Sanctions and suspended talks - Israel responds to Palestinian reconciliation
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 24.04.14, 18:57
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1. jews never wanted peace.
2. Palestinian "David" slays Jewish "Goliath", a role reversal
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (04.24.14)
Status Quo is over, PA has the upper hand, world support in international bodies, including the ICC war crimes "doomsday weapon" putting Israel military and political leaders in dock at Hague.
3. arabs never wanted peace
4. #2 read the news, dummy!
PA-Hamas is now going to ICC for real war crimes like blowing up buses and restaurants with civilians. Not your imaginary "crimes" like check points. What upper hand? Where do you get this from?
5. Sanctions and suspending talks
Harold ,   USA   (04.24.14)
Abbas, now, can dismantle the PLO and let Israel, as an occupier, take care of about three million Palestinians.
6. To #2 - palestinian "David"....
yosef, phd ,   florida - israel   (04.24.14)
...Seldom, if ever have I seen a moronic statement of this nature -- the "author" either just crawled out from under a heavy rock or O.D. on some mind altering substance...
7. Build, Build, Build
Ami ,   Tel Aviv   (04.24.14)
Israel should move forward with the plans for 20,000 new homes in Judea and Samaria that were suspended in November.
8. People always wanatd peace. Polticians? No way.
John ,   Herzliya   (04.24.14)
9. Slandering Abbas and Hamas will NOT help Israel one bit
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (04.24.14)
If Abbas is not a "partner" then Israel is in deep trouble because the only "partners" left are Hamas and Al Qaeda or even more radical people. Abbas is the BEST deal you can get. it only gets much worse for Israel from this point on. Israel has failed to negotiate for over 60 years and now is up against the wall. If it doesn't reach a negotiated agreement, then there will be massive war with no Israeli safe.The IDF can NOT keep Israelis safe, only a fair agreement can.
10. #1 - Of course Jews want peace
William ,   Israel   (04.24.14)
but its not the suicide pact many Arabs and pro-Pallys want. And its a sentiment shared among many non-Jewish Israelis...making this a national issue, not the ethnic one your racist post is portraying it as.
11. #2 - nice wet dream, but not reality
William ,   Israel   (04.24.14)
you're not really a student of history as this recent move has been attempted many times in the past...and failed. You're also no good at law...which if Abbas went to the ICC he would immediately implicate his own govt which now includes a listed terror group. Ooops!
12. To #11 - Wet dream...
yosef, phd ,   florida - israel   (04.24.14)
Right on, William ! Short and to the point -- it may be added that these dreams are a result of useless political masturbation, (by equally useless people)..
13. bar lev and herzog
joshua   (04.24.14)
oslo and gaza withdrawal were not enough proof. Morsi's governement was not enough proof. So herzog and omer bar lev want to give abbas and haniyeh more concessions and no sanctions because if you are nice to them they will make peace. That is the kind of thinking that got 6 million jews killed. \This strain of subservience displayed by bar lev and herzog is dangerous and undermines israeli='s right to a state. and since the views of such people are genetic, they cannot be convinced otherwise, means they forever have to be ignored
14. since 1993 - talking...
twenty years of talking while illegally building in occupied lands... even a dumb would finally get to understand...
15. #9 I think you missed your Meds Again
First of All No One is slandering abu mazen, the media is merely stating Facts, something You would know Nothing About. As for believing for One Nano Second that abu mazen was a Peace Partner is confirming your Delusional Fantasies. Second Israel is Not Looking To Claim Land That Has Never Been Bequeathed To Them By The Creator Of HUMANITY!!! As for your Myopic view of Who Israel has to negotiate with, Israel possess the Land and Conqured More Land by the loss of Every War started by the arabs, so hamas WAS NEVER A Choice in negotiating with, THEY ARE A TERRORIST ORG, these arab/bedouins can Now Pound Sand until their 12th imam comes home!!! Which will be NEVER!!! BOOYA you moron. BTW this is a Israeli News Site and has NOTHING to do with You or what you think!!! Now go get the mail, your superman ring has arrived, now you dress up like Super Hero and run around Like The Child you are!!!
