Asylum seekers hold Passover Seder in 'open jail'
Omri Efraim
Published: 11.04.14, 19:13
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1. shame on these africans to using our tradition for propagand
2. What about Palestinians?
Aaron Kuperman ,   Baltimore   (04.11.14)
Whether by zionist theory, or hareidi theory, or common sense - don't the Palestinians (with longer roots in Israel than, say, the Americans have in America) have a priority if Israel is admitting non-Jewish refugees. There is no logic in admitting Muslim refugees from the Horn of Africa, while denying the requests of Palestinians wanting to live in their homeland.
3. These africans are comparing apples to oranges
'Like Jews, we also crossed the desert" Something must be Lost in translation? Who was chasing these people across the desert with chariots and armies wanting to Decimate them when these chariots and armies caught them???
4. We must kick them out from Israel. IT'S THE LAW
5. Come to UK not Israel!
Abu ,   Eurabia   (04.11.14)
6. Don't Opress the Stranger
Zechariah   (04.12.14)
The stranger who keeps the Noachide Laws cannot be Opressed in Post Shoah Israel.They ought be given Work and Taught Skills that can help when they return to their Lands that are in Danger of Atrocities Mass Murder and Foul Abuse as was in Rwanda and in Sudan and Eritrea now.
Yoseph   (04.11.14)
God gave you Sudan!!!!!!!! He gave Israel to the JEWS!!!!!!!
9. Black Quenelle for Israel's "infiltrator" concentration camp
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (04.11.14)
...targeting non-Jewish Black Africans.
10. Why dont they go to the Arab countries?
k ,   US   (04.11.14)
Israel is a small country, look on a map there is alot of Arab and Muslim countries around Israel, I am thinking they should try and go there, and all of the Europeans who have decided to side with the Muslims and the Palestinians should also be welcoming these asylum seekers in their lands
11. Oh pleeeze !!
Jeffrey Marlowe ,   Tel Aviv   (04.11.14)
The did not cross the desert like the Hebrews - They crossed the desert like the invading Arabs in 700 CE..
12. maybe if we adopt jewish customs we can stay as jews
zionist forever   (04.11.14)
No doubt these people are thinking they can do a phoney conversion by holding a seder and maybe a couple of them will say prayers on Saturday claim to be converting to Judaism and then be allowed to stay. We must be careful the government doesn't try solve the African problem the way governments traditionally like to do when they have large populations of people they cannot get rid of and thats allow them to undergo phoney conversions and then the state will officially recognise them as Jews and let them stay.
13. Learn the facts first
Reality Check   (04.12.14)
1. Most Eritrean refugees are Christian, not Muslim. 2. These refugees do not wish us ill let alone try to kill us. 3. The Palestinian narrative you have bought into is false. 4. It is our home, we choose who we wish to integrate. I am happy to accept the these refugees.
14. What about the palestinians?
BILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (04.12.14)
Their home is Jordan not Israel. As terrorists, they have no rights as do ordinary citizens, when they pick up arms they are the enemy and G-d knows the pals are the enemy of all free people. When the pals learn to end all violence, beginning with their own women and kids, let me know, until then, all pals out of all of Israel. KEEP BUILDING !!!!
15. Africans are Muslims and Christians NOT Jews !!!
BILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (04.12.14)
They by pass all Muslim nations as they suck. They head straight for Israel out of preference. They love everything about Israel except.. for the Jews who made it all possible and a paradise. KEEP BUILDING !!!!
16. Hey keep building
17. In US caught illegals are kept in "concentration camps" too
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (04.12.14)
18. no. 9 - you are becoming more insane by the minute
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