Six Border Policemen hurt, IDF post destroyed in settlers' rampage near Yitzhar
Yoav Zitun and Itay Blumenthal
Published: 08.04.14, 09:40
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1. Why are Jews building homes in Jewish homeland illegal?
Danny   (04.08.14)
Why aren't Arab illegal homes built in Jewish homes destroyed? Because secular Jews with their galut mentality are out to please the goyim.
2. They act like terrorists, treat them like
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.08.14)
3. This is Better
Darren Ben John ,   Townsville Australia   (04.08.14)
Jew vs jew. Notice how the settlers are called "acivists" and not rioters or terrorists as they would if they were pro-Palestinian. BDS
4. The capos will be wiped to the seventh knee.
Miron ,   USA   (04.08.14)
5. out of line
jochair ,   kfar saba Israel   (04.08.14)
hurting soldiers will make the Yitzhar people lose goodwillwith all Israelis Don't do that anymore. think before you start!
6. Disgusting behaviour towards our IDF Heroes
Al   (04.08.14)
These thugs are simply thugs and should be dealt with no differently as if they were Arab terrorists. You may not agree with government policy, however that does not give you license to visit violence against those who are there to protect you. The extreme right wing has done themselves a great disservice by these outrageous acts. They have not endeared yourselves to anyone.
7. settlers..
steve ,   uk   (04.08.14)
they are above the law, it doesn't apply to them, they believe in a higher law of course, so they do as they please. Successive Israeli government have created this dark force which aims to destroy Israel from within. Arabs have the time to wait, the Israeli experiment will whither on the vine. Shame it started off well. Fact, Israel is hated by the world, even by its closet ally and also from within. As a jew a sad state of affairs that these settlers, dictate the destiny of the state.
8. Yitzhar traitors belong behind bars
Nancy   (04.08.14)
Time to get tough with the lawless settler thugs who attack our security services. They seem to think they are above the law. What cowards they are, no doubt they will be begging for our security services to save them in an event of a terrorist attack. The only way to teach them is to destroy Yitzhar to the ground.
9. because it is the law stupid
peter ,   tel aviv   (04.08.14)
why are you being punished? Because you broke the law, otherwise your place would not have been demolished. What does that have to do with our history? It just remains to be seen when those hooligans finally are being punished to the full degree of the law. It is not enough by Yaalon to condem those actions. The perpetrators must be detained and punished. Enough already.
10. Settler terrorists
Madeleine ,   Israel   (04.08.14)
The IDF should withdraw al lits forces from anywhere near Yitzhar and leave them without protection. They obviusly neither want or need it so let them see how they fare without it. Preferably arrext the lot of them - bring them all in for questioning. They really are a blight on the nation.
11. Self-defence is "rampage" to journo-shmournos
leon   (04.08.14)
The Ynet likes to attack observant Jews and other patriots.
12. no 8,no9
claus ,   jerusalem   (04.08.14)
these people are not "traitors" ,they are not "hooligans" they are simply "Terrorists",jewish terrorist ". They dare to raise their hands against our IDF and/or Border police kids who guard them. They have to dealt with like we deal with arab terrorist. No mercy ,no excuses. Its time for "boogey" yaalon to act with all his might or the likud will pay the price.
13. #1 Oh danny boy
Haim   (04.08.14)
How strange in Tel Aviv you have to apply for permission to put up a gatepost. However in the settlement of Yitzhar you can do as you please. Ask yourself how come these so called settlers dont go and settle in Ramat Gan for example. Last time i checked out that was still part of the holy land. The answer is simple, because they want to live in fancy villas and above the law. These settler thugs are a stain in the history of the jews and time will judge them accordingly.
14. Bell Shaped Curve shows Itself
Zechariah   (04.08.14)
The Bell shaped curve of human Personality Belief and Anger shows itself .Some much more gentler Religious Jews say such anger when your life is not threatened or No Injury inevitable is Bad very bad and Unjustified .
15. no Jews in Judea so sayeth Bogie
Ben Temalion ,   Shiloh, MO   (04.08.14)
Bogie believes not in eretz ha kodesh nor mitzvoth ha eretz.He wants to cede your land once a partner is found.His iron fist is used to expel those that he serves and was sworn to protect. Never has acted to remove the threat only you.Never has he called for the enforcement of the right of return of the genocidal mass murdering extortionists back to the homicidal Hamite peninsular homeland of their own name.He has called for a judenrein in the land of your own name to be given to them.TyranntYid
16. Six Border Policemen hurt
Joe ,   Afula   (04.08.14)
they should have been treated like any other person rioting in the West Bank, with rubber bullets, tear gas and live fire when necessary.
17. How do you mete out justice.....
HIstory nut ,   Israel   (04.08.14)
In a land you don't own? On the other hand many people out in the Yhudah-Shomron need a good a-s whoopin.
18. six border policemen hurt...
claus ,   jerusalem   (04.08.14)
its high time to deal with these "jewish terrorists" in the same way like we deal with arab terrorist. Put them behind bars it is not bearable that we send our IDF kids to guard these people and they dare to to raise their hands against them.
