Two suspected 'price tag' attacks: Arab women attacked; cemetery vandalized
Hassan Shaalan
Published: 02.05.14, 14:33
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1. Get these guys, whether Jews or Arabs
Memphis Slim ,   Memphis, TN - USA   (05.02.14)
So the world that the rule of law is applied equally. These attacks are horrible PR for Israel. On the other hand, a show trail of these thugs and a stiff prision sentance would be most appropriate as the motivation is to damage national security in the broadest sense (inciting riots, bad press, possible revenge attacks that could see deaths). This is serious whether committed by Jews or Arabs - and don't think for one second that Arabs couldn't have a motive for doing this.
2. Russia, please help, make palastine part of
Brett L ,   JHB RSA   (05.02.14)
the new russian empire!!
3. A fourteen year old boy
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.02.14)
And she knows this how? Typical contrived Arab story -- ever notice how they seem to favor the ages "twelve" and "fourteen?" They really need to get a new scriptwriter. Their plot lines are worse than an Egyptian movie.
4. Jews should be more concerned with the vandalizing of
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.02.14)
several shuls in Israel lately and the desecrations of Torah Scolls than with some graffiti against Arabs. But of course you can't expect Zionists to give a hoot about that, or even mention it on their media, could you?
5. ''attacked'' with spray ? Arabs attack with bombs and guns
6. YNET ! First TALK bout the murder of Shelly Dadon by Arabs !
Frederic   (05.02.14)
She was 20's years and has been murdered by Israeli-arab group called ''Galilee Liberators''. YNET shame on you !
7. Culprits must be broght to justice very quickly
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (05.02.14)
As a Jew I am disgusted and ashamed with these terrible actions. These acts are not different than Hamas terrorism and authorities in Israel must catch them and bring to justice, punishing them to the maximum very quickly.
8. Big deal.
manicdrummer ,   Haifa, Israel   (05.02.14)
For the past 1,400 years Muslims were doing worse things to Jews. Now that Jews are fighting back, the whole world is in shock. The very thought of Jews defending their ancient homeland produces such intense outrage among the people who have always want Jews dead. Sorry, but I fail to see where any sympathy for these people is warranted.
9. To All Commentators
Harold ,   USA   (05.02.14)
The Stern Gang is back and backed by Israeli security forces. They used to attack the British and now they are attacking the occupied Palestinians. The world has to intervene and liberate all Palestinian lands occupied after 1967 war. Words by peace makers is not enough action such as boycotts must be applied.
10. Arabs = agents provacateurs ! Nothing new !
11. I'm ashamed of this
Jon S. ,   Virginia, USA   (05.02.14)
Both at the evil and cowardice of pepper spraying an innocent woman in front of her children - whoever did it, whatever ethnicity, religion, or age - and at how my fellow Jews so far in this thread have hardened your hearts regarding this sort of conduct. Shame on you and as a part of Klal Yisroel I'm ashamed, too. If I could meet the woman I'd tell the woman and her family, "We're sorry. Our God does not permit crucifying the innocent for the sins of the guilty."
12. patrol squad responses
jerold   (05.02.14)
price tag jews would be better to form vigilante patrols to provide response to arab attackers of israeli women who was recently butchered. Two wrongs do not make right though the arabs have provoked animalistic israeli responses. israelis have to be smart and channel responses into responsible action to protect israeli civilians. As for livni, hopefully god will deal with her since her attacks of the homeland are on a par with treasonous israelis.
13. Aparheid.
Why ?   (05.02.14)
14. If this is true.......
Koose E Mack ,   NY US   (05.02.14)
It is deplorable that anyone desecrates any religious institution. If there is any chance for co-existence, these type of deplorable act from both sides must end.
15. Fair reporting
Phil ,   NYC   (05.02.14)
Skewed reporting. Reporter makes it seem like only Arabs are being attacked. What about the 20 year old Israeli woman of Jewish descent, and the Israeli jewish baby injuried in the face. All attacks are despicable, however, the Arab attacks seem to be far more physically harmfully.Do some true reporting when writing a article. I am also curious how there are no comments from the father or kid, and how she knew the kid was 14.
