VIDEO: Meet IDF's new dynamic armored personal carrier
Yoav Zitun
Published: 03.06.14, 10:52
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1. Would be great in Tel Aviv traffic
Nancy   (06.03.14)
2. why is this vehicle not robotic and if/when necessary small
ralph   (06.03.14)
armed robot vehicles.
3. will it ever go beyond the prototype stage
zionist forever   (06.03.14)
It won't be seeing action in training as there is no more training any soldiers anymore and the IDF is no longer buying weapons not paid for by military aid. All non American funded acquisitions that its possible to cancel are being canceled so its doubtful that the pathetic organisation called Israel Defense Force which is in no for state to defend the country or its soldiers won't be buying it even if they planned to at the design concept stage, On the export market what makes this different from the many other 4x4 medium protection troop transports out there? I have a feeling the closest this will have to seeing action will be a prototype being driven around by an IMI employee.
4. Yeah, I used to have an offroad just because Rio's traffic!
Ibraim Sued ,   Rio de Janeiro   (06.03.14)
5. 'developed by the Israel Military Industries' ,...
split ,   US   (06.03.14)
You mean assembled of foreign made parts and components, just like 'your' Merkava ;) ,... This allegedly developed by the IMI vehicle is a carbon copy of the larger version ATV's (all terrain vehicles) I see every weekend passing by on their way to the mountains to have fun ,...
6. LOL-Nancy!
Koose E Mack ,   NY USA   (06.03.14)
I could use one of these to survive driving through Boro Park!!!!
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