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Swastikas scrawled on Conservative synagogue
Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 13.05.14, 14:27
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1. Testosterone surge
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (05.13.14)
I doubt that anyone gave Halachic rationale for such grafitti. Just as Conservative teens are unlikely to ask their rabbinate before whatever they do, the lunatic fringe to engage in repulsive price tag grafitti also don't ask permission. They are driven by a surge of testosterone, not by Pesak Halacha. They're a disgrace just the same and need to be arrested.
2. Segregated education in Israel, creates a racist society
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.13.14)
"The current public education system in Israel mirrors the wider divisions in society. It is divided into separate sectors: religious Jewish, secular Jewish, Orthodox Jewish and Arab." "...the Israeli government spends an average of $192 per year on each Arab student and $1,100 per Jewish student." "Israel’s Supreme Court, in 2009, cautioned against educational segregation and inequality, quoting the famous line from the US Supreme Court’s 1954 decision against segregated schools, Brown v Board of Education: “Separate educational facilities are inherently unequal.”"
3. odd
tom ,   toronto, canada   (05.13.14)
why are the magen davids so clumsy and the swastikas backwards?
4. 3/4 of world disapprove or hate Jews
Circumspect Serugi ,   Israel   (05.14.14)
But, of course, it's all their fault. Couldn't be anything Haredim do; especially not anything Haredi rabbis teach. So, learn the hard way, just like all of the previous times. Deny all possibility and responsibility for straying.
5. Disgusting vandalism! But then the conservative movement
Lildoobird ,   Jerusalem   (05.14.14)
Is a big lie in and of itself
6. About the conservative movement
Ezra ,   SanDiegoUSA   (05.15.14)
Isn't it odd, the gentiles who plan evil never see a difference between conservative, Orthodox and reform? The message is they hate the Torah.
7. #3 because hateful anti-Gentilists are stupid
Mike   (05.15.14)
isn't that obvious?
8. ynet propaganda
david ,   new york   (05.15.14)
look at how tiny those swastikas are. a teenager with a sharpie scribbled for less than 2 seconds. this is no major act of vandalism. is this really deserving of an article? then you blame religious jews for it? based on what? please go home!
9. Thanks #5 for proving my #4
Circumspect Serugi ,   Israel   (05.14.14)
Bilious antisemitic hatemongering rife among Orthodox! Morons!
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