UCLA student leadership candidates asked to sign pledge boycotting Israel trips
Published: 15.05.14, 09:22
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1. The end of the "Special Relationship"
David   (05.15.14)
Who controls the political direction of a country? By and large, educated people at liberal universities. They then populate the media, the academics and so on. Israel has already lost there. Its alliance with the US is now only being held together by money from AIPAC. Israel doesn't need U.S. military aid. It can do without it. A bigger question is about the UN veto. Without a US veto constantly used, would Israel get away with its behaviour? It would be dragged into the ICC court, it would be expelled from UN organizations and you would see an increased boycott. It can survive all these things. But at what price?
2. This is not about 'helping palestinians
tiki ,   belgium   (05.15.14)
This is about venting their obsessive Jew hate! Where/when ever Arabs/Muslims or their 'causes are involved, troubles starts & standarts fall!
3. Furthering the Arab agenda
Righteous Zionist ,   Israel   (05.15.14)
Of course it's in the interests of Israel's enemies to stop people visiting Israel and seeing the truth - that it is in fact a Western-style democracy with racial diversity,free speech, etc. Not to mention that to speak of apartheid and fascism is total BS.
4. There is Oppression everywhere.
Zechariah   (05.15.14)
The Basic core Position is that the Arabs were believers in the Dhimmi the Jews as second class citizens to be Tolerated but Discriminated against also the Christians and a few other Religions .The degree of Dhimmi varied in harshness from Forced Conversion or Death to The Gold Age but there were also Mass murders and Tortures .So the Left are hoping theFatah but even Hamas have Trans mutated into the Socialist Oppressed Mass.Often this conceals antiJudaism and Jewish self Hate .Their are Idealists but they are Unrealistic .
5. Amazing !!
Mike ,   NZ   (05.15.14)
One would have thought that they were more interested in passing their exams. . . They obviously have too much spare time on their hands . . Does'nt say much for American education.
6. UCLA petition
BAB ,   Jerusalem   (05.15.14)
OK, so the intelligent and social-minded UCLA students spotted something in Israel that should preclude visits, support, etc. Is there no other place on the globe that even comes close to that which the students find repulsive in Israel? That would make this world a great place to live in! Or: am I missing something?
7. This is discrimination - imagine if the roles reversed?
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.15.14)
Yes... you wouldn't hear the end of it. I think these people need to have their concerns heard in court. They thoroughly deserve a court case.
8. banning Israel visit is pure anti-Zionism
disgusting   (05.15.14)
The parents of the students members in those "Jewish organizations" should ask themselves where they were wrong about the education of their kids. For 2000 years Jews prayer to return to Israel. Banning Israel visits is anti-Zionst and anti-Jewish.
9. US is turning into a police state
CJK   (05.15.14)
people are forced to sign loyalty oaths in order to participate in political activities. speakers are prohibited to speak at certain universities because of their political views.: condi rice, hersi, and others. apparently, certain school books contain pro-government propaganda. in particular, the state is praised and the individual is dismissed. obama has consistently violated us law. in his latest move, he has released thousands of convicted criminals, including murderers, rapists and gang members.
10. Proof that leftism is by definition jewhatred
Daniel ,   TA - Il   (05.15.14)
but then again also nazis were progressive lefties, just like the 'liberal progressives at ucla and the state department. Just keep voting democrats us jews and you will end up like your enlightened german counterparts
11. Funny, how the classic pattern of downfall of a country
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.15.14)
still holds true: once you've reached a point where you start picking on "your" Jews, that's the slippery slope you won't be able to recover from. All the other signs of atrophy of the once mighty USA are there. The've had a relatively short run, I'd say....
12. Where is Michael California ?
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (05.15.14)
Do you still wait until Israel State will be religion free ? For anti-Semites Orthodox and Secular Jews are just the same. Time to come home,Michael, since an Infected campus is as fatal as lung cancer,even worse as it is contagious. Don't worry,be happy !
13. But the Bruins whent out of their way to recruit
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (05.15.14)
Josh Rosen the best High School quarterback in the U.S. Also something i found funny one of students that brought up this idea was found to have went on one of these trips to Israel. He was disqualified from this group.Ironic isn't it.
14. pure anti-semitism !!!
chaya ,   central israel   (05.15.14)
did they have any actions to support the victims in Syria or the girls from nigeria ?? i guess not..
15. Well Done UCLA Students
World Citizen ,   the world   (05.15.14)
The tide is turning. Truth and justice for the Palestinian people will happen.
