Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
A Nakba for every nation
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 18.05.14, 20:03
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1. Remorse for the aggressor?
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (05.18.14)
According to Palestinian historian Aref al-Aref, some 13,000 Palestinian Arabs were killed in the 1948 War of Independence. We should indeed feel remorse for each death Why feel remorse for a people who could have had a state but chose to go to war instead? They could have accepted a state and then if they thought it wasn't enough at least they would have had a base to work from and try to expand. They only got what they deserved, Darwin Awards. As to so many people today accepting Nakba, we live in a world full of gullible sheeple who don't think for themselves but rely on the crap that is fed to them by the mainstream media. How else could a man with no experience and who has publicaly said he is a Muslim born in Kenya become the president of the United States Of America?
2. Jews invaded Palestine, Nazis invaded Europe, both are hated
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.19.14)
...for it, because it was wrong, its called crime and punishment. Germans were punished for causing a world war, displacing and murdering millions. Jews are now being punished for causing a world war... anti-Zionist global terror, 9/11, Afghan war, Iraq war, Syrian war, and demanding an Iran war, costing $Trillions, and a million dead and wounded, so Israel can steal more land.
3. to Mike O'Diomasaigh: you know nothing
your words: "ustice for them against brutal colonial oppresion" show that you know nothing. The situation in the west bank is all the Arabs' (ooops sorry the "Palestinians") doing. They were the ones who attacked the Jews from day one. They are the ones who refused a compromise from day one on a land that wasn't even theirs! (rememeber the Ottomans and the Brits?) They are the ones who chose the road of violence instead of peace from day one. All the areas where the PA has control are areas that Israel was good enough to GIVE to the PA as part of the Oslo accord after the Palestinians (Arafat) for the first time in trheir history accepted Israel's right to exist. Israel gave many areas and cities to their control - Ramallah, Jenin, Nablus, Bethlehem etc etc. Israel showed time and again its willingness to once and for all solve this issue. But after Israel gave parts of the west bank to the PA, buses and coffee shops started to blow up every other day in Israeli cities by "Palestinian" suice bombers. That's when the wall and checkpoints were built. Gaza used to have its own airport after the signing of the Oslo accord. But instead of focusing on building their own country in the west bank and gradually getting more and more lands and control, the Arab ("Palestinian") society was focused on waging war on Israel with the same old aim as their grandfathers before them - if not the destruction of Israel then intimidating the Jews into leaving the land or just an orgy of murders and death of Jews. That's the real truth, and your representation of the subject as "poor Palestinians" being oppressed by Israel is ridiculous and far away from the truth of the matter.
4. WHY? Because Arabs have huge EGOS which never allow them to
Bemet   (05.18.14)
admit mistake or defeat. And they certainly can't (and never will) teach the TRUTH about history to their children. PA children are only remove this shame from their parents if they are good little suicide bombers who love to kill Jews.
5. Israel should celebrate Nakba day too, as a joyous day
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.18.14)
6. Good article
It's realy amazing how the Arabs managed to twist and distort the historic facts about the Arab Israeli conflict. They managed to do it because many years have passed and people in the west don't really know what happened. This lie about the "poor Palestinians" and their nakba couldn't fly in 1949, 1950's or 1960's. It was too close to the actual events and the Arabs wouldn't have been able to fool anyone. But 60 years after? The worls knows nothing. It gets its info from the "Palestinians'" lies and believe every word of it.
7. Why does the world embrace the ""Palestinian Nakba""
tiki ,   belgium   (05.18.14)
For the same reason they embrace the "Palestinians & their rights to a State"! For the same reason they believe the stories of "Palestinians & their stolen lands"! For the same reason they believe the "Palestinians & Jerusalem as the third holiest place in Islam" and therefore their right for Jerusalem as their Capital! For the same reason they believe every BS coming from the so called Palestinians, who in reality were nothing else than poor Arab guest workers without a state in the British Mandate. The reason.....it's against Jews! Tell the same story, but without Jews involved and 'they don't give a monkey's! It's about time to stop this Nakba nonse, this PR sob story which is getting more prominent every year. It's the famous molehill being turned into a mountain by a sleek PR machine.
8. Arabs invaded Middle East, Nazis invaded Europe, both hated
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.19.14)
9. When the truth wins out?
Scar P ,   Tel Aviv, israel   (05.19.14)
They - israelis and palestinians - canĀ“t handle the truth. You have to create a compromise. Forget justice and truth.
10. #5 Actually we do, but not on the same day
frauss ,   Jerusalem   (05.19.14)
It's called Israel Independence Day and it is very joyous. And we will continue to do so for many years to come in spite of your lies and hateful vituperation.
