Netanyahu slams Brussels shooting as result of hateful incitement
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 25.05.14, 00:11
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1. Incitement against the Jewish State finds fertile ground
CJK   (05.25.14)
incitement against the jewish state finds fertile ground in europe where hatred of jews goes back two thousand years. the media in europe incites constantly against israel, as do extreme parties on the left and on the right. obama's positions on israel, blaming her exclusively for arab intransigence and accusing her of being an important spy in the us, emboldens those who have negative opinions of jews and of israel. john kerry's encouragement of the bds movement, his threats of sanctions and of intifadas are a new low in american diplomatic lingo. the entire western leadership has decided that ganging up on the jewish state will bring them peace and protection from islamist terrorists and their european sympathisers. it is obvious that these leaders have learned nothing from the holocaust where incitement and slaughter of jews was accompanied by a world war in which fifty million people died.
2. It is all because of occupation
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.25.14)
Occupation of Europe by Muslims.
3. Jews are to blame because they control wealth
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.25.14)
Jews are wealthier than the Muslim bums occupying Europe and want to take over the world too.
4. Look at the bright side, Bibi ,...
split ,   US   (05.25.14)
It means increased Aliyah that spells more cannon meat for IDF ,...
5. Thanks to Obama Antisemitism has Skyrocketed.
Jenny Gunston ,   Texas US   (05.25.14)
Since Obama came to power Anti-Semitism has sky-rocketed..He has instigated this hatred for Israel....With his anti-Israeli policies....He doesn't like us .He makes that very very obvious.
6. Bibi is right to hammer it in. It'll do nothing of course:
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.25.14)
the Europeans are being turned into mindless dhimmis by their own governments. One cannot blame the brainwashed populations for "opposing" the big,bad Israelis/Jews. After all: their elected ones wouldn't lie to them, would they??!
7. Two of the victims of this act
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (05.25.14)
are an Israeli couple Surprised that Israeli media are not reporting it
8. Well, I'm commenting on this article,
Erin ,   Earth   (05.25.14)
but that is not because the Prime Minister speaks in it. It's just front page and I need to say something about the discussion of incitement, which seems like it's everywhere, so no disrespect to Mr. Netanyahu. But here's what I have to say; "You shall not curse a deaf man, nor place a stumbling block before the blind, but you shall revere your God; I am HaShem." Leviticus 19:14 (NASB (C) 1973, 1977) So here's the dilemma, people we love were just killed. Does fighting racial incitement stop them? Do we keep escalating until we all yell at each other? And who resolves the issue? Someone has to resolve it, for our safety, we need it. The verse above, Leviticus, we learned that a long time ago, didn't we? Then when Father creates someone without the ability to hear (spiritually or physically) or Father makes someone without the ability to see, what are to do? Fear Him, that was His Choice. Next,it appears, we should speak to others in ways they can hear like using mutual respect. I'm not saying the IDF should shake hands with terrorists, but I am saying that knowing when to speak in kindness to a person because they don't understand is as valuable as hopping on digital media sites and verbalizing our natural instinct when we are angry. We all do it so this is not to cast shadows, but we shouldn't all do it because if we do, who is going to lead us out of this spiral to Hades? Who is going to lead us up from the depths of Sh'eol? I say, "let's not go there", and let's lead everything up and away from social hatred, because that's what this really is, social hatred. People hating another people for a special social reason, let's end that; Jew hatred, bigotry, high school bullying, let's end all that, and start choosing our words for eyes and ears that may or may not be able to hear, because Eloheinu is over all. And Eloheinu made people they way they are, and some of those who can't hear are people we love, and do we need reminders that we don't want bad thingsto happen to them? We want them to go to heaven; likewise we should want people outside our family to go to heaven. Father is over all, and one of these days won't we be embarrassed to meet someone we spoke wrongly to only to find out they were put in our pathby Eloheinu to test us? Will we fail? I hope not. I hope we pass the test, but I also hope we embrace trying to be kind because we don't know when that person who can't hear us will suddenly turn to us and speak because Elohim gave them back their sight or their hearing. Elohim does miracles all the time. Jus' something to think about. Remember the Lord your God, yes? He remembers you. Shabbat Shalom, Israel, Shabbat Shalom.
9. Israeli jewish apartheid to blame, Nothig else
Why?   (05.25.14)
10. Israel should send troops to Belgium
Eric R. ,   USA   (05.25.14)
She should consider ousting the Belgian government, shutting down Jew-hating news media (which is just about all of it), and if the Muslims, leftists and xenophobes take to the streets, should open fire on them.
11. Of course ...
split ,   US   (05.25.14)
... it's not Israel's conduct and Likud warmongering it's their fault... I mean those demanding to end occupation, stealing Palestinian land and passing to settlers, to end collective punishment, return to 1967 borders, human rights etc. ,... It's their fault ;) ,...
