MKs propose bill to allow Jewish prayer on Temple Mount
Akiva Novik
Published: 18.05.14, 23:52
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1. If Netanyahu does torpedo this bill:
Jake Stone ,   USA   (05.19.14)
He must be removed immediately! Feiglin for PM!!!
2. The Temple mount is just for...
Beary White ,   Norway   (05.19.14)
... for the new Temple. Remove the islamic building and move it to Ramallah. The islamic-cult-followers has destroyed many synagoges and sacred jewish buildings when they occupied the east-Jerusalem. Now it is time for the new Temple on the mount, which is the place were it is ment to be forever.
3. Demand full Jewish rights to our Temple Mount.
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.19.14)
This bill is a step in the right direction. I am pleasantly surprised by Labour's support for it. Never expected anything good from Labour.
4. Seems only logical
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.19.14)
It's the Arabs who riot and cause mayhem -- which seems to me a complete and utter disregard of their so-called "holy" place. Clearly, they do not care enough about the mosque to keep from rampaging like animals. They are the ones who should be barred from worship on the Temple Mount. Control should be taken away from the waqf and restored to the rightful caretakers -- the Jewish people. The Arabs can haul ass to Mecca.
David   (05.19.14)
6. Demand full Jewish rights to our Temple Mount.
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.19.14)
This bill is a step in the right direction. I am pleasantly surprised by Labour's support for it. Never expected anything good from Labour.
7. fair bill
omar ,   britaanya   (05.19.14)
i don't think muslims really have a problem with jews praying on the mount considering that jews have praying on it since 7 century It's only waqf and their intolerant palestinian cronies that seems to have a problem
8. NO!
Israeli 2   (05.19.14)
Temple Mount - Har Hamoriah is for Jews only. How dare these leftist (so called Likudniks) ever suggest such a thing? What kind of ridiculous proposal is this? I am showing you my wrath!! Wait till Hashem shows His.
9. When Jewish prayer becomes "CONTROVERSIAL" in Israel, you
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.19.14)
know something's very-very rotten in the Kingdom of Denmark!
10. Also let Christians pray there too
Bob   (05.19.14)
Why bar anyone from praying there? It's discrimination, to bar someone from praying there based on their religion beliefs.
11. Temple Mount Har HaMoriah
HS ,   Brooklyn   (05.19.14)
Finally the self admitting anti religious government does something for religion and Behold It s against Jewish Law to go up to the Temple Mount !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12. # 7 Jews have been praying there for 3,000 years!
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (05.19.14)
The muslims have been there since the seventh century and now, the site is used to terrorize Jews. Remove the muslims and send the mosque to Mecca. Make way for the third Temple. KEEP BUILDING ISRAEL !!!
13. Contrary to those who stray from Torah: Yeshayahu 56.7
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   (05.19.14)
Logic and science is reality of the Creator of the real world: י--ה. Rabbinic deniers of this reality are the whackos who have strayed from Torah and lost their Way -- NOT "prayer saviors" of Israel.
14. Here we go again
Sagi   (05.19.14)
Stones taking precedence over human life. The madness of man is manifested in that Muslims are prepared to die for their right to determine that they are the only ones allowed to pray in this"holy site. This is called martyrdom in their book. Jews also are prepared to die for this cause, this is called "kiddush hashem" in their book. How utterly ridiculous. I do commend the Jews for their stance that Jerusalem is singular and unique in it "holiness", whereas the Muslims have many "holy" cities and if given half the chance, London, Paris and New York would also be added to the list. Religion is the precursor of madness.
15. MUSLIM APARTHEID MUST STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Human rights 101 ,   Israel   (05.19.14)
End the occupation of our Temple Mount by Muslim TOTALITARIANISM AND APARTHEID. The Temple Mount MUST BE OPEN TO PRAYER FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!
16. # 3 Yes DEMAND your rights!!
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (05.19.14)
Remove the terrorists pals from Temple mount and build the third Temple.!!! KEEP BUILDING !!!!
17. No need for the law
The High Court has repeatedly upheld the Jews' right to pray on the Temple Mount. It is just the police and government who refuse to enforce the law, and instead collaborate with Wakf to attack the Jews.
stude ham   (05.19.14)
they don't get it.... politics and religion will never mix ... and in this case blow up everything in their stupid faces. outside of incredible stupidity this piece of Knesset paper will be thoroughly incendiary.
19. #4 Sara please do
Nancy   (05.19.14)
Yes sure Sara, now you go up to the Temple Mount and demand your rights. Cant wait to see the TV pictures
20. To #14 Sagi
Tzvika ,   Jerusalem   (05.19.14)
So I guess Trumpeldor's "It is good to die for one's country" is also clumps of earth taking precedence over human life. (I know that some are now claiming he never said it, but last I checked it's still engraved on the monument at Tel Hai.) Was it worth all the lives expended in the past and that is still ongoing for the sake of founding the State of Israel? If religion is the precursor to madness, I don't see that nationalism / Zionism is any different. Yet I'm sure you uphold the State. Or do you?
21. #5 David DITTO
However I would like to see this Come To Fruition ASAP!!!
22. Why Is This Controversial?
emanon ,   USA   (05.19.14)
After all, it *IS* a holy Jewish site . . .
23. To: No. 19
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.19.14)
What's the matter? Nothing better to do in between johns than to post on YNet? How about taking a shower and changing the sheets?
24. Jewish right to pray in Greater Israel unquestionable,demand
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.19.14)
the same right in Mecca and Medina.
25. # 17 And we wonder why the IFD and 'settlers' clash?
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (05.19.14)
The land belongs exclusively to the Jews. When ALL Jews remember this, Israel will be more Holy. KEEP BUILDING!!!
26. To Commenter No. 1
Adam Neira ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.20.14)
Replacing Bibi with Feiglin at this time would be like replacing an 10,000 hours plus airline pilot in the cockpit with a drunk driving instructor from row 15.
27. To nr 26 - Don't be ridiculous
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.20.14)
Your description of Feiglin, which has never been in power and has never been tested, can most assuredly be used to describe Bibi the Ice Cream Lover Lying In Airplane Luxury Beds. I agree with Feiglin although I don't Think he will be a credible or steady, secure leader which can unite the country and bring Israel economic success like Bibi has done. But glorifying Bibi is simply ridiculous. Bibi has been talking for years of bombing Iran and hasn't done it yet and if Israel doesn't destroy Iran's nukes, Iranian nukes will destroy you and me and everyone else in Israel and then it's all over. Bibi hasn't even bothered to destroy the tens of thousands of rockets held by Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Bibi only acted when Tel Aviv and Jerusalem were attacked - otherwise he has no problems sacrificing Sderot. Tell the people of Sderot that Bibi is a "secure leader". Tens of thousands of rockets are now pointed at Israel from Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon - due to Bibi's lack of brains, balls and principles.
28. #23 Sara - Meow
Nancy   (05.20.14)
Cant you do better than that luv?
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