Kerry and Abbas meet for first time since peace talks collapsed
Published: 15.05.14, 00:31
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1. Mr Abbas
Jerome ,   Akl   (05.14.14)
Did you tell Cameron and Kerry that: 1- You want half of the land for a palestinian state; 2- Then you want the other half to be divided between arabs and Jews; 3- That you want Jerusalem to be muslim thus erasing any Jewish character; 4- That hamas could win the elections and send rockets to BG Airport; 5- That 1 rocket a day from Judea and Samaria on Tel-Aviv will be the end of Israel’s economy and tourism; And that your ultimate goal is never recognize a Jewish state and have the land from the river to the sea. An 8 years old Jewish kid can read your mind, but Cameron and Kerry as we say in the Bible “ they have eyes but cannot see, they have ears but cannot hear….”
2. kerry and indyk
alexi   (05.14.14)
the 2 of you are unwelcome in israel. You are despised. kerry, look around you. Evertywhere you touched, there is nothing-syria, iran, ukraine, libya, abbas- the whole of your efforts are zero. Indky, this small self hating ass kissing jew would be better off in amman than in israel. Stay the hell out of israel. As for abbas, unless you recognize israel as state of jewish people and jordan valley permanent israeli soverignty, than forget about talk. As for likud, throw out bibi and fast. he comes from the barak school of delusions and nothings-get rid of him. Shamir,bennett and feiglin would be better placed to lead israel.
3. Peace process = free concession for Palestinians
Sam ,   Canada   (05.14.14)
Israel gets nothing from these negotiations except pressure for prisoners, a freeze or territory in return for nothing. Palestinians reject a Jewish Israel before talks even begin. If the US and EU want talks they sure pressure the Palestinians beforehand to accept a Jewish majority Israel. They had no shame demanding Israel accept a Palestinian state. Time for Jews to stop being big suckers just to please the non-Jews.
4. Peace opening
James ,   USA   (05.14.14)
This was not a visit to smooth over relations to reopen talks. It is merely a way for Kerry to tell the PA what they need to say so they can continue to get funds from US congress that Obama does not want to cut off. His intent is to rebrand Hamas so it does not appear to be a terrorist group. The US does not have a forign policy and is rapidly losing influence all over the world. Even Israel knows it does not have a true partner but cannot say so because of military funding. Funny though how eygpt still gets funded after they offended the Obama adminastartion.
5. Stop the nonsense
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (05.14.14)
and end the stupid 'talks' that only hurt Israel KEEP BUILDING !!!!
6. They all talk money.
i   (05.15.14)
7. in other news
CJK   (05.14.14)
israel and japan signed defense accords, including in cyber security. israel's relations with asian giants china and india are expanding and will continue to expand. the saudi terror state's oil and gas exports to asia cannot replace israel's enormous advantage in military and high technology developments. the same is true for the shia terror entity whose main goal is to build atomic bombs. us and europe must realise that they cannot bully israel into doing that which is against israel's own national security.
8. The Holy Land needs Protection
Zechariah   (05.15.14)
Peace will be closer when Jew Arab and International Understand that with WMD proliferation with Technological Delivery from the Sea to the River there is the Common Threat.
9. The Mad Merry go Round of the 'Talks'
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (05.15.14)
The talks Like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel - never ending or beginning Mmmm...I feel a song coming on The bizarre situation is that MOST ISSUES HAVE BEEN RESOLVED..including Borders, Jerusalem, Refugees...but somehow Abbas feels ducking and diving and dancing the endless Dance of the Merry Go Round is better for his fading persona than an Agreement that opens the door to a better Palestinian future
10. Abbas to Kerry:
A ,   Belgium   (05.15.14)
"I need $'s, $'s, $'s, $'s is what I need".
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