12. incitement
Toledano Jean-Pierre ,   Israel   (05.25.14)
It's true that in Europa and Belgium is one of the EU countries there is an ani-Israel, anti-Zionist incitement from the political parties, who need the votes of the immigrants, but also in the cultural world there is an aversion towards Israel. Not only the conservative parties are against Israel, but also the left (social democrats) and the extreme left show a harsh anti-Zionism, sometimes a mask to hide their anti-Semitism. When I'm arriving in Europe - certainly in Brussels, but also in Holland, France, Spain, GB - I remove all signs on my luggage that can show I'm from Israel. Sometimes I see the El Al security people watching me doing this. It's pitty, but my personal security is important inside and also outside the airport. Everybody should do it. But, about the shooting in Brussels: when I wrote this talkback the Belgian officials didn't yet mention if the attackers were immigrants or not. So, it's also possible that the extreme right is involved. It's also strange that the man or men wanted to be seen: they (he) parked the car in front or very near the museum. It's like they (he) wanted to act as Breivik in Norway. Another remark, they chose the Jewish museum, but there was a chance that most of the visitors were not Jewish, because it was Shabbath! So, they made a mistake by stupidity! As far as I could read the museum was open because it was a museum, managed by secular people. But I think that the attack, commit by an Arab or another man, is done by a lonely wolf. It's my personal conviction.
13. It would be nice
Hakim ,   Palestine   (05.25.14)
It would be nice if the Israeli government took responsibility for once and realized that its policies and discrimination against Arabs are partially to blame. It simply can't keep on expecting to be seen as the victim. Perhaps if it wants to get out of the whole its in, it should stop digging.
14. From the river to the sea Israel!
Barney ,   USA   (05.25.14)
15. Netanyahu: Moral Embarrassment
Padre Cohen ,   Santa Clara, CA, USA   (05.25.14)
Netanyahu doesn't have the moral authority to equate antisemitism with anti-Israeli incitement. He doesn't speak for Jews worldwide. Let him clean up his own house before criticizing other countries. He's a moral embarrassment.
16. This will be the norm in EU with "newcomers"
17. using hate-crime for propaganda means
Mark B. ,   Amsterdam / Holland   (05.25.14)
That is what Netanyahu and Lieberman are doing here and that is disgusting. One could as well say that that the ongoing criticism of Obama by Israeli rightist politicians lead to hate-crimes against Afro-Americans in the US. Of course that is not the case, just like the BDS movement is not responsible for this hate-crime by one anti-Semitic criminal.
18. look in the mirror
Incitement? The so-called incitement starts at home Netanyahu released convicted Jew-murderers. Netanyahu ignored thousands of physical attacks on Jews, but went ballistic when he heard that someone painted some graffiti insulting Arabs. Netanyahu begs to talk to Holocaust denier Abbas and to pay reparations to IHH terrorists who failed killing Jews.
19. 17, Mark B
CJK   (05.25.14)
netanyahu is talking to people like you. you are very ignorant and a hypocrite. there is no doubt that there is huge incitement against israel in europe and even in the united states. it is ridiculous to claim that incitement against israel has no effect on people. jew hatred has existed for over two thousand years and used to be the province of the christian churches and monarchs. fbi hate crime statistics prove that jews are the most victimised group in the united states. obama has not ever condemned attacks on jews.
20. Thats rich coming from a Netanyahu who has abdicated his
Al   (05.25.14)
responsibility in protecting the Jews of Israel. Today this brainless wonder is advocating the withdrawal from the West Bank ala Gaza. This brain dead wonder can suck up to a microphone and spew a 15 sec soundbite, but when push comes to shove he has his brains up his ass.
21. #11 Why don't you learn how to write a coherent sentence,
A ,   Belgium   (05.25.14)
polak, it will make reading your white trash garbage all the more entertaining.
22. #12 - Something is missing in your quest for answers ,...
split ,   US   (05.25.14)
Good questions. Can you exclude a false flag operation? ,...
23. Reply to mark from A'dam
Israeli from Israel   (05.25.14)
Bibi and Liberman are perfectly right. Only those desperately want to turn the attention now away from their what is increasingly amounting to fascistoid-type propaganda in the BDS movement of activists and politicians of the far-left mostly bring out this "righteous" indignation non-argument, like you, enemies of the one and only Jewish state in the world.
24. 2,3 not mine.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.25.14)
25. #9,Muslims Sharia, Quran are to be blamed for what is coming
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.25.14)
26. #2, 3, 25 are mine. I wholeheartedly approve the comments.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.25.14)
27. SPIT is indeed missing a screw in the brain.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.25.14)
28. Frank Owen
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (05.25.14)
Israel is only a small fraction of Pslestine. Jordan makes the most of Pslestine.
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