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Inside the talks' failure: US officials open up
Nahum Barnea
Published: 02.05.14, 23:51
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31. "Israel is not China. It was founded by a UN resolution. Its
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.03.14)
...prosperity depends on the way it is viewed by the international community."
32. Thank you
Ed ,   USA   (05.03.14)
Thank you for a very complete summary of what has transpired. I've always suspected that the primary motivation of Netanyahu has been to save his coalition instead of saving Israel. Very, very sad.
33. Sometimes the truth hurts, as for the apartheid state.
Why?   (05.03.14)
This article reflects the point of view of ENTIRE WORLD. Only racists are not capable of accepting what is Obvious to the whole world.
34. 1st error kerry made: the mistake about israelis's intention
Why?   (05.03.14)
35. Mr Barnea, you were being used as their mouthpiece
Israeli 2   (05.03.14)
There was nothing secret they confided in you. You were there for them to trash and pounce on Bibi and the Israelis real solidly. I must say they are very happy with your great job. How did you feel as an Israeli loving journalist listening to their subtle accusations of our government. Pretty good, I bet. So does J Street.
36. #2, Furthermore...
Danny   (05.03.14)
Israel exists because it fought and won wars. End of story.
37. Roman, just read again what you wrote
Danny   (05.03.14)
The brave decision to leave Lebanon and Gaza has put all of Israel in the reach of missiles. The brave decisions got Israel zero credit in the international community and has materially worsened Israel security.
38. If US do not:understand why arabs from Judea refuse to l
trump   (05.03.14)
label Israel as jewish State Then this current administration has no role to play in any negotiations.
39. Short Story=We just do' not trust Obama and his MB friends
Alan ,   SA   (05.03.14)
40. A Red Herring....
A.C.Guard ,   USA   (05.03.14)
The settlements are nothing more than a red herring or a stalking horse to be used by Israel's enemies whenever the need arises.
41. antisemitism
Robert ,   lost in farmington   (05.03.14)
antisemitism, Godless, and weak , Is the best way to describe the Obama administration. Not one time has this administration supported Israel. And don't look for them to do so in the future.
42. The world as it is not
David Polovin ,   Cape Town, SA   (05.03.14)
The fact that peace with the Palarabs is not a prospect according to their own agenda is something that the liberal mind cannot believe. This interview appears to be scripted by the Fatah PR company, paid for by EU donations and endorsed by the liberals populating the US State Dept. It probably does represent the Obama outlook however and Israel is working through its strategy of surviving that.
43. Foolish administration
Serge ,   Antwerp, Belgium   (05.03.14)
it is no surprise, but with such a US administration the kerry process had zero chance to succeed.
44. It seems Israel is completely to blame
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (05.03.14)
In the eyes of no doubt Marty Indig the snake from from U.K. via Australia and New Israel Fund member. Also the former Social Worker who helped negotiate the deal with N.Korea which wasn't too successful as we see almost a yr to day it was negotiated the N.Koreans detonated a Nuclear device.This Social Worker Wendy Sherman and her partner the little NIF member Indig expect Israel to give everything and the muslims to take everything
45. Usa
Doc ,   Cape Town   (05.03.14)
Amazing .. The usa just doesn't see it ... Their position makes israel the villain and negotiations unnecessary as the outcome is predetermined on behalf of the Palestinians ... But they just don't see the long term goal of the PA / Arabs is to eradicate israel
46. Are you getting the message?
Joe Asfour ,   Burke, USA   (05.03.14)
Instead of carefully reading the article, and understanding the message, some readers are shooting at the messengers. Am I fed up with these irrational fanatics that bring harm to their own country !!!!
Norm B ,   Canada   (05.03.14)
Although many questions were not asked...the most glaring one was if Kerry had promised to release Arab Israelis without Israel's consent. It seems like the Author of this "Blame Israel" article was content to allow the premise to succeed. Also confused about the statement : "The Oslo Accords were Netanyahu's creation"
les ,   canada   (05.03.14)
stop this nonsense already! first, the pals want no negotiations, but want all of israel. PERIOD! secondly, with the present US administration, israel is just an after thought of their middle east oil game they are playing. there are aplenty smart people in israel, let them work out a plan to ensure israel's survival and prosperity. AND GO FOR IT!
