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Jerusalem: Land of medicine or miracles?
The Media Line
Published: 23.05.14, 09:48
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1. An idyllic account.
Bob K ,   Orlando FL USA   (05.24.14)
lLinda Gradstein of leftwing/, biased against Israel/ NPR in the US writes of an idyllic time when Christians. Jews and Moslems could show mercy to each other. In his book 'Jerusalem in the 19th century: The rebirth of a city, historian Sir Martin Gilbert gives accounts of Christians an Moslems persecuting Jews in Jerusalem, Jews of course did not reciprocate. I'm sure some mercy was shown by some Christians and Moslems to Jews but often it was attacks.
2. Maybe g will show up @ the exhibit to talk about medicine?
Michael ,   California, USA   (05.24.14)
Why has g been hiding for so long and where? Shavua tov.
3. 2 Michael,Where does Internet hide..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (05.25.14)
when you are not connected? Shavuah Tov ,Michael.
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