Suspended Nahal soldier finds online support for his reinstatement
Yoav Zitun, Michal Margalit
Published: 30.04.14, 15:17
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1. He is a soldier.........
HIstory nut ,   Israel   (04.30.14)
not a fairy. It is dispicable to keep abandoning our soldiers.
2. This poor soldier obviously has...
Gideon Reader   (04.30.14)
...emotional and or other mental problems. He **needs** to be: a)Reinstated to detached duty b) Released and assigned to the appropriate responsibile medical service for care and treatment of his problem. c) Monitored to insure he does NOT become the protagonist in a violent "work place" incident. wherein his fellow soldiers and commanders are the victims of his "ticking emotional time bomb".
3. A Disgrace That He Was Removed
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (04.30.14)
In this incident he was 100% right, and to get soldiers from all these other combat units (nobody would support Nachal for nothing) to support him just shows how many agree. Most of us would have pulled the trigger - justifiably.
4. Boogy should resign
No one would do what the punks did to a US Marine, and if they did, the Marine would be court martialed if the punks could still walk. Instead of being something to respect, Boogy and the IDF command are saying that wearing an IDF uniform is like wearing a clown suit with a sign that says "kick me, I am a fool." and will Boogy court martial the next soldier who gets kidnapped, stabbed, tasered or shot, his gun taken away because he must submit to the punks? or will he reward him? Boogy has failed miserably. He and the IDF command need to go.
5. I'm shocked....
Debbie Kohn ,   Israel   (04.30.14)
That the army leaves a soldier in CHEVRON of all places -- all alone!! If anyone would have done to an American policeman what those Arabs did to this soldier, he would have been dead in two seconds. It would be a disgrace to the IDF to jail this soldier, who was only doing his duty. (And btw, didn't even hurt anyone in the process...)
6. Dear Ynet Editor
Hertzel ,   Tveria   (04.30.14)
I remember the days where your paper cared about the country. It is a shame that you have a leftist tilt now that cares more about the enemies lies than your own people struggle for survival. AND - I dont see my balanced comments ever published, thank you !
7. Gideon Reader #2
Robert Haymond ,   Teko'a, Israel   (04.30.14)
Typical pop psychology from an adherent know-nothing.
8. Support israeli soldiers through: Libi Fund
GS ,   Germany   (04.30.14)
9. I was wrong; incorect and expressed an...
Gideon Reader   (04.30.14) opinion without completely knowing the facts of this event. ***I was wrong***. The soldier was very obviously in a heated occourance and appearantly deliberately provoked. I would most likely have acted in a similar fashion, or even more actively; even "butt stroked" the provocateur
10. Gideon Reader
howiej ,   NJ/USA   (04.30.14)
Instead of "reader" it should state Levi as your last name. You are a victim of your lack of common sense. The "15 year old Palestinian" was in the soldiers face and distracting him while the other "youth" approached from behind the soldier with a set of brass knuckles on his hand. If he hadn't cocked his weapon, we would be reading about the member of the IDF injured in a terrorist attack. He acted with admirable restraint. He was surrounded by men filming the incident.
HERTZEL ,   TVERIA   (04.30.14)
Abandoning the Shaietet 13 on the Marmara to the terrorist turks, and now the NAHAL FIGHTERS. WHAT IS NEXT? WHO IN THE WORLD WOULD WANT TO SERVE IN THE ARMY LIKE THIS? This is ultra serious problem with the Israeli political echelon ....
12. Nothing Should Surpris Us
joyce fraser ,   USA   (04.30.14)
in this upside-down world. God (or someone) better permanently spank down the "Devil of Dishonesty", which facilitates and accommodates twisting the truth, propaganda, political correctness, etc ... ... until humanity becomes straight and logical.
13. seriously
rm ,   NL Amsterdam   (04.30.14)
would you defend him had he done the same to Jewish youths?
14. All the talkbackers here who defend...
Moshino ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (04.30.14)
All the talkbackers here who defend this soldier probably skipped the following part of the article: "Several hours before the incident, the soldier faced a martial trial by the battalion commander for two previous violent incidents he was involved in. In both incidents he attacked soldiers from the brigade and in one of them he threw a stone at his platoon commander." Soldiers who have mental issues or anger management issues should NOT be allowed to carry a gun, a knife or even a glass bottle for that matter. We, the conscientious citizens, feel much safer with him on meds and with no sharp objects. Thank you!