16. #2 Belgium with no heart
Harold ,   USA   (05.15.14)
Somebody has to back the Palestinians when 500 Palestinian villages were emptied and 700,000 occupants were thrown out and became refugees living in tents when the Zionist came to power in 1948,
17. US Jews will suffer for partaking in these libels
bernard ross   (05.15.14)
it did not help them in Germany either.
18. #1 - sounds more like your wish list than facts
William ,   Israel   (05.15.14)
Israel has a strong relationship with the US, with over 70% of Americans in favor of it. Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is leading a delegation to Israel soon. He lauded the relationship with the Jewish State as one of the best among the State and other nations. It has so far brought 15,000 jobs to Mass. and over $6 B. I agree with you about "educated people at liberal universities". I wouldn't go so far as to call these hate-mongers as "educated". We can see the proof in the many other universities that voted down boycotts and divestments by their educated people. You are also mis-understood on military aid and UN veto. Israel doesn't need US military aid. The aid comes with many caveats and obligations from Israel including the sharing of technology. Kerry made that clear when he supported foreign aid to anyone as a US strategic decision and not free money. Regarding the UN, the US barely uses its veto. Most resolutions targeting Israel (and only Israel) are non-binding and are usually forgotten. No one has threatened to take Israel to the ICC except the PA and their reason so far to not do it is because they'd be scrutinized as well. The US alo does not threaten anyone who wants to boycott Israel. Nations do that on their own although its illegal under WTO charter. The Arabs claim to but do over $1B of business with the Jewish State yearly. The EU steadfastly denied they ever would and are not conditioning aid to the Pallys on peace talk movement.
19. Sue discriminatory universities big time.
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.15.14)
Such discriminatory conduct is clearly illegal. Sue the perpetrators big time.
20. Liberal douchebaggery at its finest
Juha Teuvonnen ,   Boston,MA   (05.15.14)
Yet another fine example of liberal douchebaggery in US universities. Sadly, nothing new.
21. #6 BAB
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (05.15.14)
Did you expect that they would also pass resolutions against Omar Al Bashir's Sudan or the BOKO Haram of Nigeria for example? If you did you are out of touch with reality. This is not about Palestinian Arab rights, it is all about forcing all Jews out of the Arabic Peninsula, / Palestine. They don't want a two state solution, they want it al lfor themselves.
22. Ethnic cleansing of UCLA next
steve from raleigh   (05.15.14)
It stands to reason UCLA should kick all the Jews out.
23. In other words, promise to hear only one narrative
William ,   Israel   (05.15.14)
and never, ever listen to anything else that might contradict it. Sounds more like Soviet Russia's Stalin than it does a student organization.
24. #9 - not true, just the failing California school system
William ,   Israel   (05.15.14)
no one else is buying this crap and California is often seen as "different".
25. UCLA & BDS
Sruly ,   Israel   (05.15.14)
I believe the names of the students supporting this must be pledge published for transparency reasons. There will be consequences in the future when any of these students require vetting by corporations or governments. I hope they understand the results of their actions.
26. #12 Thanks Ora. I am home in the world, playful as always.
Michael ,   California, USA   (05.15.14)
I do come home to Israel occasionally and love it, but not Jerusalem which allows abuses by Haredim. You see, Haredim are not playful. For your information, the UCLA campus is not "infected." You hear a lot of people speaking Hebrew on the UCLA campus, happy looking people. Being playful and peaceful is healthy, it adds up to a good life. I am at home with it.
27. # 1 LOL Tell Bill GAtes that LOL
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (05.15.14)
and how many other internationals that come to Israel and stay due to the brains that only Israel offers in the ME not to mention, the ONLY safe place in the ME. Why not comment on the hundreds of thousands of Muslims dead by other Muslims?? Too embarrassed? Ashamed? I would be too, maybe that's why the illegal, l]alien pals want so desperately to stay in Israel.. ( and the hordes of illegal Africans, Christians, etc.) That and the fact that ALL the muslim nations suck ass. KEEP BUILDING !!!!
28. # 25 Take and keep their pictures
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (05.15.14)
a regular rogues gallery for ID. Interpol included. KEEP BUILDING !!!!
29. #1
Joel ,   Grays Prairie   (05.15.14)
You sound neither liberal or very intellectually oriented n your racist and specious judgements about Israel, and your day dreams about some sort of international legal deluge, confronting Israeli marks you for the useless fool you really are. Support for Israel as the Jewish State of the Jewish people is supported by an overwhelming majority of Americans.
30. # 5 Look at our 'leader'
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (05.16.14)
The height of 'American education' or lack of it. KEEP BUILDING ISRAEL BABY !!! The rest is history.
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