Opinion  Smadar Perry
Nasrallah is just not interesting
Smadar Perry
Published: 11.04.14, 13:30
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1. wrong
nick ,   miami,usa   (04.11.14)
It is absolute hubris to underestimate your enemies. Man for man, Hizbollah is a very effective and elite fighting force, comparable to Western special forces. Several thousand fighters changed the course of the war in Syria. It is probably the best run orginzation in the Arab world. I think anyone in the Israeli defence establishment would totally reject your arguments.
2. Hilariously delusional
David   (04.11.14)
Ms Perry(nice Semitic name, btw! Did you adopt it out of shame?) is displaying the same delusions that led Israel into Lebanon in 2006 and we all know the consequences. On a futher note, Ms Perry and her racist right-wing ilk prefer to deal with a shadowy figure like Nasrallah rather with the democratic BDS crowd, to which she has zero responses. Keep fixating on Nasrallah, Perry, and we and our friends will do our job in Western universities and, soon enough, in the American administration.
3. The Old Saying That " we would rather keep the Devil we know
Vers the Devil we don't " is BS!!! Personally this Piece of Drek has out lived his expiration date!!! And the Next in line he has too!!! Wack anyone to takes this POSTION in this terrorist org Period!!! Then Quash this movement Now, and their masters in tehran!!!
4. Alter world?
Spengler ,   US   (04.11.14)
This article, outside of not being accurate, is kind of stupid. Wishful thinking Smadar....
5. Your Words Reflect Your Frustration
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem   (04.11.14)
It sounds like you are trying to minimize the importance and size of Hassan Nasrallah , the leader of the much-respected and widely-admired HIZBULLAH organization . For long Lebanon was a playground for the IDF until finally Hizbullah emerged head and shoulders above all other political and military groups in Lebanon and genuinely checked Israeli arrogance and greatly restored the long-missing and much-needed arab pride . Remember the US embassy and US marines HQ which were both blown up in Beirut in 1983 ? Remember who professionally and valiantly stood against the Israeli naval commandos in the 1997 " Ansariyyah" battle in which eleven Israeli commandos were torn apart to countless pieces ? Remember the 2006 war when Hizbullah incredibly yet courageously fought back the Israeli attacks and tormented Israel's north by pounding it incessantly with rockets and missiles for 33 days ? Remember how the much-vaunted Israeli-made " Merkava " tank got destroyed very easily by Hizbullah fighters ? Israeli tank losses in that war counted more than one hundred ! And yet you claim he's not interesting...!
6. Israel fears Hezbollah, attacks Syrians instead out of fear
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (04.11.14)
...of a Hezbollah reprisal missile attack on Dimona, petrochemical facilities, weapons plants, government buildings, military bases, and population centers.
7. nastyrallah
Linichka ,   Gdynia, Poland   (04.11.14)
Actually, I'd kind of miss the fat bastard in the black diaper and his bombastic statements....almost always made from deep in his bolt hole. In essence, not really worth bumping him off. Worse punishment, having his life confined to a bunker, much like Arafat's last few years. Loved it when that old father of terrorism could no longer trot the globe, being feated as a genuine leader, and faced confinement to his ruined quarters in Ramallah.
8. LOL, what a pathetic excuse for failure
Holy Warrior ,   UK   (04.11.14)
Nasrallah is a great leader who led his country to victory numerous times against zionists. Israel wants him dead and would have done it even at the expense of 1000 innocent civilians getting killed in the collateral damage. He is simply out of their reach.
9. I am in favor of the strictest Sharia law in Minnesota
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (04.11.14)
10. Why
Hertzel ,   Tveria   (04.11.14)
Why in the world did you even write this stupid article about this Fatrat? By virtue of doing so you did his bidding, don't you get it? You are asking the media not to dwell with this guy so much and at the same time that is what you are doing ! And your article is void of any real content anyway.... WE WILL GET HIM WHEN WE WILL GET HIM-KUUL; KALB BIJI YOMU...
