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Meet Germany's response to neo-Nazis: The German Apples Front
Polina Garaev
Published: 21.04.14, 00:25
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1. This legitimises swastikas
Dan   (04.21.14)
Unfortunately this does not ridicule neonazism, it tells people that the symbol doesn't matter. Many people who are now repulsed by the sight of the swastika and turn away from whoever displays it will conclude that they should ignore their revulsion and listen to the message. This works to the advantage of the fascists. A naive, mistaken and dangerous attempt to handle the poison of nazism.
2. Shaming your enemy
shrinkDave ,   Miami USA   (04.21.14)
is the most efficient way of sending him back under the rock from where he came.
3. So when will Israel have one?
David   (04.21.14)
Here is what the journalist writes: " a satirical jab at the extreme right’s reaction to influx immigration into Europe" Right, and what about Israel's treatment of African migrants which come to the left? It's hilarious that Ynet and other Israeli newspapers take the moral highground on immigration in Europe, but stay silent or even stoke the flames when it is illegal immigration into Israel. H Y P O C R I S Y.
4. 2Ukrain.[writer and that camouflaged Nazi ass] are meeting on EU-soil to make FREE PR >FOR Nazis
Eretz   (04.21.14)
All of these people obviousely unemployed, taking and living from large subsidizes of EU-bodies to live very well in Germany, Hungary, Spain whatever [and with lot of money for pot and others] telling to do something against [whatever; here: against Nazis] but with that Bullsh.. there is no fight to do against New and old Nazis .It is only a FAT money-making source and possibility to come in EU- and other parliaments and it opens up younster and kids the easy way to go to the New Nazis via mixed or camouflaged symbols. It is a strategy like after breaking the wall the development of ultra New Nazis - now they make it 'softened'. Ynet shouldn't help up these Nazis! ps: most of these 'Jews' are converted of former eastern.
5. #3:So Islamic takeover of Europe is something every enlighte
tom ,   tel aviv   (04.21.14)
ned citizen should welcome with sight of relief, yes? Makes sense, if you're a Lunatic Leftist. Nazism, like New York, is a state of mind and no symbols/anti-symbols or witty critique can make it disappear. it must be fought through legislation.
6. @3, 4, 5 "Germany for german apples Strudel"
Matilde in Capri   (04.21.14)
Merkel talks of Germany in europe as a Christian country & the ADL jewish organization prized her leadership, what? Hmm...ok doesnt matter, the truth is that smart people do not boycott a Strudels!
7. @1
Matilde in Capri   (04.21.14)
I agree, this does not ridicule neonazism. It tells people that when Mohammed cartoons were published years ago, the only thing it was mathering was to disturb muslims. Excusez moi, It worked to the advantage of which christians countries?
8. Israeli flag at 10:30 in the video
shown by German left-wing radicals. Well, well, well. This truly doesn't fit into the world view of some people, who think that all left-wing Europeans are against Israel.
9. Obscene German Jewish wealth, Stalin's Jews, elected Hitler
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (04.21.14)
...who won almost 50% of the German vote in 1933, leading to WWII and the Holocaust.
10. #9 Even Goebbels himself couldn't have said it better,bravo!
tom ,   tel aviv   (04.21.14)
11. #9 Steve Bennazi - you're a disgusting example
Zvi   (04.22.14)
of the kind of idiot who followed Hitler and Stalin in blaming all of their problems on the Jews. Congratulations.
12. 11, Why should any society allow a minority to dominate
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (04.22.14) they Alawis, Hutus, or Jews?
13. 9 Split Jews like better your jealousy..
observer   (04.23.14)
than your pity.
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