Opinion  Sever Plocker
Can global diplomacy solve Mideast conflict?
Sever Plocker
Published: 02.06.14, 00:08
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1. Lets just switch that around
Robert ,   lost in Farmington   (06.02.14)
Analysis: Senior strategists believe it's time to replace Netanyahu and Abba's indecision with the resolve of Obama, Putin, Merkel and al-Sisi. at least with Abbas and Netanyahu every body knows where they said, with every body else, it's a fool's errand. let's keep it the way it is.
2. That's not how it works
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.02.14)
The way it works is that when the violent aggressor is defeated six times, he learns that he is indeed vanquished. He stays down. If he doesn't stay down, he gets crushed. Annex Judea and Samaria. It doesn't matter who does or does not recognize it as a part of sovereign Israel. The "Palestinians" have to go, of course -- Jordan, country of their citizenship, or the strip. What Israel needs to be is more assertive. The rules of international engagement do not end at Israel's borders and those rules are clear. If you are the aggressor, and you lose, bad things happen -- both territorially and in terms of the aggressor population. Judea and Samaria are nonsovereign, which makes it far easier. Time to tell the world to f**k off.
3. You sir
Impressed ,   United States/Israel   (06.02.14)
Are far too rational and logical to be granted any credibility by the following commentators:
4. Thrill writers
Phil ,   NYC   (06.02.14)
It is amazing what stupidity comes out as opinions when Israel is a sleep! The writer himself makes that statement that what he has written "This may just be a wild dream. Possibly.". The reality of the situation is that the Palestinians do not want to negotiate. They make outlandish statements or maneuvers to kill any chance of anything happening.The vast majority of Israelis don't pay much attention to the negotiations, because nothing ever happens. Let the Palestinians learn how to cope with reality, and also create a viable economy. Let their governments learn how not to steal most of the aid being sent to their people.It is difficult to deal with others when they can not even deal with their own people. The writer should learn how to write movie reviews instead of this drivel!
5. Answer to this totally evil suggestion: ABSOLUTELY NOT!
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.02.14)
Israel was not founded so the fate of Jews could be determined by others. Israel was created so Jews could control our own fate. The answer to this totally evil suggestion is ABSOLUTELY NOT!
6. This article is out of left field
Memphis Slim ,   Memphis,TN   (06.02.14)
While I agree that Bibi has made a few missteps, who wouldn't given the complexity of the Arab Spring, the Syrian war - and the ever screwed up Palestinian leadership. To advocate for another peace conference is to advocate for Israel to be led to slaughter. The USA is hostile, and Russia will play their vote against the USA - putting Israel in a no win situation. I own a 1972 time magizine special article on Israel where the talking heads claim Israel will be majority Arab in 20 years based on birth rates. WRONG! The "one nation" two states argument is a stretch at this stage. Israel is getting stronger economically, while her enemies are getting weaker. Give Israel a few years to develop a more diversified base of trading partners who will abstain or vote for Israel - and rebalance the dependancy on the USA. THAT IS A PLAN!! But it takes time.
7. Present Situation Future Scenario
Zechariah   (06.02.14)
The Present Situation is Jewish Settlement in Fifteen Percent of Judae and Samariah and Arab settlement in the Armistance Lines of 1949 of one million plus and one million seven hundred thousand Arabs Squeezed into the Gaza Strip.With Megacities there is room for millions more Jews and Millions more Arabs but Protection by Massive WMD Defence Shiels and a Horrific Deterrant Capacity is Vital.The Usa NATO and Russia can help Provide that for The Holy Land within the Two People's Coexistance .They can call the Areas Federations States but The Volcanies have to be Rendered Dormant for Eons .
8. Just like their resolve towards Ukraine:they are true heroes
tom ,   tel aviv   (06.02.14)
9. Do you believe in the tooth fairy as well?
Hannah ,   Auckland, NZ   (06.02.14)
I guess you mean bye bye Jerusalem, hello yellow star.No wonder Israel has problems if people like this writer represent 'rational' views.
10. peace process
ida tugg ,   toronto Camada   (06.02.14)
Number one step, Get Abbas to recognize Israel as a Jewish state before any negotiations. After all, Israel has released terrorist and got nothing. I firmly believe that if you can get Abbas to concede and say a settlement would be the end of the conflict Israel would have peace. Israel would not be able to refuse concessions under such an agreement.
11. Pure leftist rubbish!
Wise Saba Avraham ,   Netivot area   (06.02.14)
The suicidal Israeli left still doesn't get it, the arabs don't want "peace", they want "piece" , every last "piece" of our land & will they will take it any way they can.
12. I call upon the international community to stand by its own
N.L.Katz ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (06.02.14)
fundamental decisions regarding the Arab Israeli conflict and adhere to the fundamental elements of international law designed to resolve it: 1) San Remo conference decisions, 1920 2) League of Nations decisions, 1922 3) UN Charter, article 80, 1945 Why are you, leaders of the international community, not brave enough to demand the proper implementation of the above elements of international law, one wonders...??
13. Okay Mr. Plocker:
Israeli 2   (06.02.14)
Here's the real deal. You and perhaps many organized international "thinkers" may have your view, your will and your assessment. If it is not the will of the people of Israel (meaning the inclusion of Jews throughout the world) with Torah based laws, it will NEVER work. Israel is Israel. It belongs to G-d and His will be done.
14. To All Commentators
Harold ,   USA   (06.02.14)
Words, words and nothing but words. Nothing will ever solve the Middle East conflict unless severe sanctions are applied on the occupier. I predict EU will be doing that very soon.