11. this article
beiruti ,   lebanon   (04.11.14)
is HILARIOUS! reminds me of these old soviet movies... dunno why
atilla karagözoğlu   (04.11.14)
13. Stoned.
Nick ,   Den Haag Holland   (04.11.14)
This guy is using something. Heroin?
14. Face
John ,   Herzliya   (04.11.14)
Would like to watch his face while he is reading a translation of this (very good) article. Priceless.
15. #8 What victory?
Benji ,   US   (04.12.14)
The 1200 dead Lebanese would be alive today had Nasrallah not attacked Israel on a peaceful border. Nasrallah used civilians as human shields and blocked roads so people could not get to safety. Now he lives in a paranoid state afraid Israeli birds and insects are coming after him.
16. Never read anything so delusional in my entire life
Rasta Fari ,   UK   (04.12.14)
Nazrallah, is the only leader in the whole world who says what he means and means what he says. Whether he is a terrorist or a saint is neither here nor there. I think it's these qualities of his that endear him to a lot of people who have no stake in the ME conflicts. Hizbullah is easily the best fighting force anywhere around the world and this is a view from a battle-hardened veteran of the British specialist forces. He should know what he is talking about. Before Hezbollah joined the Syrian fray, I asked his opinion of what the consequences for the Syrian rebels would be should Nazrallah send his boys into battle. He told him with 100% that the rebels would lose as Hezbollah are no match for them.
17. Strategic imperatives
Hussain Fahad Jabbar ,   Irbeel , Iraq   (04.13.14)
The article wrong/ right , it is right that Israel can defeat HizbAllah in all out war to the end , but wrong to say Hizb Allah is nt important or can be defeated easily , If you accept ths logic , then you are implicitly accepting that Israeli invincibility is broken .Uet the weakness in this argument is the fact that he is nothing but an Iranian tool , and cannot be separated from the Iranian nuclear file and the Iranian quest supremacy regionally .Moreover, the new Syria ( whatever survives of it ) will expand and solidify the Iranian minin state next to Israel .
18. #16 You must be referring...
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (04.12.14)
to your own post. If Nasrallah would loosen that diaper around his head it would improve the circulation to his brain such as it is. Did that battle hardened veteran recieve a serious head wound? There is no Muslim army anywhere on earth that is worth a damn.
19. #16 LOL
Benji ,   US   (04.12.14)
"says what he means and means what he says"..... This is supposed to be a big deal to you? Hezbollah fighters are returning in body bags so the rebels are not exactly surrendering. Bombs are now exploding in Lebanon thanks to Nasrallah who has many enemies to hide from. Any real accomplishments you want to mention?
20. Nassrallah is a facade
Walid Haddad ,   Brooklyn, NY, USA   (04.14.14)
It's very well known that the true commanders of the terror organization, known as Hizballah, are the Iranian Revolutionary Guard advisers and officers. They are the ones who call the shots, whereas Nassrallah is simply the PR face of the terror organization. So if Israel takes him out the effects will be psychological but of significant magnitude.
21. #18.
Rasta Fari ,   UK   (04.13.14)
Well the IDF would attest to Hezbollah's professionalism and lethality, even if grudgingly. Granted most of you are incapable of logical and rational thinking when it comes to Hezbollal and Nasrallah.
22. #19
Rasta Fari ,   UK   (04.13.14)
Well it is a big deal especially in an area of the world wellknown for bombastic speeches. Of course Hezbollah would lose men in a war theatre but takes nothing away from their lethality and professionalism. Bombs have been exploding in Lebanon decades before th Syrian war and it would probably continue long after it subsides. If you took off the blinkers for a minute, you would not fail to both notice and list the Hezbollah's achievements in all its endeavours. But then again, I have a suspicion that you are just another kneejerk reactionist.