19. I dont agree with IDF provocative acts!
Matilde   (04.08.14)
next week all the jews are celebrating Passover! I will not tolerate this kind of actions against settlers, neither against the soldiers, we are suppose to help one each other, specially now that the goverment created a law for haredim religious groups to joint the tzava, so the goverment must respect the homeland religious jews settlers and jews soldiers should not be provocative. AM iSRAEL HAI!
20. I dont agree with this acts!
Matilde   (04.08.14)
The IDF destroyed five structures, that are called jewish homes, next week all the jews are celebrating Passover! I will tolerate this kind of actions against settlers, neither against the soldiers, we are suppose to help one each other, specially now that the goverment created a law for haredim religious groups to joint the tzava, so the goverment must respect the homeland religious jews settlers and jews soldiers should not be provocative. AM iSRAEL HAI! !!!
21. Reply to #9
Matilde   (04.08.14)
What laws are you talking about? Your tel aviv goverment? Let me remind you that just a few days ago, your Bibi goverment was planing to release palestinians terrorist prisoners in exchange to peace talks with palestinians, so it doesnt worked because Palestinisns want to go to the UN for recognition, and now you want to torture this kind jew people that all what they want is to be good jews, to watch judaism, to live healthy and happy with their families in Israel! And let me tell you this, all the territories Israel conquered in 1967 are Israeli territories, palestinians want peace talks and to do an agreement?good. They want to go to the UN? good. Israel goverment will continue protecting all his citizens in the country including settlements.
22. The Settlers should be ashames.
vicky ,   ashkelon Israel   (04.08.14)
These young soldiers are there to protect them. They have enough to worry about protecting out borders without their disgusting behavior. . Who ever leads them should be treated like all villains and locked up.
23. Homes illegal.
jacob ,   israel   (04.08.14)
Yes they are illegal, and after that the army protection should stop. It seems that YOU are well capable to defend yourselves,
24. Dear Hillel i have an idea
Nancy   (04.08.14)
Sorry to hear those nasty soldiers tore down your house and all that, but why dont you go to say go to park Ha Yarkon in tel aviv and just build a house there. Dont bother with permits and planning permission. Form 106 and all that nonsense that those nasty seculars have to deal with its ok. If anyone comes just scream antisemitism and explain that you are building a home in the holy land and that no jew can tell you otherwise. Got it ? Great
25. Oh! Nancy Drew had an idea haha..
Matilde   (04.08.14)
You better enjoy your picnic in tel aviv, and leave this ynet talkbacks for people that are more assertive
26. reply to "21
peter ,   tel aviv   (04.08.14)
whoa get your mind straight. If you think there is a different government between Tel Aviv and the rest of the country go back to school. Anyway normally you associate Tel Aviv with some left wing grass smoking lot playing homage to gay and lesbian parties. Those kind jews you are talking about are breaking the law and no I don"t want them tortured this is against the hman rights. I want them punished by the law. Especially for inflicting harm and damage to those who are provided to protect them from bodily harm even though they are settling illegal. Those people would not have been evicted if they settled legally. We are not talking Gush Katif you nimble wit.So yes voice their opinion stage rallies and vote according to their conscience is absolutely their right. To go out on price tags and hurt our troops that is criminal. And please don't give me the Tel Aviv BS. It is a demographic fact that the majority of us lives in the greater Tel Aviv area. You might also want to compare the tax ratio Tel Aviv citizens pay as compared to your hoodlums.
27. #2 I wish
Terrorists usually slit babies' throats, smash holocaust survivor's heads with baseball bats, and set off bombs in pizzerias. With all due respect, no matter how bad you think the violence was it is was on par with violence encountered in "social protests", labor riots and far less than what is encountered in the Arab sector when illegal building is destroyed legally. The use of the word terrorist is disgusting.
28. Illegal laws can be disobeyed
Barry ,   Boston   (04.08.14)
The only reason these homes in Itzhar are illegal is because of an antiJewish law that treats building by arabs and building by Jews differently. When was the last time the IDF entered an arab village to demolish an illegal home. Never. They are afraid to do so. In Itzhar they are brave, against Jewish civilians. Itzhar residents, have a right to fight the illegal laws. They are the victims here of discrimination.
29. Reaping what you sow
gp ,   tel aviv   (04.08.14)
You create a nation of defiant, spoilt brats, each with the opinion that they can do exactly what they like, and here is the result. Illegal is illegal is illegal. Your nationality or religion is irrelevant. These settlers reckon they are a law unto themselves, just as government ministers who accept bribes, who rape, or do anything else illegal. Netanyahu has turned a blind eye on Jewish provocation, Jewish illegal settlement and Jewish attacks on Jewish soldiers. Shame on them and shame on their defenders for supporting the anarchic and deluded acts of messianic maniacs attacking our own soldiers for the sake of their crazy, deluded ideological mania. What this country needs, more than anything, is fresh leadership , one which cares more about national unity (including with our Arab citizens) and the eradication of increasing social poverty than the scoring of political points.
30. Israeli Bolcheviks
David ,   On this planet   (04.08.14)
Are hateful people, You are acting like your neighbor the Arabs. Brother against brother. You have not learn a damn thing . what a shame
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