US House approves $600 million military aid package for Israel
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 24.05.14, 10:26
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1. Well... aid... you mean US won't pay for the system
Miron ,   USA   (05.24.14)
but give a loan for which Israel will have to pay interest? Really? Why don't you buy that system from... Somalia. They have finest rocketeers in the world. And need a whole lotta help.
2. While at it, let me remind you: "boyco-co-co-co-co-cooot ...
Miron ,   USA   (05.24.14)
3. What a horrific waste of money!
Darren Ben John ,   Townsville Australia   (05.24.14)
Imagine if all of that money went to aid humanity instead, even if it was all spent on the needy in the USA.
4. Thank G-d for the Americans who SUPPORT Israel.
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (05.24.14)
If not the entire ME would be in Iran's back pocket leaving a trail of dead "honorably" murdered wives, public hangings of dead gays, political opponents and any one the gay mullah's don't approve of in their insane form of 7th century 'justice.' BUILDING A MIGHTY ISRAEL!!!
5. #3 imagine if the arabs who kill and hate each other and
guillermo ,   rosario argentina   (05.24.14)
violate all human rights !!! would donate the billions of dollars in aid for the needy people also imagine what the world would be like if the expansion of the muslims would conquer all of ur country imagine what Russia could if they use the money they collect in the selling of arms to terrorists states while millions of Russians live with less than 40 dollars per month just imagine and many other things so ur criteria sucks !!!!!end
6. # 2 What "boyco-co-co-cocooot?
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (05.24.14)
America could have hired your pals in Gaza to buy some really bad rockets... They chose not to. However, if the Gazan's want to keep firing, expect some big fireworks and not on the 4th of July. Bet you this, while the Gaza rockets, and estimated 17,000 so far that couldn't hit the side of a barn, that wont be the case if Israel returns fire she will destroy you. Let's all hope that day comes soon. There is no place for any terrorists in near or around Israel. G-D BLESS ISRAEL. G-D HELP HER ENEMIES. ( but not too much they still suck.)
7. The US is using the technologies
not an aid   (05.24.14)
Money for the Arrow 3 and David sling is not really an "aid". This is a participation in the R&D effort. The US is using the technologies developed in Israel and has a veto on its selling.
8. 36
not your fan ,   Israel   (05.24.14)
What a great pity you are allowed to breathe the free Australian air.
9. #3 agreed
The US should immediately stop supplying money and weapons to anyone in the Middle-East (especially PLO and Israel) and we will have peace.
10. #8 Breathe in / breathe out
Darren Ben John ,   Townsville Australia   (05.24.14)
Yes, the air in Australia is fresh and easy to breathe (except in some Eastern Suburbs of Sydney). I will be doing this thing called breathing for a lot longer than you, you oxygen thief!
11. $600 Million military aid
Harold ,   USA   (05.24.14)
This money is needed by the American poors who have no money to eat breakfast. I don't think this decision to help a foreign country is fair and balanced.
12. To: No. 3
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.24.14)
Well, fortunately, the United States Congress -- which speaks for the people of the United States -- recognize that supporting the State of Israel is the best way to support humanity. Feel free to drop your pennies in the poor box on your way out of the mosque. You are free to support humanity in any way you wish in Australia, and your choices are irrelevant to the people of the United States.
13. #1 - Never ending sucking sound ,...
split ,   US   (05.24.14)
It's not a loan it's an additional handout on the top of the annual one extorted form hard working American people by the V column of Israel firsters on Capitol Hill ,...
14.  Israel has received to date $121 billion''
split ,   US   (05.24.14)
Not to mention additional dozens of billions in tax-deductible donations, government grants and funds extorted by more than 3,600 parasitic Jewish organizations that must be replaced by additional taxes imposed on hard working six-pack Joe ,... For more on this subject google "26 Billion Bucks: The Jewish Charity Industry Uncovered" an eye opening piece how much and how it's done ,...
15. Arrogant pinhead @ 7 ,...
split ,   US   (05.24.14)
Check with the Raytheon, Boeing, Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin R&D departments who's technology is utilized in your lemons ,... If US have a veto on its selling than how come Rafael was participating (and lost) in competing bid to sell it's junk to Poland? ,...
16. #11 "This money is needed by the American poors"
A ,   Belgium   (05.24.14)
and to teach bumpkins as yourself to learn proper English. The US should stop supporting the "palestinians" and their terrorist government (Hamas is considered a terrorist organization by the US) to the tune of $500 MILLION annually, and Afghanistan, no friend to the US for $12,885.50 MILLION (2010 figures, higher than Israel), and Iraq (also not friendly to the US) for $1,940.10 MILLION (2010 figures)and Egypt, $1,550 MILLION in 2010 (but that didn't stop Oblabla from stabbing his ally Mubarak in the back to support the moslem extremists), in fact, besides Israel, the first five largest recipients of American aid are unstable, moslem regimes. But you don't like seeing THOSE figures, do you bumpkin.
17. #14 Guess what polak, the "hard working
A ,   Belgium   (05.24.14)
American people", of which you obviously aren't one of, are also paying, according to 2010 figures, $12,885.50 MILLION annually to Afghanistan (more than Israel), $1,940.10 MILLION annually to Iraq, $1,404.00 MILLION annually to Egypt...want some more? How does aiding these violent, unstable, hostile moslem regimes benefit "hard working six-pack Joe", or beer-belly Kowalsky? It doesn't, go do some "hard work" and find a hog to inseminate.
