Senior political source confirms: Reconciliation deal with Turkey imminent
Itamar Eichner
Published: 30.04.14, 18:50
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1.  "What will they think of next..."
Thessalonian ,   Canada   (04.30.14)
This ought to give the people of Israel a warm feeling deep down inside as they start planning their vacations in Israel friendly Turkey, seriously now... At the same time it ought to pave the way for Mr. Erdogan's much anticipated triumphal Gaza visit. Congrats to Mr. Netanyahu and admin for fulfilling Mr. Obama's M.E. peace aspirations. Suppose compensation for the jihadist martyrs of Hamas is next on the agenda. Humble pie anyone? Regards
2. "Source confirms". Yeah, we've heard that before.
Jake   (04.30.14)
Is that the same source which confirmed Pollard would be released before Passover?
3. Another possible headline could be
Israeli 2   (04.30.14)
Israel Humiliated. Israel the coward. Israel the vanquished. For sure not: "Israel the smart fox whose intelligence shows she has no ego."
4. Erdogan is a Megalomaniac!
Son of Cyrus ,   UK   (05.01.14)
5. Israel as always fields like a cheap suit...why because you
Al   (04.30.14)
are nothing compared to the Jews who liberated Israel in 1948. You are spoiled whiney losers with your mothers teat shoved way down in your throats. It is only by way of a miracle that you are still a state. You have no self respect worth a damn, for you give money to the killers of your own. Todays Israeli is an outrage and a shame. Shame on you for capitulating to a killer.
joyce fraser ,   USA   (04.30.14)
bargaining with the devil. Both are ANYTHING BUT well-intended.
7. I get it, Realpolitik but: is it worth it? After all Turkey
tom ,   tel aviv   (04.30.14)
is going down the Islamic path and having "good" relations, for the price of losing one's credibility(not to mention "face") with such entity doesn't seem like a good deal. To neutralize Iran..? My head's too small it seems, to grasp our political vision (should there be any, at any given moment)!
8. Israel confiscated all footage recorded by passengers
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.01.14)
..."but (Lara) Lee managed to smuggle one hour of video out of the country by hiding it in her underwear" -The Guardian, Gaza flotilla attack: activist releases new footage, 6/11/2010
9. so who benefits most from this "reconcilliation"?
Rafi ,   US   (05.01.14)
I'd say 'Erdogan' as he walks off with $21M of Israeli citizens' money! Where is Erdogan's accountability for permitting a Turkish passenger ship to sail into a clearly disputed area - and intended from the start to provoke an incident? Why is Israel paying off families of thugs who beat her soldiers with iron rods? Meanwhile the imbecilic Netenyahu govt should resign for its bungling of the entire incident from the start - including unnecessarily placing IDF personnel in harm's way. Look at the results: numerous injured IDF personnel; Israeli citizens out $21M; no penalty to Erdogan or his thugs - and Netanyahu still happily in office. so who won and who lost? Erdogan and Netanyahu: two peas in the demagogue pod...
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