Palestinian doctors caught in fight over Jerusalem
Associated Press
Published: 16.04.14, 15:22
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1. The Common Enemy is the Real Threat.
Zechariah   (04.16.14)
2. Israel, you are disgusting!
Darren Ben John ,   Townsville Australia   (04.16.14)
What is all the BS about equality. These doctors will practice where your doctors are too scared to go to. Once again your light is well and truely out!
3. australian idiot #2
michael weinreich ,   cape town   (04.16.14)
have you and your stupid sheep found the black box yet idiot.....
4. to Darren Australia.
exUK ,   TEL AVIV   (04.16.14)
Last week in the Jerusalem Post supplement,there was a feature article about the son in law of Shimon Peres,iur president.He and a large team of doctors,pharmacists and nurses,go to various West Bank Arab villages each week,giving their services free of charge,to help the Arab medical needs. Granted,this is "unofficial"...but that is what most citizens are like in Israel.Alas,the press are only usually interested with our extremists,of which there are many,as in the Arab community. I am sure that the average man in the street Arab or Jew would get on fine if given the chance ,but politics gets in the way. It should be compulsary for all Arab and Jewish children to learn the others' language.That would at least be a step in the right direction.
5. Darren #2
Robert Haymond ,   Teko'a, Israel   (04.16.14)
If you were to attend the emergency wards of either of Jerusalem's two main hospitals, the Tzar Zedek or the Hadassah, you would view a very significant number of physicians and nurses of Arab origin, all interacting flawlessly with their Jewish colleagues. All speak Arabic and Hebrew and some even speak English. They feel quite at home in terms of being accepted. Your rampant hostility (self-inflicted) is based on ignorance. You really need to see the situation for itself. The matter of accepting graduates from Al Quds is a political one and, if you could view the matter objectively (which you appear unable to do) you would understand why. It's unfortunate, of course, but much is unfortunate in this part of the globe due to losses caused by the political disharmony.
6. #2 the sword has 2 edges
Jean-Pierre ,   Holon, Israel   (04.16.14)
Did you think that Israel cannot respond to BDS? Don't talk about BS, you forgot the D in between. Equality works in both ways. You cannot demand just the cake without paying for the ingredients. The murder in Hebron proves that the "Palestinians" are not ready to share the benefits of a peaceful coexistence.
7. Only factor consider. religion.
James ,   Pttsburgh   (04.16.14)
8. If it wouldnt be THAT stupid one would call it childish! BIBI make some facts + write allowance!
9. Now what: christian doctors cant practice anymore or wont get permission...?!
Israel   (04.16.14)
10. Townsville, you are disgusting
Maurice Solovitz ,   London, England   (04.16.14)
Darren - learn history before showing ignorance. The Palestinian Authority does not recognize Jewish rights anywhere in Jerusalem - west or east and has frequently stated that the holiest of Jewish sites are Muslim and therefore for MONEY Jews will be permitted to visit As TOURISTS. Clearly, politics is very big on the Palestinian agenda as is bigotry. And fear - I presume you do not refer to the Israeli doctors who treat all people including mass murdering terrorists equally with Israelis as being frightened. It may be difficult to reconcile Palestinian prejudice with Jewish 'rights' some people like yourself seem far to willing to jump on Jewish 'wrongs' - rather than seeing it as it is - bureaucratic indecision based on political fear. Israel recognition must not be viewed as de facto acceptance of Palestinian claims which themselves are based on Palestinian prejudice, exclusion and Palestinian apartheid.
11. #2, Disgusting Denier of Tibetan and Aborigine Statehood
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (04.16.14)
12. It's really rather simple
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.17.14)
If you cannot pass Israel's rigorous medical licensing exams, then you cannot practice medicine in Israel. East Jerusalem is Israel. Any "Palestinians" who wish to avail themselves of substandard medical care in the "Palestine" Authority is free to move there, or to Gaza. Just don't expect Israel to allow you to come for emergency medical treatment every other day. That's not how it is going to work. It doesn't matter where outside of Israel a physician has qualified. If he cannot pass Israel's exams, he will have to practice somewhere else.
13. #12 It is simpler
Shalom ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.17.14)
Sarah B. has not understood what the article says. The issue is not that the doctors are incapable of passing the Israeli exam. It is that the Israeli Health Ministry refused to let them take the exam. But it let doctors who graduated from other West Bank schools take the exam and they passed. So your thunder about badly trained Palestinian doctors is a case of jumping to conclusions without reading carefully.
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