Abbas reportedly assures UN that Hamas will recognize Israel
Published: 25.04.14, 11:14
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1. A surprise because this was planned all along
Joe Fraser   (04.25.14)
The out card. Israel needs to declare the West Bank an autonomous region with its own government. The settlers could choose to vote in this new autonomous region. Israel could then invest in the region, greatly improving the lives of the Arabs living there. No Pal state. Egypt gets back Gaza.
2. Ban condemns Israel for removing illegal Arab construction.
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NYC   (04.25.14)
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon expressed concern for the illegality of settlements in the West Bank, but condemns Israel for removing these illegal Arab constructions.
atilla karagözoğlu   (04.25.14)
… WHICH IS ONLY ISRAEL GO BACK TO THE 67 BORDERS AND THE ISRAELI WAR CRIMINALS TAKEN TO ICC THAN IWILL RECOGNISE ISRAEL AS A BROTHER OF PALESTINE. I am sure hamas wishes same. I care what hamas thinks. and I have rights on palestinian fight.
4. So let me understand this Shot Gun Marraige
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (04.25.14)
So now Abbas is speaking for Haniyeh And Haniyeh speaking for Abbas Next they will be finishing each others sentences and using loving words of endearment Exactly how is this Love Match going to make a difference on the ground for the lives of Gazans and West Bankers and how is it going to establish Palestinian Nationhood? Answers on a postcard
5. Abbas assures us?
Righteous Zionist ,   Israel   (04.25.14)
Such promises are pathetic. Only a nincompoop would give them a second thought. Problem is the USA, the EU and the Jewish left do not have such shining track records in intelligence.
6. Hah!
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (04.25.14)
The PLO hasn't done anything close to what they claim Hamas is going to do. End the farce and deport the invaders from Israeli lands
7. Hamas DOES recognise Israel
maddad ,   JHB   (04.25.14)
As something that must be destroyed at all costs
8. TAQQIYA Taqqiya taqqiya
Nothing More, arabs Can't Be Trusted!!! Proof look at their History It SPEAKS Volumes!!!
9. Hamas will RECOGNIZE and then promptly proceed to DESTROY...
OMG ,   REPLAY!!!!!!   (04.25.14)
Israel.... Now with the help of the PA/PLO. NOTHING has changed since they began attacking Jews in the early 1900's.
10. This comes with a warranty
James ,   USA   (04.25.14)
I have a bridge for sale. It goes from New Jersey to New York. No, no really, I have the title right here. Let me show you a picture of the children. Aren't they adorable.
11. like ALASKA, GAZA need not be adjacent to WB.
Jewdo & Jewjitsu ,   ATLANTA GA USA   (04.25.14)
ALASKA IS STILL A STATE OF AMERICA, just as gaza could be a detached state also of Palestine (the make believe country of make believe peoples.)
12. Israel should never negotiate with Palestinian terrorists
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (04.25.14)
13. Hanan is such a twisted witch.
David ,   Hartford USA   (04.25.14)
"Who says we can't have self-proclaimed jihadist terrorists as our partners in the PA government?" "Just because Hamas and IJ have dedicated themselves to the destruction of Israel is reason to not allow them into the PA government?" Israel's answer must be: "Yes, that is reason enough. Goodbye. Talks over." Hanan puts on a sweet face, but would happily step on Jewish bodies in her goal of a Jew-free 'Palestine.'
14. When Hamas states in public and in Arabic, that it:
N.L.Katz ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (04.25.14)
1) Accepts Israel's right to exist 2) Ceases all acts of terror and violence against Israel and decommission all illicit war material in its possession, e.g. light arms, explosives, mortars and rockets 3) Adheres to all past agreements with Israel that are signed by the parties will we, Jews, within and without our liberal democratic and sovereign nation-state of the Jewish people, the State of Israel, know that Hamas has stated so. Until and unless this happens Hamas has been and will continue to be a designated international terror organization and will be treated as such by EU countries, by Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, United States and other countries, all of which are members of the UN.
15. Prove Your Words, Abbas: Disarm!
emanon ,   USA   (04.25.14)
16. God forbid they should "recognize" Israel as Home of Jews:
tom ,   tel aviv   (04.25.14)
that day we'd have to move towards Bibis foolish "Two State" solution, then calmly jump off a cliff....
17. Lying propaganda of the PA
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (04.25.14)
When they speak, they are lying. When they shut up, they told lies.
18. If so said,
John Prophet   (04.25.14)
this just proves Abbas really believe the world will swallow any crap he puts down.
19. Hamas to reject violence & recognize Israel?
karmel usa   (04.25.14)
As the article states then they would cease to be Hamas. If the duplicitous Arabs are sincere (suppressing the urge to laugh), let the PLO and Hamas clearly change their respective charters in Arabic and English, for the entire world to see. Then, let the talks begin!
20. Hamas will recognize Israel But not Israel's right to exist
Zev ,   Israel   (04.25.14)
21. hamas charter calls to murder all jews
aaa   (04.25.14)
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