Israel 'demolishes' EU-funded West Bank housing shelters
AFP, Ynetnews
Published: 12.04.14, 13:07
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1. That will make EU ponder
Mira ,   Vienna   (04.12.14)
if it would not be better to control what their money is spent for...
2. EU hypocritical as always
Madeleine ,   Israel   (04.12.14)
Well the EU seems to have no problem with much of its millions going to fund terrorism or to line the pockets of a few elite in Yehuda-Shomron and Gaza. They should know that Jewish homes are also demolished if built illegally.
3. Construction in E1 would cut the West Bank in two...
FireJeff ,   Jerusalem   (04.12.14)
This is a lie! If Israel build jewish homes in E1 area, this will not cut Judea & Samaria (aka the 'West Bank') in two parts. Judea and Samaria will still be connected between the Dead Sea and Ma’aleh Adumim. You just need to look a map to notice this.
4. Right !
FireJeff ,   Jerusalem   (04.12.14)
They should know too that the majority of illegal arab homes in area C aren't demolished because of "international pressure", on the contrary of jewish homes. Double standard ?
5. We see the Eu, the real troublemaker
bb   (04.12.14)
It is time to Israel confront the Eu hidden finance issue. They are Illegal, and had to be deal in court. What a shit, that EU says that Israel occupation is Illegal. Lets them prove it in Israel Court.
6. Israel should bill eu
Todd ,   Toronto, Canada   (04.12.14)
For the cost of demolishion.
7. EU money
Italy reports that they are being flooded with hundreds of thousands of refugees from Africa, thanks to Obama's destruction of Libya. Instead of spending money on Arab squatters who are trying to destroy Israel, why doesn't the EU spend their money on homes and benefits for the refugees?
8. While we're at it:is it far from Temple Mount?Since the bul-
tom ,   tel aviv   (04.12.14)
ldozer is out of the shed anyway...That Dome & Al Aqsa has been an eyesore long enough.
9. EU
Anshel ,   Canada   (04.12.14)
I strongly urge those idiots from EU to visit Eastern Slovakia, a EU member country. They going to find tens of Roam settlements living in third world conditions. Those Romas are also citizens of EU and someone in sound mind among the EU officials should demand that charity should begin home.
10. # 7 If you remember
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (04.12.14)
the Europeans have been killing Jews as a sport for years. They haven't changed a bit. Thanks to obama, not only is Italy affected. Every Muslim nation at war with fellow Muslims have changed the balance of populations and of power and of relief. The Lord works in mysterious ways. Now, only Muslims are murdering Muslims..... That doesn't seem to annoy the Europeans. KEEP BUILDING ISRAEL !!!
11. haha i cannot believe how ignorant some the comments below
Dani ,   jeruslem   (04.12.14)
those you call squatters are Palestinian Bedouin refugees from the 1948 Negev, they have been living in E1 before the israeli occupation of the west bank, yet they are denied basic services, they never been granted a building permit, unlike their glorious maale adumim, actually no bedouin ever in E1 been granted a building permit (if you wana talk about double standards), the seizure and demolition of those shelters is not only illegal under international law but also under the domestic israeli law, the demolition took place without a demolition order, without going to court without prior notice, those are the indegnous population in the area unlike the settlers who are there illegally and who build on private palestinian land
12. tell eu go fish. pals did illegal its their problem.
ralph   (04.12.14)
13. the eu should pay israel for demolition costs
israeli   (04.12.14)
The EU financed illegal construction, and by doing that caused financial damage to Israel who had to demolish the illegal construction. Someone has to pay for the demolition. If the EU will not pay for it, deduct the costs of the demolition from the Palestinian authority tax money
14. Kol ha'kavod !
Gabe ,   Canada   (04.12.14)
15. The EU has no place and no authority and no rights in Israel
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (04.12.14)
And the European Union has ZERO legal rights to interfer with Israel's independence and sovereignty. The EU has NO legal right to demand anything from Israel - let alone build foreign structures on OUR land, to which we Jews/Israelis have historical and legal rights. Instead of siding with the Arab squatters and imperialists which in essence are an extension of pan-Arabism and Islamism, the EU should focus on REAL threats against World Peace and REAL violations of international law - such as Syria, Iran and Russia. The European hatred for Jews and Israel runs so Deep, that Jews constructiing homes for themselves in THEIR homeland and demolishing foreign structures funded by the EU, seems to make the Europeans hysterical - BUT genocide in Syria, production of military nuclear technology in Iran, and a Russian Tzar in Moscow hellbent on reconstructing the Soviet empire, a Russian invasion of Ukraine, a defenseless European continent (with maybe the unique exceptions for France and the UK) and a European financial crisis don't seem to bother the Europeans one bit.
