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After four consecutive rejections, Israel reconsiders Eurovision participation
Eldad Beck
Published: 09.05.14, 12:51
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1. Banal Song !
Tzimmes ,   London   (05.09.14)
Israel's entry was boring and cliched video.Totally unmemorable She did not deserve to win. Don't look for political reasons,
2. While the stupid politicians squabble over defense budget!
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.09.14)
The wars are won in the (cultural) trenches :-))) Aba-ni-bi-aba- not-here-no-more. Let Europe swim on her own, now that they have their own transgenders: now THAT's progress. Oy Vey!
3. What do you exspect the music in
Eric........ ,   Israel..   (05.09.14)
ISRAEL is crap .All the good singers of old are gone and we are left with this middle eastern crap .All I CAN SAY IS KEEP THE FAITH .PEACE AND FLOWERS.
4. It is sad
rune ,   oslo norway   (05.09.14)
It is sad
5. Eech. Horrible Song.
6. Don't quit
David ,   Switzerland   (05.09.14)
Because no one wants to see the Arab countries join the contest.
7. who cares
zionist forever   (05.09.14)
Eurovision is just a trashy European music contest where people come from all over the world wearing stupid costumes, many of them cannot even sing and they are just gimmicks. I don't even know why anybody bothers with this rubbish just a waste of money sending the contestants abroad.
8. Pathetically sore losers
gp ,   Tel Aviv   (05.09.14)
Blame the song, blame anti-Semitism, blame everything but a truly talentless voice - and yes, the song sucks too. It matters not, anyway. Eurovision is a competition for mediocrity and it don't get a lot more mediocre than this ghastly, tuneless crap.
9. @3
Gelernter ,   KS   (05.09.14)
what kind of music should they play in israel? if not middle eastern music? would you find it normal when middle eastern music would played in poland?
10. gender ?
Plexpr ,   France   (05.09.14)
Is the singer a man or a woman ?
11. Next Time Get Michael Hasseholff
ben ,   LA   (05.10.14)
Her true talent is only evident in her native evrit, a real amazing talent. Better to focus on quality tracks in hebrew, aka ofra haza, and quality production, I say. Leave those eurovision clowns to likes michael haaselhoff
12. I am still trying to figure out what I saw from Austria -
m r ,   israel   (05.10.14)
was that a man dressed as a woman or a woman with man's facial hair ???
13. Because Arabs give 2 sh!ts about our contests?
Marco ,   London   (05.11.14)
In fact, having an Arabic touche would rather be a good change. It's getting boring!
14. Israel should have...
Maurice ,   Montreal   (05.09.14)
...followed Turkey's example this year which did not participate either.
15. Hahaha! Zionist Forever
Matilde   (05.09.14)
your comment could be view as an indicator that you dont know a word about music!! It seems you just care about your Majesty Bibi and his billioner budged to buy presidential planes & trashy F135.....Lol Ps: i will never argue with you, thats for sure.
16. Here's Jerusalem calling!
That alone causes genuine tears when Isreal vote announced - just don't boycott yourself.
17. Statistically speaking
Sebastian ,   Jerusalem   (05.09.14)
I don't care about Eurovision. But statistically, the probability of being rejected at the semi-finals four consecutive times is only 3 %. It is clear that the elimination of Israel has nothing to do with the music.
18. Why shooting yourself in the foot?
Ehud   (05.10.14)
Voice is formidable, song banal. Didn't here the others, but this was certainly not a great song, so hard to say....but relinquishing a space for good to be taken over by an Arab country would've outright stupidity!!
19. I hope she will be rejected...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (05.10.14)
Who wants this role model to our Israeli daughters?
20. Below average song - don't complain
Yaki ,   NY, USA   (05.09.14)
Come up with a better song and then you can complain if you don't make the finals. This song is very average, if not below. Yes, Eurovision finalists are often below average pop, but to complain when you don't make it with this type of song is not worth it.
21. For the first time ever
Michael ,   Haifa   (05.09.14)
I find myself agreeing with zionist forever, a very rare opportunity
22. Stupid Contest Anyway....
Eric R.   (05.10.14)
I can't think much of a contest where Abba and Celine Dion were winners.
23. Israel do not quit!
Esteban ,   Argentina   (05.09.14)
First because then arabs will be in with their ugly music and second because good or bad this contest puts Israel on Television and millions of people watch the program. So stay, I know it is unfair to be out at the Semis but please dont quit!
24. Eyal Golan
Raptor   (05.10.14)
with a backing of five 15 year old nymphos would have done the trick.
25. She is a good singer and deserved better.
Beary White ,   Norway   (05.09.14)
.. But please continue, we need to see Israel participating in the civilized western world. And as always a bunch of idiots, like the norwegian "offer" was VERY bad, not a word was understandable.and made it to the final, what a shame!!.
26. If you want to get to finals sing HaTikva, cannot go wrong.
blog2038 ,   usa   (05.09.14)
27. Don't abandon the competition!
Memphis Slim ,   Memphis, TN - USA   (05.09.14)
Winning is not as important as showcasing awesome Israeli talent and showing to the EU what bigots they are. This is one way to display the EU's hypocrisy on national TV with everyone watching. It is worth $50M in good advertising for Israel and makes an honest political statement.
28. It was a really great song. The set design was awful
Zwi   (05.10.14)
with stark black and blazing light that effectively hid the girls while they were dancing. But the song should still have carried it, and the fact that simply poor and stupid acts made the final while Mei did not is quite suspicious, really.
29. When Israel returns to Israel
Israeli 2   (05.09.14)
returns to becoming the Israel of old, the world would accept it as above everyone else. When Israel spews out ugly, demented, slutty songs like we find in western culture, the lovely, cute duck turns into a very very ugly duckling. Boy, are we running away from ourselves. I do not even know what country she represents.
30. withdrawing would be a good idea
Zyx ,   US   (05.09.14)
This competition is plain stupid and very bad taste.
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