Peres claims Netanyahu sunk secretly negotiated peace deal
Published: 07.05.14, 08:13
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1. Remarks of president Peres
Harry Nihom ,   Ramat Poleg   (05.07.14)
The president should stop in making political remarks.Ridiculous He is not our political leader. He likes to show the world that he is intelligent and likes to create peace .But at this moment the opposite
2. Senile mumblings from a senile old fart
Al   (05.07.14)
Can someone please yank this putz off the stage. He has been there long enough.
3. Who said...
Ram ,   London   (05.07.14)
..."with age comes wisdom?" ;-)
4. Two things
First, it is clear that Peres is lying, but that is beside the point. Second, Peres knows that his lie will delegitimize Israel and increase support for Israel's enemies like Hamas. For those in denial, we have further proof that Peres is no different than "Shovrim Shtika" who lied to weaken the IDF and strengthen Hamas.
5. He also agreed that Abbas would become
Israeli 2   (05.07.14)
president of Israel after he retires. We have great Jewish, Israel loving leaders.
6. There will be a better offer
Jews are greedy
7. and Mr. Abbass promissed to mearry
one of Mr. Peres' grandchildren. What a deal!
8. Peres has NO BUSINESS talking or negotiating with the Arabs!
Ahhh Peres... ,   aka Mr. EGOMANIAC   (05.07.14)
He is not an elected official. The President does not have this right and he clearly went outside of his roles and duties behind the backs of the people AND our elected officials. He should have been thrown out of office for this treason and chutzpah...!!!
9. Is this the reason Israel has to waste
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.07.14)
taxpayer's money on a president so that he should oppose the PM and do harm to the state? Doesn't Peres realize yet why he was never elected PM?
10. Netanyahu
Jez ,   Netanya   (05.07.14)
It looks as though Netanyahu, despite his silky tongue, is not a partner for peace. So long as he is prime minister nothing will change for the better. He relies on our neighbours tearing themselves to pieces and leaving us alone. What vision and foresight
11. Sounds like Peres over reached his authority
Memphis Slim ,   Memphis, TN   (05.07.14)
Can't blame Bibi if Peres is getting senile.....
12. Netanyahu realized that it was a lousy deal.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.07.14)
13. Peres subterfuge knows no shame....
HIstory nut ,   Israel   (05.07.14)
or bounds.
14. Mr President
Philip ,   Afula, Israel   (05.07.14)
Stop interfering in matters that that are of a political nature. I am not a Bibi fan nor do I vote for him. But I do admire his tolerance of your very shoddy behaviour toward him. For me your are a failed president.
15. What a Sour looser !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (05.07.14)
There is no problem to get a peace deal with Abbas, if yoy stick to his demand. Arn.Sweden.
16. Peres
albert snow ,   sweden   (05.07.14)
He ought to hold his nose clean and don´t stick it in things he doesn´t have the right to!
17. Peres go home!
Saba Avraham ,   Netivot area   (05.07.14)
Peres is delusional, going senile & needs to be put on meds.
18. Peres claims Netanyahu sunk secretly negotiated peace deal
George Weiss ,   Teaneck, USA   (05.07.14)
The only peace deal one can negotiate with Abbas is how best to be rid of Israel. Peres is an old fool and he does not have authority to negotiate for Israel.
19. Peres and Obama
Brod ,   USA   (05.07.14)
Is Obama trying to manipulate Peres to do his dirty work of trying to damage Israel? It is time to say NO to Leftist Lunacy of the highest order. Other countries are laughing at this crap. When has a ceremonial president ever become the government of a country? Peres should not allow himself to be used by Anti-Semite Pagans to undermine Israel's government.
20. Tal Grünberg, you need to learn english
Danny   (05.07.14)
There is no evidence at all that Abbas agreed to any of the things you claim. It is pure wishful thinking on your part. Also, if Kerry says something does that automatically mean the Palestinians agreed to it? You have no idea what their response was to these particular items. We do however know they refused to keep talking and have repeatedly refused to give up the "right" of return.
21. Will happily bet all the money in the world
Danny   (05.07.14)
Peres is not telling the truth. The guy has been shown to be a pathological liar over the years.
22. Netanyahu and peace
Harold ,   USA   (05.07.14)
Peres is right. I know that Netanyahu never recognized Madrid, Oslo,and other peace plans and he was always against them. He just don't want to give up the occupied lands and the two states solution.
23. WHAT Blair and 'better offer'? didnt Bibi know,that Blairs wife is the best ally of ultrashiit
24. 10
zionist forever   (05.07.14)
Firstly we do not know the full story here Peres has said Netanyahu kept waiting but he has not gone into the reason why all he has done is say he did this. Its like saying I fell over but not explain how it happened. The point here is not what Netanyahu may or may not have done its the president does not go on national tv and tell the world all about how the serving PM sunk a peace deal. The presidency in Israel is supposed to be a ceremonial role not political so the president has no business making such statements.
25. how unfortunate....
les ,   canada   (05.07.14)
some people can not bow out gracefully. him and livni would sell out israel in a heart beat. btw. if this is true, KUDOS FOR BB. you don't make peace with those savages, one can only surrender to their outrages demands.REMEBER: NEVER AGAIN!
26. Peres-useless old man
George Brown ,   New York   (05.07.14)
That is what we needed: another f&^%ing Oslo.
27. Useful.....
Michael Pielet ,   Israel   (05.07.14)
History describes certain individuals as a useful idiots. Peres fits that definition, nicely.......
28. Netanyahu first and only priority
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (05.07.14)
is to see to it that his name is on the door of the Prime Minister's Office and he is willing to trade the longterm future of Israel to achieve it. So now we know Livni has been sent on a fools errand by a 'man' who has no intention of implementing the 2 state solution
29. Sadly, Mr. Peres is a senile old dog and perhaps always was
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.07.14)
30. what was IN this so-called deal?
mira ,   nyc   (05.07.14)
This article does not say what was IN this deal. Did it give Jerusalem to the Palestinians? Did it recognize their claimed "right of return"? Is this perhaps the precent that now emboldens Abbas? Is Abbas dreaming that he will get Netanyahu to give him the same, and holding out for it?
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