15. will Abbas punish any arab soldier aim gun at Jews?
mary_of_Bethany ,   Singapore   (04.30.14)
will any arab nations ever punish or removed from post their soldier for harass Jewish citizens with gun? answer is plain "NO"... no arab leaders will protect any Jewish citizen in their arab why all the fuss, Israel?
16. He showed restraint
Badbob   (04.30.14)
If I was in that position and attacked like that I would have opened fire. It sounds like the commanders are out to get him.
17. He should have killed them
Mordechai   (05.01.14)
He should have opened fire the minute they threatened him. Should we allow a soldier to be killed because the terrorist brought a camera to film the murder.
18. A meshugene army
a soldier has to be killed before he may shoot. Haredi Jews should thank G-d they're not part of this meshugene army where Arab lives are more precious than those of soldiers.
19. So in Russia...
Jonathan   (04.30.14)
There would not have been one person there standing, so this film would have never been out. In America, I'm sure that this would have been handled differently. In Israel, PR people are working to 'justify' why a soldier pulls out a gun when he is surrounded, and he hears a person behind him. It is REALLY not easy to serve in these places. Now they are all with cameras... and all they do is waste time and energy of our young soldiers, instead of them contributing to our growing economy. Full support for Israel !
20. David
Hertzel ,   Tveria   (04.30.14)
David the Nahalawi, all of Israel is with you ! I want you you to know that. Too many people are too busy going about their daily lives, but if they could take a moment to comment you would have 5.9 MILLION LIKES. WE LOVE YOU DAVID
21. #2 Gedeon the Leader: Army officials
GS ,   Germany   (04.30.14)
already took care. You can relax.
22. WOW, did anyone actually read the article?
Ilan ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (05.01.14)
This person was not removed because he cocked is rifle and aimed it. that was justified, although the stuff he said in Hebrew afterward (for anyone who understands what he said )was inappropriate, still..... not the reason he was removed from combat . He assaulted other members of his unit, and assaulted his commander with a rock. This person is just not fit to serve under combat conditions, and that video just proves it! He could have snapped at any moment and opened fire. Israelis have the same mentality when it comes to our soldiers, that the world has about the Palestinians. that they could do no wrong. They can, and they do. The Palestinians is another story, but IDF soldiers are drafted from a universal pool of Israelis. Some of those Israelis are just scum or have mental problems, they are messed up before the draft, and they will still remain messed up during their service and long after. Unfortunately some slip through the screening process. Serving on the front line is very difficult and mentally straining. For that, these soldiers will always have our respect and gratitude. even and especially this soldier, but the stress of being a combat soldiers is just not for him!
23. Occupation is wrong, coercing the natives is wrong.
Michael ,   California, USA   (05.01.14)
Settlers should get out of Hebron and go somewhere else to contribute to life in Israel. The picture showing this soldier facing Palestinians in Hebron reminds pictures of Nazis patrolling the streets of the Warsaw ghetto. Israel will never clear its negative image as long as this miserable worthless occupation continues.
24. #22 did you read the article?
The article was not about a soldier who threw rocks at his commander, it showed how a soldier was assaulted by Arab thugs and did not defend himself due to orders he received from high up. The IDF should have announced that the soldier was relieved of duty for his previous behaviors, but with no connection he was being punished for letting the thugs approach him so closely needlessly endangering himself, that the thugs in the video have been arrested and that orders are now being given to soldiers treat such assault as a kidnap/murder attempt. The IDF should also announce that the NGO which paid for this assault has been dismantled, its foreign members deported and its Israeli members have lost their citizenship.
25. Moshiga @#14
Israeli 2   (05.01.14)
You should be on meds.
26. about suspended....
Toledano Jean-Pierre ,   Israel   (05.01.14)
Soldiers, especially young soldiers are not trained to face provocation of Palestinian youngsters, others,... and see it too quickly as a life-threatening situation. So, they point quickly their gun towards the ennemy: they are - as soldiers - trained for that. Also the Shalit abduction makes people and soldiers in the West Bank or near Gaza afraid to undergo the same barbarian treatment in Hamas' or other hands. But, in this cas that soldier was already known for his violent behaviour, even towards other soldiers from his unity. But, again, in such situations, it's better to install or form a special unit inside the Military Police in the West Bank or around Gaza, that are well trained in such events. Like the police, during protest marches or manifestations (violent or not). They are trained to face insults (calling them "fascists", "Na...", etc), spitting towards them, etc... It's my opinion about it, but... I understand very well the dangers to Jews, Israeli, Tsahal in and around the West Bank and Gaza.
27. Without weapons idf are pussies.
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