Anti-Christian graffiti raise alarm before Pope's Holy Land visit
Published: 08.05.14, 14:11
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1. Anti-Christian graffiti
mat ,   uk   (05.08.14)
maybe it is not done by Jewish people and they just want to dirty the Israel and the Jewish people
2. Pope visit
Hector ,   Rio, Brazil   (05.08.14)
Is there any chance that those price tags may have been written by ....arabs to provoke confrontation?
3. Christians are persecuted by Muslims not Jews
Scott ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (05.08.14)
The Jews do not have a problem with Christians, It's the Muslims who in PA areas deny them the right to buy property or build churches. Many of the "price tag" attacks on Muslim & Christian targets have been perpetrated by Muslims, not Jews (i.e. Tuba) to make it look like it was done by Jews.
4. The Church has been slaughtering and attacking Jews for 2000
Quid pro quo ,   Jerusalem   (05.08.14)
years!!!!!!! GOOD the Pope gets a taste of his own medicine.
5. How the world forgets so quickly.
Eric.... ,   Israel.   (05.08.14)
A Muslim named MEHMET ALI AGCA tried to kill the Pope in Rome John Paul 11.on the 10th of may 1981.
6. Anti-Christian Graffiti
Harold ,   USA   (05.08.14)
I cannot advise the Pope what to decide but I prefer that he thinks twice before visiting Israel. These criminals are the great great children of the rabbis who are responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
7. Harold USA no 6
It was done by the ancestors of Vatican in Rome who were called the ROMAN EMPIRE. Even the Pope John Paul said it. People like you who hates Jews are still saying the Jews.
8. # 7 Give 'em hell Baby !!!!
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (05.09.14)
Poor Harold too dumb to be taken seriously, another two bit anti semite with no brains, and no skills other than hating Jews for being born Jewish.. What do you bet he's a Christian? And, he has no clue Jesus was born and died a zealous Jew. ( Jesus never 'converted' .) Harold reminds me of a flea who thinks he's raping an elephant... and when finished says, 'That didn't hurt, did it ?" Good for a cheap laugh no more no less. Cheap, and stupid. KEEPING BUSY BUILDING HOMES FOR MORE JEWS, BABY !!!!!
9. # 4 Hey Hey!!!
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (05.09.14)
What's good for the goose.... tell the pope don't bend over. Too many muslims be be safe........ KEEP BUILDING MORE HOMES FOR MORE JEWS !!!!!
10. # 6 LOL Rome crucified Jesus not the Jew, fool.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (05.09.14)
LOL like the Pope would listen to a fool like you... Thanx for the daily giggle. Rome's legacy of conquest and the history of Jesus death makes you a liar... again. Can't help yourself I guess. You're the one who comes to a Jewish site and has the gall to tell the Jews to 'wise up' and you don't even know that Rome crucified Jesus. Jews would have stoned him.Maybe they should stone you for being born too dumb to breathe? KEEP BUILDING !!!!
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