Remembering Hungary's Jews at March of the Living
Eldad Beck, Poland
Published: 28.04.14, 15:21
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1. We will FOR EVER remember them
Tim ,   Brighton   (04.28.14)
The Holocaust is a shocking reminder to us all of mans inhumanity to man and what could happen if the civilised world stands by For Jews its not a matter of lest we forget - but we CANT forget Even two generations later - the Holocaust still haunts our souls. It inevitably defines the national character of Israel in its almost obsessive but justified preoccupation with its national security
2. Jews must pause and remember
Danny   (04.28.14)
why there was a Holocaust and why from Germany? In the not too distant past, most Jews observed G-d's commandments fully. The Enlightenment, which started in Germany, brought on a spiritual destruction to religious Jewry bringing about a physical destruction by none other than the German, and causing unfortunately religious Jews to get killed because of them. We must pause and remember that we are different than other nations. Although we try to be like them, but they, the goyim, hate us for it and would do anything to get rid of us because of it. The Holocaust would never have come about if all Jews were G-d fearing religious Jews. As long as we Jews follow the ways of the goyim, the Arabs and other goyim will continue attacking us. It's up to us if we want peace.
3. #2
A G_D fearing JEW   (04.28.14)
Danny you are a great idiot Do you really mean to say that all these 6 million of our brothers and sisters would not have been killid if they had been religious enough..............I never understood this kind of crap
4. #2 danny...
les ,   canada   (04.28.14)
i have seldom read such senseless comment as yours! i am one who survived in the budapest ghetto, and the 3 story buiding in nagydiofa utcan was filled whit "G-d fearing religious Jews"... and you know where they all ended up.
5. Nefesh Yehudi
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (04.28.14)
The Torah. The Ten Commandments. Foundations of Western civilization. Cornerstone of Western Law. Might the day come when all the world follows these 10 simple ideals that boil down to this: Be a mensch.
6. remember israel's gaza crimes.
atilla karagözoğlu   (04.28.14)
remember what you just done.
7. #2 Internet troll
Avner ,   Tel Aviv   (04.28.14)
This comment page is always full of anti-Israel trolls, pretending to be Jewish and writing nonsense like #2 above.
8. #6 Atilla, this is about Hungary's Jews
GS ,   Germany   (04.28.14)
Show some respect.
9. #6 Remember there is a very warm place waiting for you
A ,   Belgium   (04.28.14)
where you can play with all of your heroes: Yasser, Saddam, Moamar, even Adolf himself, all waiting for Attila the Hun to join their eternal barbecue.
10. #4 les: Do you
GS ,   Germany   (04.29.14)
remember any help you've received by persons from outside Budapest's Ghetto? - Anyhow: I'm sorry to read you went through this and I'm glad (although I do not know you) you have survived.
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