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Pro-Israelis groups slam US over support of unity government
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 03.06.14, 09:02
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1. "Pro-Israeli groups slam US over support of unity government
C   (06.03.14)
they should have thought about this very possibility before endorsing pro-muslim obama. now it is too late.
2. End of the U.S as we know it !
Mike ,   NZ   (06.03.14)
The US has become a prostitute nation. By this latest decision the US has lost its right to be a peacemakert. It is now a third world nation and it's demise is only a matter of time. China is set to take its place as the leading world power... Let's face it . . It already owns most of the US.
3.  slam US over support
jon ,   uk   (06.03.14)
to all we know this could have been planned the Palestinians could have been giving the OK in advance before they went for it
4. US & EU completely lost their moral compass!
tiki ,   belgium   (06.03.14)
Terrorists in Armani suits are still terrorists but are legalized by western regimes! Because of their Jew aversion (to put it mildly) the West is willing to 'work with a terrorist/terror regime, where in similar cases they would punish those doing the same. Those who sleep with dogs, will wake up will lice and the lice have found their way to Europe & America and no border can stop them!
5. America has bigger problems
Obama has always been pro-Islamic and anti-Israel, at least since the days of his spiritual mentor Jeremiah Wright. Obama has consistently acted according to his anti-Israel belief, and only a fool like Netanyahu could believe that Obama would support Israel for a safe peace agreement, against a nuclear Iran, the Brotherhood, or genocidal Hamas. The problem is no one in America can do anything. Time and again Obama has acted illegally but the American press and justice system has supported him, and Congress is unable to stop him. Obama's criminal disregard for the law was clear in Fast and Furious, election funding scandal, IRS scandal, NSA scandal, Benghazi and Obamacare but reached a new pinnacle in the Bergdahl affair. Publically and with no shame, Obama illegally released 5 dangerous terrorists in exchange for Bergdahl. Obama made a powerful statement when he hugged Bergdahl's father for praising Allah for the release, the same father who called for the death of American soldiers.
6. 5 America has the same problem as Israel
his name is obama, and his profession is supporter of islamic terrorists.
7. Obama won't care
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (06.03.14)
He is not up for re-election. Besides since when has Israel being responsible for formulating American foreign policy?
8. End evil "peace talks with Palestinians" game.
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.03.14)
The Israeli government invited all this evil when it agreed to: 1. Pretend "Palestinian" poseurs have a legitimate claim on our sole tiny Homeland. 2. Pretend the P.A. are "peace partners and not the genocidal terrorists they are. The solution is simple. Israel needs to end both these lies and claim Judea and Samaria forever. End the evil "peace talks with Palestinians" game. Implement The Israeli Solution as expressed by Caroline Glick and Moshe Feiglin.
9. U.S. recognition of new PA govt.
Ernie ,   Coram NY USA   (06.03.14)
Obama selling out. Sending Israel to the dogs. Recognizing terrorist organizaton. Really angry and ready to start voting for GOP again. Obama is weak and makes threats to sound strong and then backs down. Good talk and NO action!!!
10. #4
Harold ,   USA   (06.03.14)
Did the US and the EU lost their morals when they sat down with Arafat and discuss the Middle East conflict. Did John Paul II lost his moral when he invited Arafat, who had more israeli blood on his hands than Hamas, to the Vatican. Try to read another chapter about this conflict and say the truth. By the way I am not a Palestinian, Muslim or related to any of the two parties but I have to express the truth when we hear and see what is happening in the occupied lands.
11. Pro-Israelis groups slam US over support of unity government
George Weiss ,   Teaneck, USA   (06.03.14)
In response, Israel should cancel the Oslo accords (justification is that Hamas was not included and that it has lost it's relevance) or threaten to if US does business with this government. Also, This is bibi's fault since the US knows he will do almost anything to keep focus on Iran and he needs US support on this. He is being a patsy.
12. It's fun:free for all,"Interesting Times" as the Chinese say
tom ,   tel aviv   (06.03.14)
13. You can't ask the world to support an apartheid
Why?   (06.03.14)
Fascist state. Looks what u are doing u Will understand. Theifs.
14. #2 ,...
split ,   US   (06.03.14)
A 'prostitute' that just showed a finger to her pimp? I can live with that ;) ,... Also I contacted my lawmakers demanding that the handout for Palestinians, be deducted from handouts for Israel ,... Your arrogance is getting on my nerves.
15. #4 - :))), :))), :))) ,...
split ,   US   (06.03.14)
Finally, one BS peddler managed to make me laugh - Pinhead you and your Zionist beggers that depend on handouts from the get-go, that build your existence around it to stay afloat wouldn't know what moral compass is if it fell and on your heads ,...
16.  5 - 'America has bigger problems' ,...
split ,   US   (06.03.14)
If it wasn't for the blind unconditional support of midget bully in the M. East extorted by the V-column of Israel firsters on Capitol Hill, she wouldn't, but like your buddy from Belgium stated if you sleep with a dog, you will wake up with fleas ,...
17. Traitors
Etienne Prinsloo ,   British Columbia, Ca   (06.03.14)
In the same weekend that Hussain releases the five top Taliban prisoners from Gitmo (as the Taliban ordered him to do), he basically accepts a terrorist organization with open arms. Can there be any doubt that Hussain is a militant, anti Israeli muslim.? And for the Democrats? Islam has hijacked the Democrats to do it's bidding on command. The USA is on a slippery slope from which there is no return.
18. USA funds for Terrorists
rays ,   nh, USA   (06.03.14)
Once again the State Department and The White House openly display their friendly attitude toward Islamic terrorism by funding Hamas with the weak excuse that Hamas's "technocrats" in the new PA are not part of a terrorist organization.....Fools or scoundrels???
19. #7,right, this is expected from the US Muslim Administration
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (06.03.14)
20. Obama: Hopelessly inept - much much worse than Carter
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (06.03.14)
Obama is on a hiding to nothing. The USA under his watch has degenerated into a weak, confused , contradictory nation. It is no longer respected by anyone - soon it will be no longer feared. Trouble is coming for us in the West and the USA. Thank you Obama - you bumbling, arrogant fool.
stude ham   (06.03.14)
given the over 1 million Russians in Israel there is very little doubt that Putin will strengthen Russian ties to Israel... Obama just has no geopolitical clue... and neither do his advisers and coteries of hanger-ons.
22. #7 Sarah B
Harold ,   USA   (06.03.14)
What President Obama is doing is not new. In year 2008 Obama said a Palestinian State will be a new member of the UN with its 1967 borders and put the Israeli/Palestinian conflict of the table so that the whole world see what has happened and what will happen. The Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Obama for what he said and now he must solve this conflict to pay back his debts. Many pro-Israeli lobbyist tried very hard spending hundred of millions of Dollars to discredit Obama and dump him but failed very badly. Moreover Netanyahu interfered in the US affairs and backed Mitt Romney a Republican..
23. The Yanks don't get it . . .
Mike ,   NZ   (06.04.14)
The country that slaughtered its own Indian population has now stretched out out blood stained hands to reward Muslim murderers of christians and jews alike. Putin knows exactly how to deal with Obama (who is quite clueless when it comes to foreign policy) Western allies of the U.S. would by now be feeling quite insecure !!
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