49. #46, got the message
Danny   (05.03.14)
baton down the hatches and wait out these idiots for another 2 years until a competent administration come to power
50. #46 Joe are you talking about obama,kerry,
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (05.03.14)
and the clintons
51. Israel and Gaza
Deborah ,   Brooklyn, USA   (05.03.14)
Arguing that Israel 'left Gaza' is like arguing that the Nazi's left the Warsaw ghetto. Nothing gets in and nothing gets out. The flip side of Gaza's missiles- the Israeli's regularly lob drones into Gaza. Sometimes the hit the target, frequently they also hit other, innocent civilians. Israel isn't fooling anyone
52. Total Disinformation
Volvi   (05.03.14)
This article smells like a paid advertisement by the USA Administration. All you have achieved is to convince us Israelis and Jews that you are not our friend and you dont have our backs. You speak with "Forked Tongue". We no longer trust you. You have proven yourselves to be totally untrustworthy. Now if your administration would have a photo op with the Ayatollahs of Iran, that would be closer to the truth. That is who your true allies are. America has been hijacked by a nefarious administration. We all can see that and no matter how much disinformation you try to hoodwink us with, it will not work. We see you most clearly. We just have to ride out the time of your existence and that will come to an end to, just a matter of time.
53. Really? Not American english
Michael Durbin ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.03.14)
The entire style of speech, cadence, grammar…you name it, is like no American I have ever listened to or read. Fascinatingly similar to an Israeli's style of speech...
54. Breach of trust?
N ,   N   (05.03.14)
Since when is a mediator entitled to publish concessions of either party after the negotiations ultimately failed?
55. Hope ...
Jacob Edelman ,   New York,USA   (05.03.14)
I only hope that the "traditional" friends of Israel who jump and down every time there is a piece or news information any where in the world that is either critical of israel or exposes some of the gimmickry the present Government in Tel Aviv adopts and implements to pursue dangerous policies wake up and read this article for what it says: "beware Israel, your friends have stopped trusting you" ! This does not concern Americans only but includes western nations too in Europe who want the current Middle East crisis resolved and see their efforts frustrated by artificial hurdles created by some politicians who cling to power and for something that DOES not belong to them : land where Palestinians live, lived and will continue to live. Israel can not enslave a people for ever, and claim to be a democratic state without seeing its democracy corrupted... Open the pages of newspapers in the mid 1980s when the Israeli army walked into lebanon. Within a few months the soldiers of the occupation army became adept at accepting bribes , giving favors in return and lost the shine and reputation it has.: Power exposes the inherent weaknesses on which it is built!
56. Palestinians won this round
Arnold ,   Montreal   (05.03.14)
Three out of four lists of prisoners got their freedom. Sorry to say it folks but I see a major conflict coming to Israel. Forget the BDS. This is going to be a war.
57. so you censored my post
CJK   (05.03.14)
the truth hurts
58. #23. Lynx, its all over for Fictional Palestine.
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.03.14)
Lynx, the U.N. can pass more anti-Israel resolutions, to gather dust with the million such resolutions it has already passed. But the U.N loses power and credibility each year. Israel grows richer and stronger each year. Its all over for Fictional Palestine. Jews are a growing majority in Israel and Israel is becoming a major energy power as well as all her many other assets. Once Israel imposes a true boycott on Fictional Palestine, the proverbial Fat Lady will sing for its demise. If a fictional entity can die.
59. Barnea the mouthpiece of Nonni M.....shame on you
Sam1am ,   Israel and Calif   (05.03.14)
60. Message: the US wants to throw Bibi and his coalition away
Why?   (05.03.14)
So the peace may become possible. Kerry talks about the need of leadership change, now IT is more clear what he meant.
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