11. Apologize before the aggressors ?
Moshe ,   Israel   (05.19.14)
In every war there are innocent civilians who suffer, including Jews in Palestine during the War of Independence, like the besieged residents of Jerusalem and various kibbutzim in north and south of the country. The people who have to apologize before the Pals are their leaders, that wrought this war. And the Pals should apologize before the Israeli Jews for murdering their innocent civilians (not in wars) during some a century, particularly in years 1920, 1929 (the Hhevron massacre), 1936-39, 1947, first and second Intifadas.
12. # 4 Bemet and...
A university study of Muslims found that due to multi generational inter marriage of first cousins the Muslims have produced a sub human filled with multiple inbred birth defects.. Add to that a 'religion' that requires more blood than a Red Cross blood drive, and you have slaughters of Muslims first by Muslims, then, murdering Jews and Christians. Trying to explain Islam is like trying to explain and to justify incest. KEEP BUILDING !!!!
13. #9 Truth is
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (05.20.14)
There is NO palestine and there IS an israel. KEEP BUILDING MORE HOMES FOR MORE JEWS!!!
14. Greater Nakba Islamic Lands refused Refuge
Zechariah   (05.20.14)
A greater Nakba is that Islamic lands offered little refuge to Jews in Nazi occupied Europe leaving aside Mandated Palestine .Remenber the Struma refused refugee in Turkey in 1941 .Jews could have Fled from Nazi Occupied Europe through Turkey to India to Afghanistan millions of Jews .Islamic Blocked the Path.Worse than the Christian lands who were except for some in Western Europe Not Generous in relation to Capacity.
15. #9 Truth is
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (05.20.14)
There is NO palestine and there IS an israel. KEEP BUILDING MORE HOMES FOR MORE JEWS!!!
16. Remember the 9th of Av?
Shachar ,   Eilat   (05.20.14)
We Jews have a long memory. For 2000 years we remembered the destruction of the temple and the exile from our land. And in the end we came back to our land. Having set the precedent we can't really expect the Palestinians to forget their Nakba. What we need is a deal that allows both sides to live here in dignity...and each will keep their own folklore to themselves.
17. Religion
Sagi   (05.20.14)
is the greatest "Nakba" that ever happened to humanity. For this the world community should hold an annual day of mourning.
18. # 1 A lot or remorse to go around.....
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (05.20.14)
ya got me! How indeed does someone who publicly admits to being born in Kenya rise to the top of American politics? American's stupidity and... the media stupidity. This too shall pass.... Not without a lot of pain and many American's ass kicking themselves.. ( is that even possible?) Is any one ballsy enough to begin the impeachment process? And now waiting in the wings, her majesty, Butch Clinton ( although she couldn't be found to explain her part in the deaths of 4 unarmed, unprotected Americans in Libya including our Ambassador.) BTW, this isn't your fathers democrats party, the Muslims took that over too along with the pals as demonstrated by the signs at their convention where they also voted to remove the word God from their platform before being over ruled. KEEP BUILDING!!!
19. # 14 Zechariah
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (05.20.14)
Now the Muslims are getting their own pay back, from fellow Muslims.. Aint it grand? The only ones getting rich are the undertakers. Hallelujah! At least 160,000 less Syrians.. pals are next. KEEP BUILDING !!!!
20. # 17 Sagi Fu*k that
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (05.20.14)
The world could care less about the terrorists pals, in fact, if the pals all committed suicide in one day, that day would be an international holiday for celebration and joy! Hmm, when's that day exactly? Damned soon not one pal will remain alive in Israel. KEEP BUILDING !!!!
21. # 16 Shachar hmm......
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (05.20.14)
One correction if I may ( and, who's to stop me?) Instead of your line, " What we need is a deal that allows both sides to live here in dignity" Should read, "What we needs is a deal that allows both sides to live separately in dignity" and, by separately, I mean just that, pals in Jordan for Israel is taken by her ancestral Jews. And, never the twain shall meet. pals are murdering idiots and must NOT be allowed to remain in Israel. Don't think so? Ask any young settler and most of the Israeli Jews. KEEP BUILDING !!!!
22. Israel the only state in MD not truned into Islamic state!
Moslems invaded every country in Middle EAst and turned them all into Arab Islamic states. Arab states are countries where only people of Arab race are allowed to live. Islamic states are only for people of Islamic faith. they forced all non-moslems out of Middle EAst and thoes very few who have stayed are living under worse kind of Islamic aparthied and Arab racism. palestinians are the only Moslems in Middle East who have not been able to kill or force the Jews who live around them out and turn Israel into an Islamic country.
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