Rights group releases video it says shows Palestinians being killed by IDF live fire
Published: 20.05.14, 15:46
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1. Palestinians who posed no threat to safety !
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (05.20.14)
Shall I count how many Israelis were crucially hurt from stones thrown by these innocent Pali teenagers ? Remember, Goliath was killed by a stone thrown by David.
2. Man was not an immediate threat at that moment
Shmilfke ,   Dublin   (05.20.14)
How dare Israeli soldiers kill an adult (18 years old is an adult!) who is not at that exact moment attacking the soldiers??!! Don't they know, they are only allowed to defend themselves at the moment bullets or rocks are being shot at them??!!! If you're too thick, I'm being sarcastic. Regardless, there's no actual proof an Israeli bullet hit the man. In many other incidents Palestinians have shot their own for PR points
3. Editing video??? or setting up fabricated evidence for ICC?
EST ,   Miami USA   (05.20.14)
We all know how "reliable" and "truthful" those edited versions shown by pro Palestinian forces are...just remember the Al Dura hoax! It wouldn't surprise me if those two youngsters were killed by Palestinians, to be martyred, in their push to fabricate evidence to take Israel to the ICC. Just keep in mind, Palis have beenthreatening to do that recently...all they are doing is stacking the deck against Israel with edited fabricated evidence...and given the antisemitic climate in the world...they are relying on this type of ammo against Israel
4. DCI
5% of DCI funding comes from PLO. DCI was strangely silent when Arab terrorists smashed Adele Biton, or a week ago when Arab terrorists threw a fire bomb at two small children near Bet Aryeh (12 miles from the airport). DCI were silent when Ariel Sharon ethnically cleansed 4000 Jewish children from their homes, or when Netanyahu arrests Jewish children without legal representation or contact with their parents for a week. We only hear from DCI when they present an obviously doctored video.
5. Looks Phony!
Ed ,   USA   (05.20.14)
Another staged event, a la the al-Dura video. The PA should turn over the bodies--if there are any.
6. Proof the video was edited
Arnold ,   Montreal-Canada   (05.20.14)
The supposed victim arrives on screen at the 17 second mark and he is walking towards the left. Then there is a break in the video and at the 25 second mark the same supposed victim is walking to the right. Then he goes down ... hands out to break his fall. No body jerk from the impact or any sign of the bullet impacting the body.
7. The illegal scouts from Mecca shouldn't be in Israel.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.20.14)
8. Impossible,
Robert   (05.20.14)
Even when caught in the act, on video to embarrass jews. To admitted the truth.
9. Did anybody bother to closely look at that shot
Arnold ,   Montreal-Canada   (05.20.14)
There was no impact jerk of the body and notice how the hands come down to break the fall. Something is not right about that video.
10. Doctored report by Arab doctors trained in Syria, Pakistan
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.20.14)
No one died.
11. rock in hand
jw ,   Atlanta GA   (05.20.14)
When the first person drops to the ground, notice a rock falk out of his right hand....seems he may have been about to through it given the earlier events.
12. Investigate, Investigate
Andi ,   Israel   (05.21.14)
How long does the IDF take to investigate these events-apparently days and weeks, which is why by the time the IDF discovers the whole event is fabricated, it's too late and another PR success for Palywood.
13. Worst Pallywood ever
BH ,   Iowa   (05.20.14)
14. can the palestinians help me too?
david ,   new york   (05.20.14)
they changed a 23 year old into a 16 year old. i'm 48, can they make me 21 instead?? in paliwood dreams can come true!!
15. Why nobody complaining about Syrian kids being killed ?
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (05.20.14)
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