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Israel's Supreme Court excluding women
MK Zahava Gal-On
Published: 19.05.14, 23:22
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1. Radical Feminist Whining-Dorit Beinisch was the last CJ
Toby Wills ,   USA   (05.20.14)
Whine, play victim, push, get more, radical feminists in Israel do a disservice to the nation.
2. Israeli Supreme Court excluding patriots.
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.20.14)
The vast majority of Supreme Court judges have been from the tiny far left fringe of Israeli society. That is intolerable. The court should be full of patriots.
3. Haha, her meretz buddies anoy her
daniel ,   TA - IL   (05.20.14)
boehoe, I am full of tears. The supreme court has always been the strong arm of meretz. So please do not whine about this farce to us, but to your croonies in the extremeist leftwing court
4. Appointment by merit
Segal ,   South Africa.   (05.20.14)
not by gender, you silly woman.
5. Oh no
Ed   (05.20.14)
Only the chareidim do that , ha ha
6. And only ONE of them was Sephardic
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.20.14)
And they're the ones calling Ashkenazim racists.
7. 'Supreme Court.. centers of power'-No, Ms. Gal-On ,it is supervising
the Law, and the decisions, also made by law-makers, IT IS NOT A KINGS COURT.. | Before making suggestions, please learn and don't mix.
8. Was Deborah unique?
Danny ,   London England   (05.20.14)
A well written article, well argued. However, I think she may have drawn an inaccurate conclusion from Deborah the Prophetess who judged under her palm tree. There were many Prophetesses in Tanach, starting from Sarah, Rebeka, Rachel, Miriam but not many sat officially as Judges.
9. Reply to 4. Appointments committee
Danny ,   London England   (05.20.14)
She wants women on the selection committee. She isn't asking for a set ratio of women judges.
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