Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Israeli security officials have a hard time obtaining visa to US
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 16.05.14, 01:32
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1. That's because the US StateDepartment is too busy processing
Rivkah   (05.16.14)
militant Muslims to flood the nation with pre-positioned troops to kill off the Jews and Christians and Messianics in the USA.
2. Jews and Israel US superpower
Zechariah   (05.16.14)
The USA is a Superpower partly because of Jewish and Israeli input and would be much stronger had they granted refugee to the millions of Jews who were Genocided by the Nazis .Sure there are flaws exacerbated by the American Dream of being SuperRich and Superfamous but the Energy Creativeness and striving to Learn can only Strengthen the USA.
3. Obama regime will continue to harass Israel, Israelis
CJK   (05.16.14)
they refused to give a visa to shaul mofaz because of his iranian roots, but obama himself sends birth day greetings to the likes of ahmadinejad and continues to negotiate with the shia terror regime. israelis, especially high ranking military and diplomatic people had no problem getting visas before obama became president. obama will use every trick in the book in his attempt to extort and blackmail israel into accepting his dream of a two state solution per his plans, as well as his capitulation deal with iran. obama will not succeed.
4. US visas for Zionists
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (05.16.14)
It is high time--nay, way past time--that US authorities finally wake up to the fact that "Israel" is a liability to the US, and that its citizens or denizens must be kept out of our country as a matter of principle. Better late, however, than never!
5. Obama is a sunni, that's why.
Beary White ,   Norway   (05.16.14)
His going around kissing kings has made him worse that a standard islamic-cult-follower. He is transforming USA into hated nation, and destroying its reputation abroad. The simple way of islam it is.
6. Visas To USA
Michael Shalev ,   Prds Hanna Israel   (05.16.14)
It seems that reality and what the officials say are two different things.
7. Grant H Levy
Stan ,   Israel   (05.16.14)
Despite your academic address, you show poor understanding of what is written here. The Obama administration is trying to exempt Israelis from the need to obtain a visa. American security and intelligence officials strongly object to this.
8. Hollywood producer, spy, Arnon Milchan, never arrested, why?
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.16.14)
He has been "turned", threatened with execution, and is now a Double Agent, working for the United States. He "spilled the beans" on Israeli spying to save his own life. This explains why "Israeli security officials have a hard time obtaining visa to US". "Hollywood film producer confirms he was Israeli spy" ... "Mr Milchan detailed a series of clandestine affairs in which he was involved and particularly how he helped purchase technologies Israel allegedly needed to operate nuclear bombs." -Telegraph, 25 Nov 2013
9. Obama displeasure
Cameron ,   USA   (05.16.14)
Rather mild in form methinks. Be grateful it runs no heavier.
10. This Is How A Ally Treats Their Friends
Someone Should Ask b.H.o. WHY THIS IS? Emmes
11. Pay attention to one particular sentence here..
Shaul Mofaz was denied a visa due to his Iranian roots. Yet the US government says that "discrimination" against Arab-Americans at Ben Gurion Airport is why Israel is ineligible to join the Visa Waiver Program.
12. Nice Israeli Politicians get shafted by Anti-semites
Kahane was Left   (05.16.14)
See what happens when trying to hide from Jewish destiny. Instead of the world - i.e. Uncle Sam - loving you, for not claiming the Promised Land quickly as rightfully yours. Anti-Semitism creeps in at every opportunity. Annex Judea, Samaria, and Gaza; tells the Arabs THEY need visas to the USA.
13. well what did yo expect?
Mendoza ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.16.14)
with the insults flowing freely from the likes of our obtuse and rude defence minister. The yanks are just sending a message that there is a limit to everything. If you want to critisise or protest ,thats OK, just do it behind closed doors.OH and shut the mouths of all the other "top" officials that spout off their stupid mouths against the USA.
14. Bread can be cut from two sides.
tiki ,   belgium   (05.16.14)
15. I don't think....
Michael ,   Haifa   (05.16.14)
.....that the US Administration likes us very much. I wonder why ? Oh, now I remember...they are all antisemites
16. Graczek
Ehud   (05.16.14)
Well, obviously we are not kept out of the country, and as hundreds of thousands of Israelis who travel to the US (in fact, the number of flights is only increasing) or live in the US, I enjoy being in America, where I always felt welcome. The antisemitism of some fascists from the right or the left will not seriously harm our two countries' relationship. So, eat it, Graczek!
17. Be patient for two more years
aa   (05.16.14)
The current US administration is ruining US relations with almost every possible country around the world. Hopefully, in two years a better president will be elected.
18. Just come to Virginia and see how many muslims are here.
Charlie ,   Alexandria   (05.16.14)
Obama is ruining this once beautiful country.
19. 4
y Allon ,   adelaide/Israel   (05.16.14)
You live there and don't understand the relationship between Israel and the US.Fool, the US needs Israel to be the superpower in the ME.Anyway ,you are an idiot to post here.
20. I should think Palestinans
Eti ,   Europe   (05.16.14)
know that feeling, waiting for papers, a long time, before entering - in their case - Israel. So better learn from them and take it easy...?
21. Jonathan Pollard
Sagi   (05.16.14)
and the not so nice little man who was his operator have caused these problems. We deserve them.
22. They should deny all of them
Silva ,   NYC   (05.16.14)
We don't need Israeli officials who come here and insult our administration on our soil, like Ehud Barak did last week. Stay home.
23. #15 not really
It is not anti-semitism, it is the Sharia that Obama learned.
24. 13
CJK   (05.16.14)
the obama regime started reducing and denying visas way before ya'alon said anything. obama had made it clear even before he was elected president, during the 2008 campaign, that he would not want to deal with a government led by likud. obama hugely increased the staff at the us embassy in tel aviv as soon as he became president, and he ordered that Israel be kept uninformed of all unsc meetings and until recently of all contents or even existence of talks between iran and the us and iran and the P5+1. in other words, obama has done all in his power to diminish the jewish state and loosen the alliance between israel and the us.
25. This has been the case long before Obama became
miri ,   israel   (05.16.14)
president. My grandson had to take me along to vouch for him (I was born in U.S.) and after a long wait he was granted a visa. They feared that he was going to remain in the U.S.
26. History is a great educator,
American Vet   (05.16.14)
(To be short & to the point) jews can't be trusted.
27. BOO hOO
bill ,   skokie usa   (05.16.14)
"he underwent humiliating physical examinations in the presence of many people". Israel does this to American Citizens everyday. What are these guys crying about?
28. The elite Jews don‘t want Jews to escape Israel.
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (05.18.14)
29. Visa Waiver program
Mike ,   Tel Aviv   (05.18.14)
There is misleading information in the article. Even if Israel is accepted into the visa waiver program, which it probably won't be anyway because it doesn't meet the criteria for entry, the program only grants entry without a visa for tourist purposes for up to 90 days only. Anyone requiring a longer stay or a work-related stay will anyway need a proper visa.
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