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Peres eulogizes Nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Ynetnews, AP
Published: 18.04.14, 18:41
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1. Actually:many in the scientific community should express
tom ,   tel aviv   (04.18.14)
great interest in the "Peace Process in the New Middle East".- Mainly the representatives of psychiatric for writers go: well they are living in fantasy world anyway.
2. Peres
A V ,   London U K   (04.18.14)
If it came from Peres it mean NADA
3. Being a leftist means the elites fawn over you.
Leon   (04.23.14)
Note that the far superior Octavio Paz barely got a mention in the lamestream journo shmourno media when he passed away a few days ago - that's because he wasn't a socialist...
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