Christians' life in Israel not so wonderful
Farid Jubran
Published: 30.05.14, 20:51
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1. Partly correct, unfortunately
Shalom ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.30.14)
Especially what he writes about graffiti, spitting and visas. But the author has turned single events into the plural. Firecrackers were set off in ONE Nazareth church in 2006 by Haim Habibi and his CHRISTIAN wife Violet he was sentenced to 3 years prison, she to 3 years suspended. (in 1999 this strange pair had sought political asylum from Arafat in the PA!) In 2012 not a monastery but its DOOR was set on fire. ONE cemetery was attacked in 2013, One the other hand, e.g., countless attacks by Arabs on the Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives. Most of this stuff is committed by minors, whether Jews or Arabs. For sure, the authorities should have dealt with it earlier and more resolutely.
2. To the author:
Israeli 2   (05.30.14)
Okay, I agree if the things you mentioned were done by Israelis (JEWS) just because they are Christians. However, I noticed more and more lately that there are two sides to each story and the stories are very opposite - very different. No incitement by the Christians? They were all 100% A Okay? Then complain to the authorities is in place. Can you do that in any other country? Complain? Is Israel still better than Syria, Jordan, Egypt, etc.? If this is so, why do you write such an article here? To show that Israel is not perfect? Or perhaps Israel is still the best for allowing you to print this piece. You are guests...and yes...you are welcome.
3. Really?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.30.14)
Does the author mean to suggest that "Palestinian" Christians have not engaged in brutal acts of terror against Jews? George Habash -- may his name be cursed throughout eternity -- would roll over in his grave if he knew that Jubran was not giving him credit for killing and maiming hundreds of Jews. There are more. Lots more. Ever hear of Christian Al-Bandak and Dimitri Daliani? However, if the author and the other Christians in Israel do not feel comfortable in Israel, they are free to leave. No one is stopping them from doing precisely that. And, I take issue with this: "The 'only democracy in the Middle East,' whose leaders say has 'shared values' with the countries of the West, should compare the situation of its minorities to the situation of minorities in the countries it has shared values with, rather than to the situation of minorities in Middle Eastern countries." And were I to do that, I am reasonably certain that I would be hard-pressed to come up with a similar seven-decade record of terror that the "Palestinians" so proudly claim. The U.K. had the IRA provos; Spain has ETA; Italy the Red Brigade and Germany the Baader-Meinhof gang; even the United States had the Black Panthers, FALN and the Oklahoma City whack jobs -- but Christian terrorism against Jews is as old as Christianity itself, and it continues in Israel to this day. Moreover, Israeli Jews have a western mentality; "Palestinians" -- whether Christian or Moslem -- most emphatically do not. So the correct frame of reference is indeed the Middle East, and not the West.
4. Give me a break Farid. Life in Israel is paradise compared
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.30.14)
to neighborhood. Just look around the Middle East and stop biting the hand that gives you 100% freedom of worship and keeps you safe.
5. NK Hani Habra from Facebook
Israeli 2   (05.31.14)
You are all self destructing Jews! Your destruction and annihilation is welcome to me.
6. Ynet just shat on itself irremediably
Jhan   (05.31.14)
I won't bothe to come back to this website, enough is enough, what a load of bollox.
7. reciprocity
tiki ,   belgium   (05.31.14)
""Dozens of hate crimes and the authorities stand idly by and apart from a few words of condemnation, do nothing"! Jews have centuries of experience of hate crimes where authorities stand idly by and apart from a few words of condemnation (the good scenario), do nothing! Stop whining or go live in countries where your Arab brothers have a majority!
8. Christianity is man-god-on-a-stick idolatry
Hagadol Tora ,   Israel   (05.31.14)
They should, non-violently but insistently, be encouraged to move elsewhere.
9. Christians in Israel
Jack ,   Jerusalem   (05.31.14)
The U.S is the only country that created wars and suffering in the world. Why If you read History books, you will see that christians had a happy life. Why after the creation of Israel Christians left the country. You want christians to believe that Muslims are the enemy.
10. Even Christianity cannot take out the Arab penchant for lies
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.31.14)
11. Christians in Israel.
Jimbo Salsa ,   Mexico   (05.31.14)
With all due respect, Jews have had and still have very rough times under Chrirstian and mostly Catholic rule. In my hometown the Inquisition used to burn Jews alive and even today, Catholic priests still preach anti-Semitic ideas every Sunday in their churches. To add insult to injury, the Pope not only didn't apologize for his Church's behaviourn during WW2. He stopped by the fence that protects Israel from terrorists, making a statement with that. He denied that his Jesus idol spoken Hebrew and his note in the Wall was pitiful. In summary, the author of the article has a much better time in Israel than he'd have in any Arab country. And he is much better treated there than most Jews were in Catholic Europe, with few exception.
12. Great summary ,...
split ,   US   (05.31.14)
Added to my bookmarks, promise to share copies with dozens of other anti ;) ,...
13. 4 not mine.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.31.14)
14. Talkback comments look into the abyss
Avramele   (05.31.14)
The comments more than prove the author's point. Do we, as Jews rightfully returned to our land, have no shame? There are few things more disheartening than the bigotry of a majority composed of one's own people. The conscience of my family z'l cry out from the ashes of Belzec and Maidanek. Chaval alenu v'al kal khalomtainu. S'lach lanu acheinu v'elokenu ki chatanu.