16. Not the main issue and Puerile
Zechariah   (04.12.14)
Reminds me of the incident with the Turkish Ambassodor and higher chair one of Libermann old Stunts .The Main Issue is securing Israel for the Long Haul of human conflict .That means large well armed well Trained Jewish forces in an International Military Force Repelling Fanatics and Psychos and WMD attacks.
17. Europeans have not changed
CJK   (04.12.14)
they are stll trying with all their might to harm the jew. the europeans are trying to transfer muslims into are C, under israeli control, per the oslo accords. the europeans think that they can dictate to israel, following the example set by obama. israel should annex area C immediately. there is no point to appeasing the europeans.
18. because eu is anti-semitic and anti-israel. fine them they p
ralph   (04.12.14)
participated in an illegal act.
19. charge and fine the pals and subtract from tax funds now
ralph   (04.12.14)
confiscated. charge pals and eu for all costs related to their illegal actions.
20. fine the EU for all related costs they willingly participate
ralph   (04.12.14)
in illegal action. teach the eu a lesson.
21. Increase tariffs
Ivor Evenbiggergun   (04.12.14)
on Israeli imports into the European Union until funds are raised to pay for the structures destroyed today and the purchase of land in the west abnk to build houses for these refugees. And if Israel object recognise Palestine in the UN and ensure they ratify the Geneva Convention which will make this sort of behaviour by Israel a war crime. It will stop if Netanyahu and Lieberman think they may end up in The Hague on War Crime charges. You don'think it will? How many IDF officers have been sold down the river for Israeli politicians to avoid The Hague after Operation Cast Lead?
22. Every year, people mourn the destruction
Erin ,   USA   (04.12.14)
Of Solomon's Temple; every day many mourn what's left of it. This is too destructive for me, my heart is to care for the widows and orphans-yet, there is this. Israel, you need a peace accord with the Palestinians so you can stop destroying homes on either side of the line. , I'm not leading your enemies, I'm leading you. Do you want to go to the Promised Land or nnot?
23. Now take down the other 15 huts
Joe Fraser   (04.12.14)
Clearly an EU NGO provocation. Build in a place where there is an Arab town, not in the middle of nowhere to purposely get in the way of legal construction and zoned areas.
24. How Israel fail to make the EU connection btw 1940 and 1914
Tracy W   (04.12.14)
The countries are the same. The anti-Jewish sentiments are the same. Only that now Jews have a country of their own once again, and Europeans can't stand it. Anti-Semitism is so bad in Europe that Jews are moving out of that continent once again. SO WHY does Israel act as if EU activities against Israel are somehow disconnected from history? Why are EU agents allowed to operate in Israel, inciting the Arabs and undermining the country legal system? Who will be the brave soul in the Israeli government to denounce all EU subversive activities and make the connection between today's Europeans and those who murdered 6 million Jews - and how the link between 1945 and today is one of unbroken anti-Semitism?
25. Zero tolerance for E.U. interference on our land.
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.12.14)
This razing of illegal E.U. built structures, on our land, is a good start. Let Israel now act like a strong, proud sovereign state. Zero tolerance for E.U. interference on our land.
26. the EU also funded the Gaza airport
zionist forever   (04.12.14)
The Gaza airport had its runway, tower and some of the other buildings destroyed by Israel now the airport is just rubble and the EU wanted compensation for that and they didn't get it and so there must be no compensation for the destruction of these caravans. The love the arabs and the arabs want to make trouble then we will blow things up and we will not apologise or compensate the EU. If we want ti get to Abbas sadly the only way ti do it is hurt the people because without their grass roots support he is nothing
27. to no#5
exUK ,   TEL AVIV   (04.12.14)
You cannot prove in Israeli court,as we would obviously be in favour.There are many many people in Israel who do NOT agree with settlements. As for the demolished EU structures;please explain..if Israel demolishes homes of Arabs,where are they supposed to live? That is not a political question.We are all human beings with human needs.Perhaps if we could start to recognise people as individuals and not by nationalty or religion or ethnicity,we may get some humanity.
28. EU is instigating trouble, Israel should bill them
Rachel ,   US   (04.12.14)
29. EU- compensation calls for eu-funded aid projects.
mimi jacques ,   oob,usa   (04.12.14)
These news were circulating yesterday and this is the first one reads in Israeli sites. would think that aid agencies would follow the laws and regulations of countries- and to wit- have permits before they assemble their make-shift buildings.The latest too- Palestinians are seeking a bi-national nation backed by Hamas.
30. Under cover of Yitzhar......
History nut ,   Israel   (04.12.14)
I wonder if they would have done this without the balance of Yitzhar?
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