Pope urges Muslim leaders to reject violence in the name of God
News Agencies
Published: 26.05.14, 11:55
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1. Fooq the Poop and Peres too
Jhan   (05.26.14)
Wastrels and villains all, go to hell.
2. Will he be meeting Sara B ?
Nancy   (05.26.14)
Obviously she is such a wise women surely she must be part of the agenda?
3. Christianity monotheist faith?
Jerome ,   AKL   (05.26.14)
There is God, and Jesus the God or the son of God as some refer to and the holy spirit. They also rever to Mary and to the cross which are idols.... So where the monotheism came from?????? Don't give me the dumb answer that the trinity is all as one. For me monotheism means " listen oh Israel, Hashem is one and the only one" period
4. Appearance is nothing....
HIstory nut ,   Israel   (05.26.14)
but our appearance means everything morons, like Peres, soak this up. Vicar of he-l.
5. #2
Hyla ,   Lod, Israel   (05.26.14)
Ha ha Nancy! That was a good one.
6. Why doesn't he have th decency to take that unholy thing off
This man lacks ,   respect!   (05.26.14)
his neck in our holy places? Would he dare go into a mosque with that unholy stuff? Where is his respect for G-d?
7. Who's interested in watching this man live?
Why can't he show ,   some respect   (05.26.14)
Please sending this man who defiles the Holy Jewish Land out already. Every minute he's here, he defiles the land. Why can't he show some respect to the Holy Jewish Land and remove that unholy thing around his neck?
8. To: No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.26.14)
I wouldn't entertain the pope in my bathroom, chica. And I certainly hope that Israel disinfects every single thing the pope touches. The bedding and the hotel bed will, of course, have to be destroyed, but a good disinfecting of the rest of the furniture in the hotel suite should suffice.
9. Imams, ayatollahs and priests
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.26.14)
Why do they wear skirts? Do they also sit down to urinate?
10. # 2 You're right, Sarah B is a wise woman, unlike you dearie
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (05.26.14)
But then, she's Jewish and not, your a 'pal.' BUILDING THE pals OUT OF ISRAEL, BABY !!!
11. # 5 Not really.
Actually quite ignorant. What else can we expect of you anti semitic losers? Nothing.
12. 9
y Allon ,   adelaide/Israel   (05.26.14)
Well, it would be weird if they lifted their skirts at a urinal.
13. # 9 Interestingly
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (05.26.14)
I was taught in college that the old pope's hid young boys beneath their skirts. As for the urinating..the professor didn't say. Thanks for the giggles and posts, you go girl! BUILDING ALL OF ISRAEL, EVERY INCH, BABY!!!!!!
14. # 3 First Commandment
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (05.26.14)
"Thou shalt have no other g-ds before me." Our G-d wrote that twice, with His own hand. The 10 Commandments were the only hand written laws given by our G-d! They were never changed, amended or revised. Nor, by G-d shall they be. BUILDING FOR G-D!!
15. what about the significance to us Jews - this is only a holy
shalom ,   israel   (05.26.14)
16. Your penguin-looking Rabbis?
Jake ,   NYC   (05.26.14)
The last time I checked your Sephardi and Mizrahi Rabbis also wear dresses.
17. Nancy , baby
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (05.27.14)
No serious person wants to meet this # 1 hateful and disgusting liar . Telling she's wise only shows how "wise" you are . I prefer HONEST people .
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