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Israel admitted into cheese makers' guild
Itamar Eichner
Published: 14.05.14, 23:44
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1. Israeli cheese
Ray DeMarco ,   Portland Oregon USA   (05.15.14)
Cheeses of Nazareth?
2. Cheesy news, it's
desi ,   paris   (05.15.14)
not quite the delegation of nuclear scientists that France sent in the 50s to help build Israel nuclear program, but I suppose it's offering perspective for the two parties. Watch out, some cheeses are as radioactive as plutonium!
3. Israel cheese not worth it
Dmitry ,   Israel   (05.15.14)
As someone who likes cheese and used to eat a lot of it in the States, where imported cheese is cheaper (and I still buy some boutique cheeses here every week but not as much), this is a pity prize by the French. 'Medium' priced Keshkeval (which always seems too expensive to me) is a very good example of this mediocrity but the Israelis love it. Expensive Israeli cheese is not worth the price and the goat cheeses are far inferior to what you can get from Greece in the States. The only good thing I can say about the Israeli cheeses is that the cheap ones are not awful and are tolerable, unlike the cheap ones in the States.
4. Just in time for Shavuos !
Danny ,   London England   (05.22.14)
5. Joe Elbaz ,...
split ,   US   (05.28.14)
Want to see real cheese and real artisans in this field google 'oscypki', click on images and eat your heart out - By the way it's not from Swiss or French Alps, no Sir ,... ,...
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