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Inside the talks' failure: US officials open up
Nahum Barnea
Published: 02.05.14, 23:51
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1. "Senior American official told"
Tomi Weiss ,   Israel   (05.03.14)
This American administration lost all the trust among Israeli people by supporting solely the "Palestinian" side on key issues (Jerusalem and the Jewish state). This article is nothing short of Obama/Kerry paid advertisement in Israeli journals. When the duo is not advertising themselves they come out with apartheid and boycott threats. Again off course via third party mouths.Obama found support for all enemies of Israel, from Hamas, Iran to Erdogan, back to his de facto destabilization of Syria (by avoiding any interference) Knowing this, Israel does not own anything to Obama, and Obama has no respect among anyone, he betrayed Ukraine, Georgia, his gulf allies , Europe and Israel. He is laughable, miserable and pathetic. Israel is not going to accept any of his pro-Palestinian ideas which do not guarantee the acceptance of Jewish State. Beside that Israel has no interests in his "peace"
2. Israel was founded by a UN resolution...
FireJeff ,   Jerusalem   (05.03.14)
"Its prosperity depends on the way it is viewed by the international community." Enough lies! American leaders don't know international law?! I don't think so... Israel wasn't founded by a UN resolution: 181 UN resolution is a UNGA non binding resolution which has no value under international law. Futhermore, this resolution was rejected by all arab countries, arabs in Judea & Samaria and Gaza. But yes, Israel was founded by the international community, the League of Nations (not the UN). The legality of the Jewish Stade is based on the San Remo resolution (1920) and its application, the mandate for Palestine (1922). This binding document recognized the right of the Jewish People to recreate its former homeland in all of Western Palestine (including Judea, Samaria and Gaza!). Today, these documents are still valid under international law, because of the "principle of acquired legal rights" (Article 70 of the Vienna Convention) which ensured that these fundamental rights of the Jewish People did not lapse with the international process or means which brought them into existence. The flip side of this principle known as "the doctrine of estoppel" (implicitly included in Article 38 of the Statute of the ICJ), further ensured that these acquired rights under international law could not be simply abrogated or denied by those states which previously recognized their existence.
3. Since everyone assumes
Shalom ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.03.14)
that Gilo will stay in Israel, and so it must be part of Kerry's 80%, how can new building in Gilo derail the negotiations?
4. Lefty nosense
Mike ,   TA   (05.03.14)
Israel was founded by the sacrifice and bravery of it's soldiers and citizens, not the UN. What garbage in this so-called interview!
5. Aah Barnea, the consumate Obama's boot licker
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.03.14)
6. "We didn't realize".. - US Govt. still doesnt(?)realize how fascists+NSA in Ukraine cooperating..!
and that Uri Ariel and his boss Bennett are destroying zionist Israel !
7. Constuctio.n building is not the cause of failure
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (05.03.14)
Israel did stop construction building for a whole year but the Pals did not negotiate. The cause for the failure is that the Pals think they can get more by obstructing. And now they got the realese of Terrorists without giving anything in return. That is Kerrys legacy and by the fruit you know the Tree. Arn.
8. Can't name who told you.....
History nut ,   Israel   (05.03.14)
and advance software outlined borders. This kind of reporting is so low IQ directed.
9. The real reason is simpler. There were no peace talks!
michael redboun ,   Lisbon - Portugal   (05.03.14)
10. Yes more Obama admin talking points
Joe Fraser   (05.03.14)
Barak and olmert offered more but were rejected. Pals want it all...
11. aha - now we know
James ,   USA   (05.03.14)
Its was all the Jews fault. Not one thing in this interview implicates the Arabs and the PA. Obama - go home!
12. #2
Nigel ,   Israel   (05.03.14)
But when will our government accept international law according to the San Remo resolution?
13. O boo hoo...
ex-frummie ,   Johannesburg S.A.   (05.03.14)
'Life is challenging, it wasn't easy and we couldn't force our crappy policies down Israel's throat.' What a pathetic performance from the greatest Amateurs on the planet. Not only has Obama and his side-kick Kerry put the Middle-East into a nose-dive he is now 'expertly' causing unnecessary conflict between the U.S. & Russia, which if it spirals out of control (and judging by U.S. incompetence lately) that is where it is heading, does not bode well for the planet. One has to wonder why the U.S. is so hell bent on going after Russia on this one when they barely raised an eyebrow over Georgia - it couldn't have anything to do with a chap named Edward Snowden could it???