16. This is small payback for Arabs murdering Afula Jewish girl
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.02.14)
17. Shelly Dadon is more important then this stupid story!!!!
Mario   (05.02.14)
18. #3, Always at the intelligence level of a 12 year old.
Michael ,   California, USA   (05.02.14)
19. Seriously, Ynet?
Jeff ,   ranaana   (05.02.14)
A woman is violently raped and brutally murdered in an apparently nationalistic crime, and you put as the top story an article about graffiti and pepper spray. Wow. Just wow.
20. headlines:
An innocent woman was attacked with pepper spray and some graffiti was found in an Arab cemetery. Shabak has been ordered to find the perpetrators of these horrible crimes. Minor news: a 20-year old Jewish girl was butchered. A Jewish baby was wounded by a rock thrown at a bus. No one will be arrested to save us the shame of watching the murderers be released to a hero's welcome by a corrupt Israeli government.
21. Further investigation and...
Gideon Reader   (05.02.14)
...investigatory followup is needed to determine if this is a self infliction of assault and if the injuries are the valid result of a Jewish instigated or performed criminal activity. Israel police are generally not particularly well noted for being the benchmark in law enforcement performance and functions.
22. There is no excuse.
David israel ,   New York, USA   (05.02.14)
Israel is a state of law and there is teh state institutions available to punish those who attack Jews. It is not up to a group of vigilantes. There must be no excuse for those who attacked the Arab woman who was under the protection of Israel. The culprits must be brought to justice as well as those who have attacked and killed Jews including the recent Afula attack. But please do not use this as an excuse to attack Arabs. 2 wrongs do not make a right.
23. #18, always cluless, have you lokked in the mirror lately?
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.02.14)
24. Wave of hate....funny were are the Jewish
Rachel ,   Sweet Jerusalem   (05.02.14)
Jewish and Christian victim stats? Why not compare and contrast. I will not ask you to go back to 70 CE. Just start in 600ce or so. You know, when the JEWISH town of Medina was ethnically cleansed of its native population and converted into the second most sacred place for Muslims!
25. 9To ALL Harolds:stupidity doesn't trump antisemitism;please
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.02.14)
join your Jihadist brothers in their fight for Fakestine. We'd be happy to meet you eye to eye, in the field. Other than that: you're an insult to humanity's progress!
26. Arm the Palestinians, jews only respect
American   (05.02.14)
27. izz ad din al-qassam
CJK   (05.02.14)
the muslim grave that was allegedly defaced is the grave of the anti-zionist, anti-british, jew hating terrorist, izz ad din al qassam. izz ad din al-qassam came from syria with the express purpose of setting up terror cells against jewish communities during the british mandate of palestine. he was a close associate of the ottoman empire and of the jerusalem mufti hij amin al-husseini, a colloborator of hitler. the armed wing of the hamas terror group is named after al-qassam. arab vandals have been desecrating jewish toombs on the mount of olives for decades. jews cannot enter areas under pa control for fear of being lynched. jews cannot get entry visas into the vast majority of islamic states. no doubt, we should be better than the jew hating arab muslim terrorists. the question is, do we have to honour the grave of one of their major terror founders?
28. Ugly American # 26
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (05.02.14)
The only thing ersatz Pals are good at IS violence. Idiot! Nobody in their right minds would respect people who attack people like the Fogel family and shoot at school busses, but here you are standing up for these animals. You are a real piece of work. Let me guess, you follow the religion of peace don't you?
29. #25
Harold ,   USA   (05.02.14)
Eye-to-Eye and not American F-16, Markava tanks and now drowns.
30. To: No. 18
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.02.14)
When I was twelve years old, I was a member of MENSA and well on my way to being a life master in duplicate bridge. At the tender age of twelve, I was smarter than you have ever been, are now, or will ever be. And I've only grown smarter since.
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