16. unity
Steve Goodman ,   Israel   (04.24.14)
Their is a G-d a time when you need arabs to act as arabs, it always happens at the RIGHT time......AM YISROEL CHAI
17. Peace
Chaim ,   Petah Tikvah   (04.24.14)
Abbas is not our only partner as Abbas leads to Hamas and El Keida
18. I am disapointed on my government
Dov ben David ,   Eilat, Israel   (04.24.14)
If we are sincere in our peace making efforts, we must let Hamas on board! How can a peace be achieved without Hamas, an organization that threaten to throw us into the sea? Any peace agreement with Hamas alone isn't worth the paper its written on.
19. Peace
Chaim ,   Petah Tikvah   (04.24.14)
Israel wants true peace. But first we must have security. Peace without security is a misnomer
20. the taqqiya talks must stop for good
CJK   (04.24.14)
netanyahu needs to tell the clueless obama and his european partners that israel refuses to negotiate with cold blooded mass murderers who plan more cold blooded mass murder of jews. the arabs, including the arab palestinians have always had one overarching goal, namely the destruction of the sole jewish state. muslims refuse even to recognise well established jewish historical ties to the land of israel. they thereby deny jewish nationhood, jewish righ to self determination, jewish history, jewish religion, jewish culture. the time has arrived to deny muslims their supremacist religious ideology which has led to the slaughter of millions and which constitutes a mortal threat to world peace. the jewish state must stop participating in the shameful appeasement policies of the west.
21. Feeling
John ,   Herzliya   (04.24.14)
I have a feeling that it happens more and more often. That Israel is caught off-guard by Palestinian actions. Time to act, don't you think?
22. #2 Benassi Incessantly
joyce fraser ,   USA   (04.24.14)
makes sure that he is known as "Master Hatemonger", having his perverse needs gratified by promoting as much damage, destruction and murder of Israelis and Jews that he is able to. Mr Benassi: You should undergo major and longterm psychiatric evaluation, to determine why you harbor such psychopathic needs to cause more harm and death to minority people.
23. #21 actually
Time to clean the Leftists from the IDF and intelligence services. Do you think it is an accident that Netanyahu wasn't informed?
24. #14, almost correct
Jake ,   USA   (04.24.14)
21 years of talking to a bloodthirsty enemy not interested in the slightest compromise (they could've signed & had 90% of the West Bank twice) all the while building on LEGALLY occupied land, as the land is non-sovereign territory and Israel is the legal administer. The PLO has been making outrageous demands thinking that their demographics will force Israel's hand. Now the data indicates it is Israel who has the upper hand demographically with Gaza out of the picture, which is why Abbas has gone running to the UN for a state in the West Bank before he loses it all. Alas, he will lose it all, because he can't ever agree to a reasonable peace agreement, since it will spell his own demise. In the end, Israel will annex the entire West Bank and the Arabs will benefit more than anyone.
25. meanwhile
Zsolt ,   Wanganui,NZ   (04.24.14)
While the Palestinians work out why and how they want unite, while the Israeli politicians are busy publishing their obligatory responses according to the old script, perhaps there is a chance for a new "peace accord", an internal one, among the People of Israel inside and outside of the state of Israel. The example of unity above differences or hatred is actually a good one, this is something we ourselves should be teaching others since our whole history, survival, nationhood is based on it. Only a single, united, undoubted Nation of Israel can survive long term.
26. Israel should never negotiate with Palestinian terrorists
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (04.24.14)
2 not mine
27. Great news
Jerry ,   Shomron   (04.24.14)
Now we can give Abbas his state. Its called Gaza. The rest of the west bank will stay in \Israeli hands
28. Its all the same!
Michael Pielet ,   israel   (04.24.14)
Fatah, Hamas, its all the same.
29. The Game.(and seeing through it.)
Mike O'Diomasaigh ,   USA   (04.24.14)
So, Israel won't negotiate with HAMAS and eventually arrives at some shakey peace deal with the PA, Then, when HAMAS starts shooting off their bottle rockets again, Israel whines that the palestinians violated the peace agreement. imagine if Abbas said he would not negotiate if the Shas or Jewish Home party were to have any part of the negotiations and demanded that their knesset seats be eliminated. I think people are beginning to see through these Jewish "negotiations.
30. The Nation of Whining Hypocrites
Doug ,   Rochester, USA   (04.24.14)
The Likud charter calls for the destruction of Palestine. The Israeli government is one of the very few in the world that does not recognize Palestine's right to exist. Yet the Israelis whine and whine and whine and whine when Hamas and Fatah reconcile, just because of a vague statement in the Hamas charter. By the way, it is much vaguer than the destructive and genocide-like statements in the Likud charter.
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