23. #2 - your post speaks volumes...about YOU
William ,   Israel   (04.14.14)
Your racist rant against the Right only depicts your biased position on the Left. It wasn't the Right who led us into Lebanon in 2006 but rather the unilateral, unnecessary attack by Hizbullah on Israel and its citizens. Granted, the uber-Left would have been just happen to appease Nasrallah and call it a day.... Well, we know what the Left did to Israel and its deterrence in 2000 when Barak, in a hasty move, exited Lebanon with nothing in return....nor did he desire one. His focus was on his political career and the Lefty supporters. And Olmert wasn't exactly a Rightist....especially with a daughter who is heavily Left. His leanings helped tie the hands of the IDF making their losses more substantial than could have been. But still...Nasrallah apologized for his folly publicly and never repeated his mistake. And "democratic BDS". Who are you kidding?? Just reading their charter shows their true intentions and it has little to do with settlements. Look at the U of Michigan loss they experienced when coercing the student union there to take a vote on a boycott, presenting viewpoints that were skewed and factually incorrect. So mad with their loss, they cursed those who voted against them with terms as "kike" and "racist", violence against Jews on campus took an uptick from BDS supporters, and they threatened to take it to the U of M board of regants until they get their way, insisting on disobedience and disruption across campus. Does that sound "democratic"? Sure, just like Hizbullah. Now that you absorbed THAT loss, accept the many more on Western campuses, in the NY State house, at the ACA, in courts in Germany, UK, and France, etc. May your "successes" continue, you frustrated twit.
24. #8 - hahaha "Great leader"....
William ,   Israel   (04.14.14)
sure, lots of terrorist Arab "great leaders"....at the expense of others' lives. In this case, Lebanon. If 2006 was a great victory, why would Nasrallah apologize AND be quick to reject involvement in any future attacks on the Jewish State? Victors don't usually act that way....but then again, Arabs are delusional when it comes to "victories". Just look at Egypt and their massive loss in 1973...which they claim as their own victory. The author's claim that Nasrallah is not targeted on purpose is absolutely true. We have no idea who will replace him, so instead, kills those around him..like Mugniyeh and Nasrallah's brother-in-law. Speaking of "innocent civilians", why should Israel care if Hizbullah doesn't when it places ALL of its rockets and explosives in residential homes across Southern Lebanon, by force?
25. #22 So in other words
Benji ,   US   (04.14.14)
You can't name any achievements. As #20 points out, Nasrallah is a lapdog of Iran. He gets paid to send his fighters to do what Iran tells him to do. For example, bust kneecaps of protesters in Iran. Not an example of professionalism. Just brut force to terrorize the population.
26. # 22 So, is Nasty responsible for the 200,00 Syrian deaths
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (04.15.14)
and the 3-4 millions homeless Syrians? Should we thank him for destroying Muslims only? Should we also thank him for putting untold strain upon all the surrounding Muslim nations already unable to provide for their own? According to you, we should so, "Thanks Nasty rAllah" your a real 'killer.' Less Muslims and I couldn't care less. SAVING JEWISH LIVES BY BUILDING ALL OF ISRAEL !!!
27. # 21 so tell me
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (04.15.14)
why was it that Lebanon's Sinora cried like a baby in front of the UN at the damage done to Lebanon by Israel? No, this nasty old pervert lives in a rat hole and knows he's on borrowed time, not from Israel, from his own people and enemies. When he dies, we'll all have a party, rats and all. ALWAYS BUILDING!!! While old fat and nasty burrows like a mole.
28. #2, speaking of delusional
Danny   (04.16.14)
Has BDS managed to have one success yet?
29. Mr N.leader of H. organization in Middle East
DANNS ,   Montevideo-R.O.U.   (04.27.14)
Good Analysis Miss Smadar Perry for Yedihot Ahronot the most popular newspaper in Tel Aviv . Despite this i remind you that Mr N. big puppet of Teheran Times editors has some internal competition of Saad Hariris movement (son of Rafikh Hariri an ex bussinesman Pm of Lebanon supported by Saudi Arabia kingdom and murdered in Beirut in one of the special operations of Hizbulah aparently).Also there is an on going Inquire Commission of UN from a place in Europe about the implications of 4 or 5 elements of Hizbulah in this murder .Besides this all your commentaries are helpfull to understand the real moment of the known puppet proxy of the Teheran Times editors .SHALOM
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