Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
Israel, the state of paradoxes, has a lot to be proud of
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 05.05.14, 18:42
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1. paradox explained
Israel is a great country. The negative perception of Israel comes from Israeli Leftists who do anything to defame Israel: look at the support Leftist Israelis gave genocidal Hamas during "Cast Lead"; their anger at anti-Arab graffiti contrasted with the silence about violence against Jewish women; or their demand to destroy Yizhar because of unproven allegations of violence against soldiers contrasted with their silence about the life-threatening attack of David the Nahlawi in Hebron. The Israeli Leftist hatred for Israel stems from 1976, when they lost control of the Israeli government, and with it their unlimited ability to pillage the country's coffers.
2. Israel
Bob ,   USAr   (05.05.14)
Yes, Israel is indeed a great country. But no surprise that it is one of the most hated in the world. The UN General Assembly reflects world opinion...an "Alice in Wonderland" body which deems Iran suitable to speak on issues of women's rights and lets the likes of Cuba, China, Venezuela, the Congo, Saudi Arabia (et al.) sit on its human rights councils. Up is down and down is up.
3. Another first...
milwaukeebroad ,   Haifa, Israel   (05.05.14)
Israel had a democratically elected female prime minister before many other democratic countries. The UK had Thatcher. Canada had Kim Campbell. The US had Bill Cli-just kidding! But before those leaders outgrew their high chairs, Golda Meir led Israel in two decisive wars. Today, Israel still stands tall and values all contributions by its past leadership. It takes more than charisma to lead a country, it takes a spine. And Golda surely had a strong one.
4. No. 1
u s ,   USA   (05.05.14)
The only hatred is coming from you. You see demons where they don't exist.
5. Its all about propaganda
Richard   (05.05.14)
6. Good Luck
Wolfie ,   Teaneck, NJ USA   (05.05.14)
Israel needs a good PR firm to educate the world about its contributions. Most of the world has a negative view based on Israel's behaviour. I look back at the Lavon Affair , the USS Liberty, Pollard spy case. Of course the world also blames them for the displacement of the Arabs (Palestinians) from their land. Then add in some of the leaders. Menachem Begin was a cold blooded killer (King David Hotel, Dier Yassin) then the supreme cold blooded mass murderer fatso Ariel Sharon. A lot of Americans perceive Israel as blood suckers, demanding more and more as a result of the holocaust. Underlying and forming a base is the Torah inspired arrogance and contempt for non-Jews as they are the 'Chosen'. Let's not forget the money you extort from the world, e.g. the holocaust industry. Good Luck.... there are reasons for everything.
7. Germany invented the VW, Autobahn, Jets, Rockets, Holocaust
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.06.14)
8. Let me compare Lance Armstrong and the State of Israel
GUH   (05.06.14)
-both claimed great achievements (winning the TDF seven times; many inventions, innovations, advancements, winning wars and battles) -both experienced a traumatic event prior to their great success (testicular, brain, and lung cancer; the Nazi extermination in Europe) -both use their traumatic events to claim moral superiority over their competitors, rivals, and enemies -both achieved their successes through "original sin" (doping for LA; the expulsion of 700,000 Palestinians for Israel), and worked to cover up the crimes -both are militantly defensive, maligning and dragging through the mud anyone who dares criticize or draw attention to their repugnant actions -both claim to be singled out for criticism -both saw their group of supporters thinning and thinning, due to continued arrogance -both thrived undeservingly at the expense of many, many livelihoods
9. Many admire Many Jealous Some are Idealistic
Zechariah   (05.06.14)
Many admire Israel and the Jews like China For its Resilience to recover from the Valley of Dry Bones Masse to a Strong Tough Military a Power against genocide Enemies.But I admire the Human Rights activists that Protect against Human rights Abuses and Sadism against Jews Arabs and Internationals .
10. If Israel did not have a ball and chain
Ron ,   oc us   (05.06.14)
If Isrsel did not have the ball and chain of so many Arabs and illegsl Africans the test scores, housing and police burden, Israel's situation would be far better.
11. Whether we've done it by working, begging, stealing or pros-
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.06.14)
titution: show me another country that has achieved what we've done in 66 years; then forever hold your peace! Oh, all that in the midst of 7th Century neighbourhood.... #5- Propaganda your ass!
12. arabs need to change their outlook
zionist forever   (05.06.14)
Today the arabs in Israel will be mourning nakba instead of putting the past they cannot change behind them and just living life now instead of mourning the past. The Jews today will all be celebrating having a great time, on the one day a year where its a day off work and there are no Jewish festivals to get in the way but instead they moan about something that happened 66years ago. The arabs should respect Yom Hazikaron because had it not been for the IDF the arab armies would have killed them same as they would the Jews because there was no yellow star for identification on who is the enemy. They should also enjoy independence day even if its just because its an excuse to party ].
