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Hezbollah destroys mock Merkava on withdrawal anniversary
Roi Kias
Published: 26.05.14, 20:29
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1. victorious hizbollah.... :))
les ,   canada   (05.26.14)
not only they managed to "destroy" that poor "tank", but to prove their superiority, developed a HITECH DONKEY to drag it through the town. BRAVO!
2. remember
IDF could have won, but Olmert and Livni gave the orders that gave Hezbollah its victory. Is it surprising that Olmert ordered Amona? Is it surprising that Livni is doing everything to meet Abbas' every demand?
3. Mistake
Abu Dany ,   Galilea   (05.26.14)
it was not "hezbollah" which made this "celebration" it was a communist Party in Sidon, which made this action. Ynet Staff should know this better. Also in many cases on Lebanon wrong pictures are used or mistitled.
4. it looks really good shame they blew it up
zionist forever   (05.26.14)
That is a very good model took a long time to make probably was not cheap to make but then they go blow it up. Arabs are like little children the way they do things like this. Israel left Lebanon 14 years ago and 14 years is not even a special aniversry if it was 10-20 years ok but 14 is not a special one. I do hope they did not destroy the tanks engine. The engine is part of a tank and you want to blow up the tank you blow the engine as well but in this case it was powered by a donkey engine so it would be a shame if they killed the engine.
5. #2 Livni is a traitor and a double faced end
adi ,   tel aviv israel   (05.27.14)
6. #3 abu
solomon ,   bklyn   (05.27.14)
Thanks for the information. It makes the story more understandable.
7. Global Warmers!
zelig ,   memphis ,u.s.a.   (05.27.14)
How can Hezbollah or any other member of the left wing-islamic axis commit such an act of global warming? Don't they realize that by burning a replica merkava they may be inadvertantly causing a thousand tons of Greenland ice to break off and flood lefties in Iceland?
8. 1
zionist forever   (05.27.14)
I dont thnk the Merkava 4 is powered by a donkey engine,
9. Ehud Barak's abrupt withdrawal from Lebanon in 2001...
Rafi ,   US   (05.27.14)
... remains a strategic blunder of epic proportion. Withdraw - yes. But FIRST devastate south Beirut and Hizbollah. In short: leave them something else to think about besides images of Israelis running across the border with tails between their legs... Barak - this was just one of your many colossal errors - but perhaps the largest...
Iranian Jew ,   LA USA   (05.27.14)
Pass time now. These Iranian lap dogs spent 3 months building a toy and then wasted money to blow it up? Stupid is stupid does, I guess. In the meantime Iran cries that sanctions are hurting the health of avarge Iranian. Does blowing up money and resources hurt the real people of Iran or not? That could have bought more cancer medication. The funny thing is that people still fall for the mullahs anyway.
11. How unbelievably hysterical!!
Brett L ,   JHB RSA   (05.27.14)
Doesn't this go to show these terrorist thugs only know how to build to destroy. No concept of peace and harmony!! Europe and other countries around the world are reaping what they sew when to comes to the softly softly approach to arabs and islamists!!
12. And Hezbollas message to Lebanon
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (05.27.14)
To all my Fellow Sunni, Christian and Druze in Lebanon We ARE your Holy Protectors - Like it or not And if you don't like it Then we WILL MAKE YOU MAKE US be your Holy Protectors Nasrallah assuming a bit too much...for his own good
13. Correction!
Maurice ,   Montreal   (05.27.14)
This is not a replica Merkava. "Replica" means exact reproduction and would have had a real engine, not a donkey for one! Then again you can not expect the Hizbullah idiots to build an engine. LOL
14. looks really good
Article Swaps ,   Chicoutimi, Canada   (05.29.14)
I agree, they should have kept it as a monument on some public square; instead they blew it up. Kind of a waste. At least they filmed it for everyone to enjoy!
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