Suerte!
14. Israelis, get rid of Netanyahu..Palis, get rid of Abbas
Don ,   USA   (04.06.14)
Israelis need peace. West Bank Arabs need peace. Netanyahu and Abbas are the obstacles. They represent the old ways, the old mindsets. Israelis have the right to obliterate their enemies, and the USA an obligation to help it happen. The West Bank arabs have a right to be peaceful neighbors and the only way they will be able is if they have statehood and separation from Israel. Both sides need to understand they are small, and DO WHAT THE WORLD TELLS THEM.
15. Israel has
Israeli 2   (04.06.14)
no strong leadership.
16. Israeli surprise?
Syd Chaden ,   Palermo Calif USA   (04.06.14)
I can't believe that anyone is surprised at the threatened collapse of the so-called "peace talks". If Obama, or Kerry, or the "oh, so sincere" Europeans really wanted a meaningful peace agreement, the first thing that they would do would be to ask the Palestinians, as a precondition to talks, to renounce the Islamic doctrine of "death to infidels". Of course, they won't do that, because they know that the Palestinians would refuse. And so would any other Muslim entity. The fact is, there cannot be a meaningful peace agreement between a Muslim entity and a non-Muslim entity, so long as the religion of the Muslims calls upon them to kill the non-Muslims. And, despite the concerted efforts of the Western World to ignore the doctrine, it does exist, and it does call for "death to infidels". And, as the recent Fatwas of leading Muslim clerics make clear, "infidels" means "non-believers in Islam". The great, great majority of US citizens are "infidels", and should be killed, pursuant to the doctrine. Obama must certainly know that, since he himself wrote that he was educated, as a youth, in Muslim schools. But, if he will do nothing about a religious doctrine that calls for the death of Americans, why should he be concerned about a doctrine that calls for the death of Israelis?
17. hooray!
Feelix ,   uk   (04.06.14)
One state for two people. Can't divide the land, let there be a merger.. the wonderful Isreatine. Just as Gadaffi had predicted.
18. Bibi,move your head right and than speak (4 eyes only) and make negot. !;
no other way   (04.06.14)
we all know a Pal State will come- sooner or later; much better we BOTH make the frame and fill it instead of more than hundret countries worldwide with THEIR  OWN  INTERESTS and interests on the Holy Land or Pal State !! Remember what the anchestors did in old times:  heads of two sides were sitting together and fixed it point by point |after periods of endless trouble | and reached agreement / agreement is nothing else than compromises !
19. Any negotiations is Israel's failure.
Israeli 2   (04.06.14)
20. #7 Israel not giving Pals West Bank because a judge says so
Sam ,   Canada   (04.06.14)
Israel is not going to give the Palestinians the West Bank, Israel proper, Jerusalem, a right of return etc. because some judge says so. Israel will do what is in its national interest. It will compromise if it's worth it. Palestinians are deluding themselves with what they are going to get from boycotts and international agencies.
21. To All Commentators
Harold ,   USA   (04.06.14)
If the peace process fails, Israel has to wait and find out what will be the EU's sanctions. The EU did mention their terms before the negotiations started. Moreover I don't think the US will use its veto power when the UN votes for the creation of a Palestinian State with 1967 borders.
22. Headline should read "Palis concerned about colapse."
Ben S ,   Free World   (04.06.14)
Why is Israel acting like the weak link in this peace process? Is it possible they were the only peace partner? Israel must deal only from a position of strength. Like the U.S. did after WWII. Enemies of Israel will have a greater respect for her. The Palestinian people must understand that it is they who have everything to gain in these negotiations.
23. To #14
Yossi ,   Israel   (04.06.14)
Don, it is true, everyone in the area needs peace but peace will not materialize through mandates from US or the rest of the world....Israel and Pals will make peace when they're ready for peace. NO ONE should live under the illusion that by coercing both sides into an agreement that is not in either one's interest, will achieve success. America is full of problems, ridden by crime, misery and it is Europe. Kerry and Obama should solve the problems in their own backyard before sticking their noses in someone else's backyard. Kerry failed because he did just that, and forcefully too!
24. #7 Israel not giving Pals West Bank because a judge says so
Sam ,   Canada   (04.06.14)
Israel is not going to give the Palestinians the West Bank, Israel proper, Jerusalem, a right of return etc. because some judge says so. Israel will do what is in its national interest. It will compromise if it's worth it. Palestinians are deluding themselves with what they are going to get from boycotts and international agencies.
25. #12
Harold ,   USA   (04.06.14)
True and that's what I said three minutes ago. US will not use its Veto power against the creation of a Palestinian State.
26. What are the respective positions
Hamasdegh Mardirossi ,   Annandale,VA   (04.06.14)
It might be a good idea perhaps to outline to the general public in Israel and Palestine ( and why not the world opinion) the positions of the two parties with regard to peace negotiations to dispel myths and confusion concerning the process and the impasse they have reached. What is it that each want and what is it they are ready to give. This way at least the general public can learn and understand whether hoping and waiting for peace is a) realistic and b) possible.
27. Forget about the talks
Brod ,   USA   (04.07.14)
It is a recipe for disaster for Israel. The Land of Israel must never be dissected to please the bloodthirsty Anti-Semites and Islamist-Jihadists and their Dhimmis. Their goal is the destruction of Israel. Why facilitate the dark forces on this effort? Israel should be focusing its eyes on the Ayatollahist nuke threat. Don't be fooled by external distractions engineered by Obama the Islamist Anti-Semite.
28. Americas Perspective
James ,   USA   (04.07.14)
Interesting to note the commentaries by multiple media outlets in the US. Trying to sum it up, the US has (and is not going to take the blame) placed itself in a situation where the International community sees the US as weak particularly when dealing with a local, not international issue. They now perceive the only way forward for the US to regain respect now is to go along with the international bodies (in respect to the PA/Israel issue). In addition, there are statements that the US will not attempt or block or prevent a BDS movement. OK thats it in a nutshell. Unless Israel makes moves that blows the entire PA up, financially and politically, the only (friend?) Israel has will abandon it. My belief is to declare the organization a terrorist body, arrest its leaders and take over its financial infrastructure. Other than that, put on bathing suits because its a long swim across the Mediterranean. Got to love that Abbas, he should be on Israels side because he made fools out of Israel.
29. The picture on ynet is priceless
Pasquinel.Canada   (04.07.14)
30. gert real for bloody sake atilla
anton   (04.07.14)
1) no talks are good- there is no trust and peace should be offered for peace no bloody concessions. 2) Whether putin joiins peace talks down the road to play against US, israel has to stand up for itself against putin if necessary just like in soviet days when dayan responded in kind to brezhnev's threatening statements. Bibi is unable to do it, he is a wimp right in the centre with no strength whatsoever, period. Likud has to replace him and sooner the better: feiglin, shamir, bennett are far more able than bibi and the truth should come out. ASt most he is a press officer. just like the truth came out about olmert-a coward of the first order dabbling in other things, livni afraid of her shoes, herzog a coward, gal on- a deluded peres pacifist, peretz-see winograd on his abiliity. 3) NO pessimism is necessary. The governement should be changed with new elecitons to reduce lapid to reality(like half his total), to double bennett), for likud to be reduced to junior partner to bennett, to beitenu to lose a few to deflate lieberman, and for herzogn to lose 7-10 seats as israelis get to know this no nothing pacifist. His party should be severely punished for bringing te roptten gang of arabs from tunis to ramallah and giving them guns.
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