15. Christians in Israel
Abie Dee ,   New York, US   (05.31.14)
Perhaps you are right that treatment of Christians in Israel should not be compared to that in Muslim countries. But, maybe it SHOULD be compared to the way Jews were treated in Christian countries for over 2000 years...pogroms, mass murders, vicious lies, ghettos, discrimination in employment and education, etc....by these standards, i believe, Christians live quite well in the Jewish homeland.
16. Please, I beg of you all... STOP saying that...
SCB ,   USA   (05.31.14)
The Pope is a Christian... He is NOT. Some of the followers of the catholic system are Christians, but the Pope and the catholic religion is satanic in origin.
17. Israel, like most places, is dangerous. I was poisoned at
many restaurants, my clothes knifed at a hotel and other offenses were suffered, until I learned to eat only at the hotel food that was buffet style and from markets but not at restaurants unless I was with Israelis since I did not speak Hebrew and was often alone, to avoid being poisoned. Some employees at businesses would question me diligently about religious beliefs, and if I gave the wrong answers, broken machinery like a printer that was sold for new but broke down shortly after purchase so obviously it was not. I was charged $400. to mail a small package to the USA at a mailing place near Ben Gurion Airport. I was not with a tour group, but if even one Israeli was with me like a taxi driver, it was safe to eat at a restaurant if the driver ate with me. I have been poisoned in other countries like Belize and the USA and elsewhere. It seems like a sport of some kind, to attack tourists who are alone and not in a group. So I gave up travelling since there are so many evil people in the world and tour groups are too hard to keep up with.
18. Distatesful propaganda
Daniel   (05.31.14)
by a group that was taught to hate jews for 2000 years. Look at the arab christian community's hatred and actions in Israel. Most support and aid terror against jews. You cannot serve hatred and demand rights from your victims. By the way your situation here is a as bad a you created it an dbelieve I was raised in a european country and know exactly the hypocrite latent and often open hatred of christian towards jews. Your life her could be a walk in the park if you choose to cooperate with us!
19. #17:You should sue Israel, obviously you've sustained perma-
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.31.14)
nent damage due to said , repeated poisonings. You have a good chance at Hague!
20. But why?
Johan Fourie ,   Johannesburg, SA   (05.31.14)
21. But why?
Johan Fourie ,   Johannesburg, SA   (05.31.14)
But why write this article when Christians are killed over the border. What happened in Israel is petty crime that could have been done by Muslim Israelis(Just saying they are 20% of the population - and look at Egypt for example) In any case. deal with the important issues for Christians in the Middle East - and that is survival not these minor crimes that you telling us about. What a waste of time to read this! What’s more important for you graffiti or human life? Bring back our girls - that is something you should write about. Pathetic, nough said. A Christian South African
22. To Mr's Sarah B, N 3
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (05.31.14)
I endorse your words. Despite the terrible deeds, from our churches, against Jews, in past times, Christians in Israel enjoy freedom and peace, instead of oppression and hate that occur in Islamic countries. I also believe in mutual debates between us about our faiths. There is not much difference. God is Unique and I am sure that you accept Jesus as an enlightened man. That is enough.
23. To: Facebook Mike O'Diomasaigh
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.31.14)
You don't realize it, but you really are boilerplate anti-Semite. Cookie-cutter. It was difficult enough for you to cope with the reality of well-educated, successful amd wealthy Jews. But the fact that the State of Israel has grown and thrived and has one of the best militaries in the world -- that just sticks in your craw, doesn't it? Well, choke on it. The Jewish people are here to stay; the State of Israel is here to stay. You? That's entirely up to you -- but I will say that the Jewish people have seen civilizations come, and we have seen civilizations go .... you'd be just one more in a long line of failed cultures.
24. To: Abie Dee at No. 15
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.31.14)
Excellent point. Would Mr. Furad want Israel to treat the Christian community in Israel the way the Jews were treated by Christians over the past two millennia? Remember, he wants us to frame our points of reference using the West as a standard, not the Middle East, even though that is intellectually unsound. I doubt that he would be very happy with the outcome if Israel were to behave toward Christian Arabs the way Christians in Europe have always treated Jews. We can even restrict ourselves exclusively to using the twentieth century as a frame of reference. It is, after all, the most recent complete century. Furad's bleats are really quite pathetic. Just another self-serving Arab who claims all the rights and privileges of Israeli citizenship, but none of the obligations.
25. #19 Tom in re #17
Sagi   (05.31.14)
Paranoid psychopaths cannot sue at The Hague or any where else for that matter. Three doctor's signatures and they are sectioned.
26. Reading all the hateful responses, lots
O. Ysoef   (05.31.14)
of things fall into place. Explains antisemitism, expulsions, distrust.
27. Christians and Israel
linda ,   Paris, France   (05.31.14)
We must not confond Israel's politics and the acts of little groupes. I want also to know the proportion of Israeli Christian Arabs that approuve Palestinian violence and refusal of Israel's existence - that is discrimination. I admire Israel that trust the Christians citizens proposing enlistement.
28. #25 Sagi, you're cruel. Don't shatter this guys reality!
tom ,   tel aviv   (06.01.14)
29. #25 That's "shatter" of course; thinking:"Shutter Island"?!
tom ,   tel aviv   (06.01.14)
30. Ample Space to Improve
Walid Haddad ,   Brooklyn, NY   (06.01.14)
I'm a Christian Lebanese and have many Jewish friends. I know one thing; there are a lot of common things between us (Christians & Jews). The problem with Middle Eastern Christians and especially those living in the State of Israel is that they chose the wrong side and life could be much better if they followed their gut-feeling and get more involved in the Israeli society and institutions. But, it takes two to Tango, so the Israeli society and State should encourage Christians and even make initiatives in this regard. God Bless!
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