'Price tag' is Israel's anti-Semitism
Yizhar Hess
Published: 08.05.14, 20:21
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1. What utter crap
Danny   (05.08.14)
19 incidents against arabs in a country at war with arabs vs over 500 in a country not at war with Jews. Yet another attention grabbing headline whose contents dont match the claim
2. Hate-incident
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn, Holland   (05.08.14)
Not/never ever a hate-campaign against a certain people/centain peoples, because the entire humankind will loose, in that case, in/at the end, which will lead to the end of the world-population and other life. History is very clear in that fact. Any criminal, evil and bad ideology can be taken care and dealt with. Also, Israel, forever. ever and always!
3. Different levels of hate crimes
Rod ,   Fago N.Dakota   (05.08.14)
Remember Ilan Halmi tortured by muslims in France for over 2 weeks,remember what happened to the 3 young children in France who with their Rabbi were killed in France. Lets look at malmo Sweden wher most Jews about a thousand were driven out by the 80.000 muslims. Vandalism and killing are both hate but who would you rather be Ilan Halmi stuck in the building with 19 muslims torturing him day and night or somone who has his car scratched and tires deflated with anti Jewish paint.
4. There is also a lot more Arab terrorism in Israel
Jake ,   USA   (05.08.14)
Let me state unequivocally, that I abhor price tag acts, but this comparison between anti-Jew graffiti in France and anti-Arab graffiti in Israel, is disingenuous poppycock.
5. Well said Yizhar Hess !
A Jerusalemtie ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.08.14)
6. Yes the graffiti is wrong
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (05.08.14)
I hope whomever is doing is caught - especially since the acts against Jews in Israel is about 10 times higher than the acts against Arabs. Arrest all the criminals - not just the Jewish ones. Oh and put an end to the daily terrorist attacks in Judea and Samaria as well
7. There are 1000 times more deadly attacks by Arabs in Israel
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.08.14)
8. Moral equivalence, Graffiti equals Arab slitting baby throat
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.09.14)
9. Egregiously bad math analysis
Darnell Potts ,   Edgewater, NJ   (05.08.14)
The crucial #'s are the base (denominator) of members of the group being attacked (eg., Jews or Arabs), NOT the total populations. For example in France, there is one Jew-hating event for every 1000 - 2000 Jews. For there to be a comparable number against Arabs, in Israel, there would need to be 750 price tag attacks in a year. No one claims, not even the compulsively lying leftists, that number of price tag attacks. There are many more flagrant statistical fallacies in this article, but you get the gist that this article is worthless for analytical purposes.
10. Graffitti aint Murder
Ron ,   oc us   (05.08.14)
Arabs bus bomb, murder Jews in Paris, Sofia, all over Israel usually with Arab government blessing. And, the clown that wrote this artical is worried about graffitti and a few flat tires.
11. writer obviously doesnt live in Jerusalem
DailyArabHarrasment ,   Jerusalem Israel   (05.08.14)
The writer obviously lives in Tel Aviv or would be witness to daily harassment in every sphere here by Arabs of Jewish men women and children you want graffiti no lack of hate graffiti towards Jews all over Jerusalem but we know YNET is not interested in publicizing those facts we all know who you are YNET hopefully you will be just a footnote in Jewish history soon
12. There are far more hate "incidents" by Arabs against Jews
Adrien ,   Paris, France   (05.09.14)
The "price tag" attacks are in revenge for Arab attacks, Unlike the Arabs who attack to kill, the Jewish reprisals are limited to vandalism. The IDF needs to do its job and bring more Arab terrorists to justice.
13. "Dwell alone" Jews most racist people on planet today
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.09.14)
7,8 not mine.
14. Many "Price Tag" Attacks are staged by Arabs
Scott ,   Ramat Gan   (05.09.14)
Remember the torched mosque in Tuba? The media vilified the settlers. They didn't pay much attention when it turned out it was Arabs that did it. This has been the case for many other attacks too. There's no reason for Jews to attack Christian sites. The Christians aren't giving us problems. They are persecuted by the Muslims too. And of course the obvious Muslim price tag attacks that happen all the time like the dozens of Jewish owned cars that had their tires slashed in Lod on Independence Day goes unreported. Mr. Hess neglects to mention that are far more hate crimes committed by Arabs against Jews.
15. Comparing physical attacks to magic markers
Allon   (05.09.14)
Bit overboard. When the number of events against Arabs in Israel gets to one fifth the number against Jews in Israel.... Until the police still have lots of work
16. #1, #3 don't blame Hess
There are no anti-Arab violent incidents in Israel, but there are countless anti-Jew violent incidents in Israel and in France, mostly by Arabs. A Leftist like Hess can't digest these facts: he cannot handle the dissonance between reality where Jews are victims and his religious beliefs that Jews are to blame for the world's ills. To overcome this dissonance, the Left needs three steps: declare that violence against Jews isn't a problem (that is why they release people who butcher Jews) Declare that graffiti is the worst possible crime (graffiti is terrorism meme) Pretend that the countless anti-Jew graffiti does not exist.
17. Those Who Ignore History -Antecedents of Price Tags
Joe ,   West Bank   (05.09.14)
The Jewish Underground was a Jewish terrorist organization formed by prominent members of the Israeli political movement Gush Emunim that existed from 1979 to 1984.[1] The group's highest profile plot was to destroy the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. History In 1980, the Jewish Underground carried out a series of terror attacks, including car bomb attacks against Palestinian officials. As a result of these attacks, Bassam Shakaa, the mayor of Nablus lost both of his legs and Karim Khalaf, the mayor of Ramallah, lost one of his legs.[2][3] On hearing the news, co-founder of Gush Emunim, rabbi Haim Drukman, is said to have exclaimed, citing the Song of Deborah, 'Thus may all Israel's enemies perish!'[4]
18. Good article. And answer to 10
cfspirit ,   fr and dz   (05.09.14)
Yellow star, graffitti against Jew, against theirs business ... was the beginning to the next, unfortunately, murder of Jews and others peoples. First mockery, next murder.
19. judaism
dina ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.09.14)
This behaviour of hatred against the "Ger"( the other ) is totally against the Jewish principles, against Torah and Halachah. Price tag is a shame for every jew. This is how it started in Germany 1933, we should know better!!! and stop racism of any form. To dismiss this as a random occurence is a mistake.... look at you, with your hatred filled talkbacks. Where is your connection to Judaism????
20. why do you never publish my talkback, I sent it 2 hours ago
dina ,   jerusalem Israel   (05.09.14)
21. I bully 6M Jews to pretend defending 350M weak Arabs
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.09.14)
22. no. 13 - American isolationism,Jim Crow,does it ring a bell?
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.09.14)
23. no. 13 - The most hatemonger Holocaust denier on the planet
24. 7,8,21,22 not mine.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.11.14)
25. hate incidents
Ezra ,   SanDiegoUSA   (05.15.14)
There are relatively more hate incidents against Jews in the middle east than hate incidents against Arabs in the middle east.
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