14. predictions
tiki ,   belgium   (05.03.14)
We ALL knew the talks would fail and we ALL knew that Israel would be blamed. Thank G-d for Molcho stopping ""heroin Livni selling Israel at a bargain price. So, the prediction of ''Palestinians getting their state in the end" is just that....a prediction, one of many which failed! Palestinians won't get a state in Judea/ Samaria because they don't deserve another state in that area.. If Jordan Palestine is not enough, nothing will. The slippery slope of "Palestinians getting a state will open the floods for every seperatist organisation to claim their state.
15. Leftist propaganda
Abe4u ,   Migdal HaEmek Israel   (05.03.14)
Our biggest enemy is our leftists media. ALWAYS Bibi is to blame. Wake up you fools,Israelis and only Israelis want,and pray for peace. The Arabs publicly opt to murder and terrorist us, open your eyes. Enough of the Jewish trend to pacify our enemies,it's been prooved a thousand times that it doesn't work. They see it as a sign of weakness. Stand up and fight them,, they only know the power of force.
16. please mr. barnea cut the crap
daniel ,   TA - IL   (05.03.14)
if you want to make some us spin dollars be my guest. Do not expect us to buy the oslo - judenreinisaties BS any more. Obama and the state department are no firends of israel or jews. neither was kissinger. arabs want a judenreines middle east - no world and a the state department is their ally in it. that is the bitter truth we need to face
17. LIAR, LIAR, LIAR! Samaria is no settlement.
BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (05.03.14)
18. self-hating leftie looney verbal diarrhea alert
Leon   (05.03.14)
19. Everyone knows who is at fault
Jason ,   Canada   (05.03.14)
Israel loves expropriating other people's lands more than it loves peace, unfortunately.
20. When the day is over......
Robert ,   lost in farmington   (05.03.14)
When the day is over, this American administration will be know as the most antisemitism ever assemble. At no time has this administration tried to help Israel, the best way to describe this Administration in three words are, weak , antisemitism , and godless.
21. To # 2
Stan ,   Israel   (05.03.14)
Despite all your bla bla bla, you are ignorant or a liar. 1. If a majority of states at the UN had voted against the establishment of a Jewish State, then Israel would not have come into being. 2. The San Remo conference based its decision on the Balfour Declaration and as such DID NOT award Judea, Samaria and Gaza to the Jewish People!
22. Drawing a map
Ronda ,   USA   (05.03.14)
The new game seems to be to require Israel to focus on borders. US media even make it sound like such a reasonable request-- "it should have been the first step. " Its actually all Abbas needs to get international recognition as a state. Give him map and he is finished negotiating-- he has his state. And it sounds like Bibi was prepared to divide Jerusalem.
23. Armed with this account of events...Palestine will go to UN
Lynx ,   Palestine   (05.03.14)
Independence will be achieved and international law will prevail! Long live Palestine and its resilient people. Zionism is an outdated inherintly racist and colonial one. Bottom line: This land HAS a people. Hertzl and Jabotinksy lied to you.
24. Barnea reveals more of the fifth column.
History nut ,   Israel   (05.03.14)
Obviously he is a member. If they want to commit suicide why do they have to be so nasty as to make us also.
25. Will you print any of my comments...
History nut ,   Israel   (05.03.14)
because this is the most pathetic article I have ever read. I have lived in Israel for the better part of eight years and never read anything so inane and skewed. The author has no concept of giving one's life in battle for his country. The blood spilled in 1967 for Yhudah-Shomron is meaningless to him. He can be writing this only for money and/or fame from the fifth column. It is truly embarrassing.
26. Agree with #2 except.....
History nut ,   Israel   (05.03.14)
no body can give land it doesn't own. We won our State when those that would have exterminated us, couldn't. That same principle is ignored for Yhudah-Shomron that we acquired in 1967. When you come to exterminate us and you lose and we lose a drop of blood, you will lose your land and whatever else we want to take.
27. So much spin Nahum could be a DJ
SK ,   Tel Aviv   (05.03.14)
Livni the heroine... I almost puked.
28. "Abbas promises Israel won't be flooded by pal refugees"
ab   (05.03.14)
"It depends on Israel's willingness"..He&Americans have been told Israel is not willing,but they're trying to dupe Israel into accepting it "pro forma"-only to keep screaming "But you agreed!!" afterwards
29. Coming
Hakim ,   Palestine   (05.03.14)
One nation....Palestine...One city...Jerusalem....One state...Palestine
30. In other news, Kathrin Ashton recognised
Miron ,   USA   (05.03.14)
state right to violence. Exclusive at that...
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