15. Only Israelis Responsible for Israel's Future
Aharon   (06.02.14)
Let's be honest, the "palestinians" aren't interested in a state and aren't interested in creating a state at peace with Israel. Having foreign leaders who have trouble running their own countries, can't see that Iran is trying to acquire nuclear weapons, and don't have citizens who will be affected by the outcome of the decision is a terrible idea. History has proven that foreign governments and foreign forces are not capable of creating a safe Israel. This is the whole reason why the PLO/PA still exists and the Israeli-Arab conflict continues to go on. Only Israelis can ensure a safe Israel. It's high time that the Israelis take and assert their legitimate control over all of Israel and not shy away from the facts in favor of pleasing foreign governments. These countries fall for the "palestinian" lies and act in fear of Arab/Muslim incitement.
16. Time to think differently
Doc ,   Capetown   (06.02.14)
It's time to start thinking differently .. Leftists stop fooling yourself ... No one loves Jews and self hatred won't help you. You are a Jew even if you wish self denial... And you go in the same queue when the time comes .. History repeats itself if you follow the same path ...I wish these geniuses would learn.
17. to no.14 After 6 wars of aggresion you expect what ?
Ari ,   Jerusalem   (06.02.14)
After 6 wars of aggresion you expect what from Israel. To stand Iddle. You are a fool.
18. Obama? His resolve is to surrender!
Larry ,   Or Yehuda   (06.02.14)
His resolve is to turn the USA from a Superpower to a SuperMouse. Putin is something else. He did the exact opposite.
19. Trying to buy more time again?
Silva ,   NYC   (06.02.14)
Everyone is tired of these tactics to buy time and expand settlements. Just declare your borders, no need for talks or conferences. Israel's unwillingness to do that is the only stumbling block and everyone in the world knows it.
20. History repeats itself
Almost 2000 years ago, senior Leftist strategists were tired of the conflict between the pro-Roman Leftist sanhedrin and the Zionist nation that wanted to keep Jewish tradition and culture. The Leftists decided to impose a pax romanica, exactly like Plotzker wants to do now. The pax romanica eventually gave is the genocide at the end of the Bar Kochva revolt that was far worse than the Shoah of the the 1940s. I think Plotzker is wrong.
21. 14
y Allon ,   adelaide/Israel   (06.02.14)
You have been posting on this site for a long while now and no one ever seems to agree with you.Now, that should tell you something but I guess that you are far to stupid to realise that. You are a fool to post here.
22. Harold : your predictions are utter rot
Norbus ,   JERUSALEM   (06.02.14)
You could not predict when next you need to go to the toilet Harold. EU , despite your wishful preciction is coming apart. US is being bled to death by Obama. Israel continues innovating; Water, Food, Medicine, Defence only chance for countries as Egypt to feed their hordes and India to build its defence Israel is develpoing important new friends in India, China, Canada Try sniffing better solvent; Harold the one you are using is foxing you up your brain Thanks for the many laughs you provide. Please continue to show us your bitterness.
23. YNET NEWS (YEDIOT AHARONOT) Have a little respect for us.
Ari ,   Jerusalem   (06.02.14)
YNET NEWS (Yediot Aharonot) Have a Little respect for your readers. Even for a leftist, this is garbage. Your Hate for Natanyahu, your incitement to hate, Is completaly out of focus. The press carries big responsabilities, it should be as much objective as posible, which YNETNEWS have long cease to be. As Journalists you are a shame. All the time using clowns as Ploker.
24. Incredible, I Agree This Essay Is Nonsense!
Jersey Jew ,   New Jersey, USA   (06.02.14)
A rare event, I agree with the usual TBers here that knee-jerk demand even tighter squeezing the millions of indigenous peoples regionally using other peoples generous blood, treasure, technology, & other resources. At this point, go ahead & annex all valuable land & continue ur chokehold on everyone including our USA. Time measured in
25. #17
Harold ,   USA   (06.02.14)
Those who disobey two superpowers, the US and the EU, are fools and will be hurt very badly
26. Completely wrong
carlos ,   San Diego U.S.A.   (06.02.14)
The author wants to believe that all those anti-Semites will be better than Netanyahu . It is delusional. What a load of crap.
27. Stop living in lala-land
daniel ,   TA _ IL   (06.02.14)
I know it is easy for someone who never really had to do real work for a living, but the arabs want to destroy us. Get real please. Dreaming is nice. Inflicting another olso nightmare would be a crime!
28. #14 " I predict..." You read it right here, folks
A ,   Belgium   (06.02.14)
The political prediction strikeout artist steps up to the plate, predicts, and MISSES AGAIN! And Harold the Bumpkin maintains his incredible record of 0.00 correct political predictions! Although, you may have a chance here to be right this time:" severe sanctions are applied on the occupier" The EU, as does the US, recognizes Hamas as a terrorist organization. As a result, the US, and the EU will follow, is "considering" stopping funding (read "SANCTION") to the occupier (read Jordanian citizens illegally OCCUPYING Judea and Samaria) to the terrorist unity government. Say, how does that foot taste when you stick it in your own mouth?
29. boycot this idiot
Avram Goldsmith ,   toronto, canada   (06.02.14)
30. #6 birth rates
michael redboun ,   Lisbon - Portugal   (06.02.14)
The birth rates are getting closer every year and will soon be the same or even higher in Israel. Arab birthrates come down every year and Israel ones come down. Thanks for your post
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