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For the first time: 'Train of the Living' from Budapest to Auschwitz
Eldad Beck
Published: 27.04.14, 00:33
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1. the trains were meant to be empty
CJK   (04.27.14)
hitler lost the war on multiple fronts. the trains are not empty, the jews are alive and the jewish state of israel is thriving. yet europe is in dire straights. the law abiding, cultured, industrous, educated jews, were annihilated and were replaced by muslims most of whom obsess about sharia law and its imposition on the european population.
2. Wrong destination - it should be Israel !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (04.27.14)
Do the Jews never learn ?. Arn.
3. We love death!
Mark ,   London, UK   (04.27.14)
The Arab obsession with love of death will be there undoing. What can be greater than manifestations of love of life! The Palestinians are suffering greatly at the moment by missing out on the latest trend in the Arab world of blowing each other up.
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