Netanyahu warns world leaders against recognizing Palestinian unity government
Published: 01.06.14, 12:28
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1. Netanyahu warns world leaders
Harold ,   USA   (06.01.14)
We will live and see if the world leaders listen to Netanyahu. We have heard these warnings constantly from him and I think it became a broken record.
2. Bibi: Big Talker - Not Big Doer.
Israeli 2   (06.01.14)
The prime minister stressed: "This will not strengthen peace; it will strengthen terrorism." But you support a 2 state solution, giving up Hebron, part of Jerusalem and much more as long as they will not bother you in Caesaria.
3. #1 you are right
He just doesn't learn: Netanyahu did his best to convince Obama to protect US interests against a nuclear Iran, going so far as to negotiate with the PLO terror group as a concession and Obama laughed at him. Netanyahu should stop talking and start doing: destroy PLO and start implementing Martin Sherman's plan for peace in the Middle East
4. The world is saying israel is an apartheid
Why   (06.01.14)
And the cheif of this apartheid is advising the world !!!!! Pure hasbara.
5. # 3 LOL obama just released 5 Gitmo Taliban terrorists
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (06.01.14)
for one US soldier held captive for 5 years.. Now, if he could only make a call to Mexico for 1 illegally imprisoned US Marine..... But, I guess obama only makes deals with his 'allies.' BUILDING IS WINNING BABY !!! While saving more Jews from more anti semitic bigotry. AKA Muslims.
6. # 4 Apartheid sounds pretty good!
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (06.01.14)
If that means either killing all the pals, or drowning them in string bikinis into the sea, I'm all for it. Either way, Apartheid means No #$%^&* pals. BUILDING IS WINNING HALLELUJAH AND MAN ARE WE'RE BUILDING !!!!
7. # 2 It's a pattern
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (06.01.14)
Remember the deal that arafat turned down? Israel is holy, a Promise kept and given to the Jews by our G-d. No man, wise or a fool can go against the G-d of Israel, including all politicians, Israeli, American or whatever. Nations come and go, not Israel, she's eternal and eternally JEWISH by G-d! KEEP BUILDING !!!
8. # 1 Harold LOL
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (06.01.14)
No, the only broken record worth repeating is that Israel kicked the shit out of every arab nation who had the imbecilic idiocy to start a war with Israel. Not once but 6 times and counting.. ( not to mention that Israel ALONE removed two nuclear facilities, Iraq and Syria?) BTW, did you ever read Genesis 12:3 or, as I like to call them, the 1-2-3 formula" "He who blesses thee I will bless he who curseth thee I will curse. ???? I believe that curse was written in your 'honor' - speaking of 'honor' any comments on the Muslims murdering their own wives, mothers, sisters daughters, aunts, of "honor killings "? Or, don't they warrant a comment from you, oh wise one LOL Wise up Bozo! BUILDING THE pals OUTTA ISRAEL BABY !!!
9. The world ignores Arab and Islam apartheid
That's Why   (06.01.14)
10. Fatah is even worse than Hamas.
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.01.14)
Who has maimed and murdered more Israelis; Fatah or Hamas? It's not even close. Fatah by a huge margin. It is ludicrous to pretend Fatah are good terrorists. Israel needs to oust them all from our land.
11. As always Brilliant Bibi!!!
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (06.01.14)
the pals can march up and down in their underwear, make speeches, fire off a few rounds, waste more time and money in hopes of becoming more than just a two headed snake already known as 'united' pal terrorists, nothing more and most times worse as they steal the bread out of the mouths of the hapless victimized pals from other 'head' pals. No one goes in or out of any part of Israel without the Israeli's permission. LOVE YOU BIBI!!!! BUILDING A MIGHTIER ( IF POSSIBLE) ISRAEL, BABY !!!
12. Bless our Bibi
peter ,   tel aviv   (06.01.14)
well here we are again Bibi warns the world leaders( of which group he would so much like to be part of) But then again that is all he does. He warns of the impeding holocaust through Iran and the looming terror and and. Yet apart from waisting money on schemes to attack Iran (which shows in the current financial crisis of the IDF ) he takes no action. He does everything to stall and disrupt the talks with the PA. He lets people like Bennet talk about possible annexation of the west bank. Resulting in nations like Germany reconsidering relationship and aid like subsidies on Navy deals. Result our Bibi again warns the world of rising anti semitism and so on. Well Bibi you will go down in history as the most indecisive PM and on top of that one with the worst economic and socioeconomic record. Well done my friend.
stude ham   (06.01.14)
and typically... this world will fail to understand the criminal minds of these arab invaders... in fact this world is not even understanding the organizations that fuel such garbage as the Brussels murderers.
14. #4. Only malicious idiots call Israel "apartheid".
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.01.14)
Meanwhile, tourism to Israel is setting new records. Investment in Israel is skyrocketing. Israel grows richer and stronger every year.
15. #8 Build Baby Build
Harold ,   USA   (06.01.14)
Those who read your comment/comments learn nothing but rotten expressions, killing, war, building on occupied lands and lies. I advise you to report to the nearest mental clinic to check you filthy brain. The whole world prefers peace and spreading wisdom but you prefer war and spreading junk information.
16. #8
Harold ,   USA   (06.01.14)
I forgot to tell you that you can have a brain implant to replace your existing one and that can be found at one of the drug dealers' homes and try to choose a brain that speaks the English language..
17. Hypocrite
Ben   (06.01.14)
Terror releaser jaw-jaws some more.
18. Bibi and Decisions #12
Jez ,   Netanya   (06.01.14)
Come on now - he has decided on a prime ministerial jet which had he succeded in ridding himself of a president would have been just for him and Sara Antionette - so let them fly in double beds with en suite
19. Hamas is an Islamist terror organisation
CJK   (06.01.14)
hamas is an islamist terror organisation so listed by the united states, the eu and numerous countries. hamas is a branch of the muslim brotherhood which tried to set up an islamic totalitarian sharia state in egypt. the obama regime supports the muslim brotherhood and it supports the so-called pa unity government that includes hamas. obama sees nothing wrong with islamic terrorists. he has just released five of them from gitmo. he has enormous difficulty remembering that these people colluded in the horrific murder of three thousand americans.
20. 8
Birdi ,   Israel   (06.01.14)
The 1 who spreads ''junk information'' is you, poor Harold, not BBB. Waste of time to read your silly posts.
21. #16 Well well, look who has become an English linguist?
A ,   Belgium   (06.01.14)
"try to choose a brain that speaks the English language.. " Bumpkin, if you could find a brain that speaks the English language, or ANY language in fact, I'd say you are as rightfully deserving of a Nobel Prize as Arafat, Oblabla, and Peres. But as "talking brains" probably only happen on the Saturday morning kiddie programs you obviously enjoy watching (and which can also help to improve your pathetic language faculties) maybe just stick with entertaining us with your hilarious predictions that inevitably never come true for now.
22. #19
Harold ,   USA   (06.01.14)
US former Congressman, Ron Paul and the father of US Senator Rand Paul said in his speech that Israel created Hamas. Check to find what I am saying. I can say Israel also created Hezbollah after invading South of Lebanon.
23. 1
y Allon ,   adelaide/Israel   (06.02.14)
Another stupid post from you as per usual.
24. 22
CJK   (06.02.14)
who cares what some congressman says. what matters is that the us congress and the american people support israel.
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