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'Tehran children' Holocaust survivors finally win compensation
Gilad Morag
Published: 08.05.14, 16:02
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1. My vile Antisemitic KKK clone jumps with joy when Jews die
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.08.14)
2. 25,000 shekels - amazing!
david ,   new york   (05.08.14)
what's that, $7,000. what a joke
3. 25,000 shekels??? About enough to cover ONE MONTHS RENT..!!!
Absolutely ,   DISGUSTING   (05.08.14)
food and medical expenses!!!!!!!!!! SHAME. SHAME. SHAME. The "PRINCIPLES" of people in this country are beyond ROTTEN.
4. Yaldei Teheran compensation
Sharon Bari ,   New York   (05.08.14)
My father, who passed away, was one of the Yaldei Teheran. Can we as his family, claim compensation under this verdict?
Iranian Jew ,   LA USA   (05.09.14)
6. # 5 Amen sorry you have what you have now.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (05.09.14)
Other than death, Iran will have these lunatics running the show for years.. How many Muslims has Iran murdered? KEEP BUILDING !!!!
7. Iran has always been the safest place for the Jews.
PersianCAT   (05.09.14)
Safer than some parts of Israel, even.
8. When will the Yemenite families be compensated
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.09.14)
for the almost 5,000 Jewish souls that the Zionists kidnapped in their "Operation Magic Carpet" over 60 years ago and for forcing the Yemenite religious Jews to abandon their religious lifestyle? For these crimes against the Yemenite, the Zionists, like the Germans, will never be forgiven.
9. Teheran Children
Judah ,   Alon Shevut   (05.10.14)
Just for the record, how many 'children' are we talking about.
10. @5
Suroyo ,   Tur Abidin   (05.09.14)
the Shah was an hitler admirer and because this he was forced to step down by the sowjets and the british. this led to the occupation of iran by both powers. as an iranian jew you should know history. shabat shalom
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