Ramallah hospital: Nakba protesters killed by live fire
Elior Levy
Published: 18.05.14, 00:21
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1. Mike
alsky ,   Toronto   (05.18.14)
the answer would be a definite yes
2. Okay
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.18.14)
Take the corpses to Abu Kabir. Let's see what a real forensic specialist has to say.
3. Live fire on terrorists should be standard practice.
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.18.14)
Every other nation on earth would use live fire on terrorists without a second thought. Only in Israel are deadly foes treated with velvet gloves. Live fire on terrorists is necessary and appropriate. It should be standard practice in Israel.
4. I hope Israel does investigate and come to the
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (05.18.14)
conclusion that it is a great idea to use live ammo all the time! After all this is what the aRABS would do to the Jews if they could, as they do every chance they get to terrorize! Do unto the palistinians as they would do unto the Israels! Then they might finally understand and get clue. (I know they still wouldn't have a clue)
5. IDF
Alan ,   ohio   (05.18.14)
Does anyone believe the PALS better yet does anyone believe the Arab/Muslims can tell the truth about anything...NOT ME!!!!
6. FB talkbacks
Ellen ,   Israel/NYC   (05.18.14)
Mike O'Diomasaaig writes on the FB comments and I reply with the following. At this point does anyone with a modicum of intelligence really think that anything that comes out of a Palestinian hospital is anywhere near the truth?
7. They said live fire is okay in Odessa...
Miron ,   USA   (05.18.14)
40 people burned alive and a lot less fuss over big nothing.
8. To: Mike O'Diomasaigh
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.18.14)
The "Palestinians" have a long and storied history of lying about who shot whom. Remember the al Dura story? And that's just the tip of the lying "Palestinian" iceberg. There's much, much more. Evergreen State College, eh? Just like Rachel Corrie. C'mon to Israel, bud. We've got a bulldozer with your name on it, ready and waiting for your terrorist-supporting @$$. .
9. The Most Moral??
Darren Ben John ,   Townsville Australia   (05.18.14)
"The most moral army in the world only uses rubber bullets as an anti-riot measure, and always aims for the legs" The LIVE bullets were fired at the young UNARMED freedom fighter's chests and constitutes yet another war crime. The Hague is going to be very busy.
10. Why the media space for.....
HIstory nut ,   Israel   (05.18.14)
muslim propaganda?
11. Two less pal terrorists to worry about.
Don't like live fire? all pals should leave Israel ASAP.
12. Border police & IDF comprised of settlers
Silva   (05.18.14)
Many are happy to use the opportunity to kill in order to incite a violent reaction which would lead to IDF crackdown.
13. so what?
US, British and French troops do not use rubber bullets. In similar situations we'd hear about hundreds of dead rioters killed by heroic soldiers. However, since the IDF denies using real bullets the most likely answer is that PLO snipers shot the rioters. They get rid of some people they don't like in an elegant way, and can get brownie points from the press.
14. #7 live fire
When rioters or terrorists are killed by someone Obama does not like, say Libya, Egypt or Israel, it is a dreadful war crime and Obama screams "responsibility to protect". When thugs butcher innocent protesters that Obama hates like in Tehran, Bahrain or Odessa, that is called "a measured response".
15. @#3 - You mis-read the Story
Doug ,   Rochester, USA   (05.18.14)
The live fire came from the terrorists. The ones that were shot by the live fire were simply protesters.
16. Dummy Ben John # 9
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast,USA   (05.18.14)
There is such a thing as live fire but not live bullets. I'm willing to bet those bullets are 7.62 mm in diameter. You have no idea where those bullets came from or who fired them. As usual you shoot from the lip and score another miss.
17. Silva # 12
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (05.18.14)
You think the Fogel family wasn't reason enough?
18. To: No. 12
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.18.14)
I guess it will come as quite a surprise to you to learn that 99 percent of the Border Guard are Druze and Bedouin.
19. To: No. 9
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.18.14)
Freedom fighters? Are you on drugs? You must be, if you believe the forensic results coming from Ramallah. And the terrorists were hardly unarmed. Stones, hurled with great force using a sling, can kill; in point of fact, they have. Do you remember when the Australian Navy shelled what they thought was an Indonesian military group in East Timor? Only to discover that they had shelled civilians? Ten thousand died. Was that a war crime? Moreover, since when is defending oneself a war crime?