18. #6
Harold ,   USA   (05.24.14)
Toy rockets fired at Israel from Gaza are homemade and killed no one. We the US taxpayers cannot aid a country that is made of Billionaires and Millionaires. I suggest the $600 millions has to be paid by the US Jewish Billionaires such as Edelson, Sterling, Gates, Zuckerberg and many others. The US annual aid to Israel has to be paid by the above and the not by the US taxpayers.
19. #12
Harold ,   USA   (05.24.14)
Do you mean the United States AIPAC Congress. The American People woke up and found why AIPAC is established in the United States and we will see if AIPAC wins in November 2014 Elections. You, Sarah should know by now what is AIPAC actual job.
20. #14
Harold ,   USA   (05.24.14)
Are you kidding me. $121 Billions is paid to buy Falafel. Actual it should read at least $500 Billion milked from the US taxpayers to support a country that disliked us.
21. #8
Harold ,   USA   (05.24.14)
I agree with #3 and you prefer to receive welfare checks from the needy US taxpayers. Why don't you knock on doors of Jewish US Billionaires Edelson, Sterling, Gates, Zuckerberg, Bloomberg, Zickerman and many many others for money.
22. Harold @ 18 - To be fair ,...
split ,   US   (05.24.14)
Gates is not Jewish, Zuckerberg never claimed to be one, married to oriental women is considered as traitor by the 'kosher' ones, he donates to local charities which is fine. Many American Jewish billionaires like Edelson donate to foundations promoting and founding settlements on stolen from Palis land screwing us up because those donations are tax deductible that must be replaced by additional taxes to refill government coffers or face cuts in government spending if not. Those cuts affect the most needy ones like US veterans, Medicare, patients, etc.
23. SPIT doesn't understand or know squat yet keeps posting krap
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.24.14)
24. To: No. 19
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.24.14)
I mean the Congress of the United States of America. The true representatives of the people of the United States. Polls don't lie, Harold. Israel has never enjoyed greater popularity amongst Americans, and the "Palestinians" have never suffered lower ratings. But you are just a paranoid idiot, hiding under his bed, waiting for the -- well, exactly who are you waiting for? The "Russkies?" And you STILL have not answered my simple question: how is it that you acquired what you assert to be first-hand knowledge of United States airlifts of Jews to Israel? Such a simple question; why can't you answer?
25. #18
A ,   Belgium   (05.24.14)
The Alliance of the Idiots
26. Okay, that's enough!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.24.14)
Time for a primer on how United States aid to Israel is structured. 1. A relatively small portion takes the form of interest-bearing cash loans. The United States makes many such loans to a great many countries. Only two countries have a perfect repayment record. Finland is one. The State of Israel is the other. 2. A somewhat larger amount takes the form of military credits. These military credits must be spent in the United States, and each contract executed between the State of Israel and the American manufacturer carries a back-end provision requiring Israel to make all modifications and improvements available to the manufacturer. These improvements have been legion, and have always been provided. 3. By far and away the largest segment of United States foreign aid to Israel takes the form of joint venture investment capital. Israel is in the very forefront of information technology, medicine, agroindustry and other highly evolved and highly essential capacities for today's world. These joint ventures have produced, among other things, mobile phone technology, smart phones, facial recognition software (in use in every airport in the United States and Europe), seventy percent of all chemotherapy protocols in use throughout the world today, irrigation techniques for desert countries and a whole host of other contributions that benefit mankind. What benefits does the United States reap from its investment in, oh, say, Pakistan? Egypt? Russia? China? Poland? Germany? France? England? The "Palestine Authority?" Afghanistan? Iraq? Jordan? Somalia? Please tell me what these countries have done for the United States -- not to mention civilization -- in view of the billions and trillions of dollars that the United States has poured into their treasuries? What? Please name one, single, solitary benefit. Is it not pathetic that the United States pours three billion dollars into Pakistan annually? Did not Pakistan shield Osama bin Laden for ten years? The United States doesn't throw money away in Israel; investment in Israel is an investment in modernity and an incredibly gifted and knowledgeable country, and America's investment has been repaid a thousand-fold. Most American people recognize it. The United States Congress certainly does. But my question remains: what benefit does the United States reap from any European, African, Asian or Latin American country? Bolivia is the recipient of hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S. aid -- and still, the coca farms continue to export their death-dealing product to the shores of the United States. So, who benefits from the vast amounts of aid provided to countries other than Israel? Certainly not the United States. But Israel? Israel is a solid part of the United States' profit margin. And don't you ever forget it.
27. To: No. 18
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.24.14)
I invite you to come and stand under one of those "toy rockets" when it lands. We're tired of your stupidity anyway. That said, I also remind you that the law does not look to efficacy, it looks to intent. How stupid can you possibly be? Each time I think you've about hit rock bottom, you add another idiocy. Keep going. On the idiocy card, you're batting a thousand.
28. We stand strong together
Viva us & israel ,   London   (05.24.14)
Israel is fitghtimg the good fight . It is a stable force in an unstable regain. It is completely pro American. I would go as far to say that it is part of the US. But I'm sure people will not agree... It is a bull work of American foreign policy in the Mideast .. Hence the cash!! Ps us Jews already pay tax.
29. # 10 Don't bet on it.
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (05.24.14)
The air is free but life is in G-ds hands and, frankly, your pissing Him off, He's Jewish you know you, as an enemy of Israel makes you a cursed soul. In and out over and out you suck. BUILDING WHILE !!!! SOME ARE DROOLING....
30. # 14 So what? pals got an additional $1.7 billion
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (05.24.14)
handed over by their best butt cheek buddy, obama the Bath House prostitute, I hear their making a bobble head of obama' simulating his BJ bouncing head. Gonna be a best seller especially in muslim nations ( more gay than straight by all accounts.) BUILDING ALL JEWSIH HOMES BABY!!!
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