13. Just as in the Bible, it is a wondrous place
r ,   Atlanta   (05.06.14)
It is that way because a higher authority has endowed with like the Bible paradoes...but an ethic which says make the world a better place.....! Hallelujah Israel. From, Richard Shuster
14. Good article. Go on to make peace.
cfspirit ,   fr and dz   (05.06.14)
15.  Israel tops global surveys on negative contributio
jon ,   uk   (05.06.14)
the reason is jealousy to what Israel have achieved
16. cannot be orchestrated or pre plan.......
Calibi ,   Sydney Aust   (05.06.14)
The non believers of The Holy Bible think you are a "superior" race......at least this is what the 1.5billion Chinese believe. And the rest are either jealous of you and only a small group of Christian love you. Those who love you are true believer of The Holy Bible. They believe AD 70, 1948, 1967, 1973 is all watch and guided by The God of Abraham, Issac & Israel-(Jacob) Who look over the Jews & Israel. We do not believe Jews are superior nor inferior in any sinister sense. Anyone who have any intellectual capacity to think deep, such as Israel from ancient times to now cannot be orchestrated to happen and preform significantly up to now. There must be a God of Abraham in charge. Amen!!!!!
17. An answer to our "wellwishers"
A proud Jew ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (05.06.14)
Wow! What else did you forget? Jews being killed because they are Jews, even nowadays in this great period we are living in? Israel defending itself because we were attacked, after the Independance, in 1948, in 1967, in 1973, and lately rockets attacks on Tel Aviv? What would you say if rockets were fired on New York? You are right, we are the Chosen! From a barren country we made a wonderful country to live in, we welcomed Jews from all over the world, we created a free country, we have great scientists, we are developing new technologies,' we grow, we prosper, we are proud of what we achieved in 66 years of our existence as a nation
18. Mike O'Diomasaigh - Self Proclaimed 'Top Commentator'
Tim ,   Brighton   (05.06.14)
Any 'top' Commentator worth his salt needs to start by getting his facts right The 'Occupation' didn't come from nowhere...it wasn't the 'in the beginning there was an Occupation' it was the result of the Israelis having to fight to protect herself on FOUR FRONTS simultaneously from openly declared wars of annihilation in 67 and 73 Israel and Israelis in the polls have shown that they are willing and capable of returning that land but only on the basis of cast iron security guarantees Unilateral withdrawls that your fuzzy comment seems to be suggesting (as shown in the case of Gaza) are out of the question So the so called 'State of Occupation' in the West Bank must continue until such time that both sides are fully engaged with the idea of a comprehensive peace that realises Palestinian Statehood, justice for Palestinian and Jewish Refugess from Arab Lands, Borders and Security Guarantees for Israel
19. A ship floating despite the many storms. It must not sink!
Michael ,   California, USA   (05.06.14)
Israel is fixing its problems, slowly but surely. Israelis are great people who work hard to prevail despite the many obstacles. Once again Israel is celebrating its Day of Independence, hurrah! Israeli days of independence will keep on coming, forever.
20. no. 7 - RU demanding that Israel inflict Holocaust on Arabs?
21. #19, US has had many storms and didn't sink,recall Civil War
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.06.14)
22. #21
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (05.07.14)
We are sinking now under Obama.
23. The left has built this country into a place we
Shachar ,   Eilat   (05.07.14)
can be proud of! The left built this country and institutions and all it's wonderful innovations. Unfortunately the millstones of rightists and Haredim are a heavy burden and all the great work is being destroyed.
24. US invented electricity, airplane, car, computer, Hiroshima
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.08.14)
25. # 8 GUH
Herr Adolf ,   New York   (05.08.14)
Excellent, very original and creative comparison.... and it is so true!
26. next step
Zsolt ,   Wanganui,NZ   (05.12.14)
Israel's existence and survival is truly unprecedented. But in order to strengthen these achievements and make this existence undoubted, Israel and Jews worldwide would need to unite to form a single, truly united Jewish Nation again. Not as a result of external pressure but by its own accord.
27. A love for its own sake
Eliyahu Moshe ,   Los Angeles, USA   (05.12.14)
Without getting religious here, let us still perceive the deep wisdom of the famed Mishna, Pirkei Avot, The Chapter of Principles--apparent even to Isaac Newton who read it in the original Hebrew: [5:19] Any love that depends on a specific cause, when that cause is gone, the love is gone; but if it does not depend upon a specific cause, it will never cease. ..." Israel's future indeed depends upon breaking free of the womb of external pressure and reaching that true internal unity.
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