20. Sarah B and al-Durrah Incident #8
Mike O'Diomasaigh ,   USA   (05.18.14)
refresh me sarah about the al-durrah incident. was that where a french jew, phillipe karsenty, hured a french jew, jeanne-claude schlinger, was sentenced and fined for the defamation of charles enderlin, the reporter, and france2, the station, that broke the story. would that be the case where the only real forensic evudence, the wall where mohammad al-durrah huddled screaming for his young and innocent life. where that only real and forensic evidence thaat would prove definitively who shot the shot, destroyed by...the name escapes me...oh yeah...that wall was destroyed by the IDF.
21. Could be fired by Hamas to frame IDF?
Naomi   (05.18.14)
22. Doctored report by Arab doctors trained in Syria, Pakistan
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.18.14)
23. # 8 Call him Michael Corrie
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (05.18.14)
Don't waste the gas on this lizard. He's being watched. ALWAYS BUILDING ISRAEL, G-DS COUNTRY.!!
24. #19 When?
Darren Ben John ,   Townsville Australia   (05.19.14)
When was the last time that a heavily armed and armoured IDF thug or border police was killed by a stone? Huh? When was the last time an unarmed Palestinian protester was killed by an IDF bullet? Today. What happens elsewhere in the world has nothing to do with this the subject of this news story. Stop trying to deflect and face the facts "on the ground"!
25. To: No. 20
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.18.14)
It was the incident in which the "Palestinians" killed a boy in order to blame the State of Israel. But what else can one expect of the "Palestinians?" They sell their own children to be suicide bombers, after all. And the "Palestinians" love staging scenes for the international press. What happened is that the truth came out, much to the embarrassment of the "Palestinians." You're either a dumb, gullible cluck or an anti-Semite, venting his wrath upon that most tangible symbol of the Jewish people -- the State of Israel. Poor, poor, pitiful you.
26. # 11 pals LEAVE Israel? They Will!
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (05.18.14)
Not only are the pals broke but by their recent unification, they might also be indicted together, ( as is HAMAS now at the Hague with "Crimes Against Humanity' and if so, there will cease to be a pal entity, entirely.) also, the younger Jews are intolerant of these murdering a**holes and even the government wont be able to stop the war of the two once the real battle begins. Sad for all involved, this isn't the 'first rodeo' for either side. However, you and I know the pals will end being as we know them. Their finis.. kaput, nada. KEEP BUILDING !!!!!
27. # 12 Siva, Do you read minds?
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (05.18.14)
Many what? Police or settlers? Either way, a foolish comment. KEEP BUILDING !!!!
28. #15 You also stalk US soldiers?
Benji ,   US   (05.19.14)
Call them terrorists for protecting a military zone and doing their job. Particularly strange coming from someone with sons in the US military.
29. To: No. 24
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.19.14)
You're the one trying to deflect. Ever hear of Asher and Yonatan Palmer? Look it up. There are more such instances, too. You are (gee, what a surprise!) wrong in thinking that what transpires somewhere in the world has no relation to what goes on in another country. Sovereign states take steps deemed necessary to defend their citizenry. I don't know how many Indonesians are responsible for the deaths of Australians -- outside of the Bali nightclub suicide bombing, of course -- but I do know that Australia skated on the massacre of innocent Timorese. I can, however, assure you that thousands of Jews have fallen victim to "Palestinian" terror. The State of Israel has an affirmative duty to defend its citizens. If it takes live fire to do so -- even though the "Palestinians" in this instance were likely killed by their own -- then so be it. Facts on the ground, you say? Name one country which would not have responded with live fire in a similar situation. Just one. Yet Israel responded with tear gas. Your problem -- more a disease, actually -- is that you are so hidebound by hatred of Jews and hatred of the State of Israel that you cannot see the forest for the trees. It just galls you, doesn't it, that Israel has emerged victorious in each of six wars in which the Arabs were the aggressors. Too bad. Cry me a river, why don't you?
30. #29 Answer the Question
Darren Ben John ,   Townsville Australia   (05.20.14)
The palmers were not heavily armed IDF thugs, were they? Now answer my original question! The Australian military did not massacre 10,000 Indonesians, Sarah, you are making up stories again. The 6 wars that you keep yapping on about were started because your mob wanted more land. One day, I am going to write an article called "Sarah B's Ignorant Cliches".
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