Erdogan: Reconciliation with Israel could happen within days or weeks
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 29.04.14, 14:27
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1. YNet reminds the proverbial monkey and the glass
Miron ,   USA   (04.29.14)
Israel is the monkey and the many ways to injure it is the glass. You put the glass on eyes - it's Kerry. You put the glass on tail - it's Erdogan. Who cares, one is badmouthing Israel, while the other sends terror groups to support yet another terror group. What can you do, except feel the appreciation to the wisdom of the ancient... Except this monkey isn't monkey and she wasn't asking for glasses. But in the eye if YNet reporter that's another eye it will need to avenge for.
2. I think I'm gonna throw up...
sick ,   tel aviv   (04.29.14)
3. EXTORTION by Israel's So-Called ally
ErDOGan and Terrorist ilk Deserve BUPKIS!!!
4. Turkey's blackmail
BUID BABY BUILD !!!!   (04.29.14)
seems to have worked. How valuable those IHH paid by Erdogen terrorists have become in death whereas in life, they were already paid $10,000.00 for their attempted Gaza blockade busting and failed attempt at killing the IDF troops. Inflation magnified by ego massaging for Erdogen's local consumption. Many thanks again obama, another fine mess you've gotten us into. KEEP BUILDING ISRAEL !!!
5. This sick deal is more proof Likud needs new leader.
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.29.14)
A Likud leader who respects the Likud Constitution and the wishes of the vast majority of Israelis would NEVER sign such a sick deal. Likud needs a new leader. Think of this. Bibi is obliging Israel to send Erdogan about 20 dollars per Israeli citizen because the IDF did its job to protect us! PATHETIC!!
6. Erdogan is feeling the economic pinch
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (04.29.14)
and wants Israel's cooperation and support economically. Only way is to give in and compromise. But yes, I agree, our leadership needs to be stronger. Turkey / Erdogan were at fault in the Marmara affair. As I see it, Israel will be paying the terrorist families restitution. - sick !
7. $120 million to the families ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.29.14)
... of Turkish terrorists? How about spending it on Holocaust survivors living in poverty in Israel? Or, for that matter, anywhere else. Shameful knuckling under to Turkish blackmail.
8. Why is Israel rewarding terrorism?
Steve Klein   (04.29.14)
We saw the recent release of dozens of Palestinian terrorists with blood on their hands followed by a thaw in relations between Fatah and Hamas. Now this. Trying to break a lawful blockade of Hamas-ruled Gaza makes Erdogan's Turkey what? A state sponsor of terrorism. I've got a copy of Prime Minister Netanyahu's book, "Fighting Terrorism." The prime minister is clear, releasing terrorists and rewarding terrorism is a non-starter and counterproductive.
9. Agreement? How much $ for Israel?
ben Ish   (04.29.14)
I couldn't tell from the article how much money Turkey agrees to pay Israel for sending terrorists and creating yet another incident for international slander, wasting IDF resources and inciting the entire world to another row of anti semitism. So how much are they going to pay?
10. So Erdogan has held the votes to change Turkish law?
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NYC   (04.29.14)
Funny the announcement of the change in the Turkish laws that would prevent lawsuits against the IDF never made it to the news. Erdogan must be playing for the home audience again.
11. Yeah! Let's pay!!!
Daniel ,   Tel Aviv   (04.29.14)
It always great to pay the families of people brining terrorist supplies to terrorist organisations. That will always end well.
12. Erdogan blowing hot and cold again for political advantage
13. $120 million?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.29.14)
To the families of Turkish terrorist scum? How much did Turkey pay to the families of the Jews who perished when two synagogues were blown up in Istanbul? Rather than cave in to Turkish blackmail for no discernible benefit, can't we use the money to ease the penury in which so many Holocaust survivors live? In Israel and even, if need be, elsewhere? It is shameful to put the raging ego of a Turkish bantam rooster ahead of the living circumstances of the people who suffered so much and worked so hard to build the State of Israel? And since when do we pay off families of terrorists who attack Israelis? Turkey should demand such compensation from Hamas -- the "Palestinians" pay the families of dead terrorists as a routine matter.
14. dont build pipeline thru turkey. go for asia
ralph   (04.29.14)
15.  $120 million dollars for enemies
Sidney ,   USA   (04.29.14)
And there is not enough money for Israel's poor or Holocaust survivors in need. Shameful!
joyce fraser ,   USA   (04.29.14)
based on his record of deliberately harming, and setting up various schemes to harm Israel, Erdogan is NOT to be trusted - certainly not in this lifetime!
17. Begging beggars
And here comes Turkey begging for money and humanitarian aid because famine in their land.
18. MM fiasco affair...
Thessalonian ,   Canada   (04.29.14)
Boarding the IHH ship of terrorist sympathizers was a huge and apparently a costly mistake. Wiring its prop and letting it adrift for Turkey to tow back to its origin would have been a far better choice, saving Israel the international humiliation it is currently enduring due to the US instigated apology to Mr. Erdogan as well as the inane cost of compensating the families of the MM provocateurs with millions of $. Adding insult to injury, the latter have publicly avered in the Turkish media that they will donate the compensation money to the "sacred cause" of Hamas. Go figure... Israel does indeed need a tougher/saner leadership. Regards
19. Very good!
Non Jewish immigrant ,   Italy   (04.29.14)
20. Put it to a referendum
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.30.14)
A vote -- all Israeli citizens (yes, all of them; even non-Jews). Should Israel pay the families of Turkish terrorists $120 million, or should Israel use those funds for social programs to benefit all Israelis, with a particular eye to helping the elderly and the poor, and Holocaust survivors? That's the democratic process.
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