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Suspect in Jewish museum shooting refuses extradition to Belgium
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Published: 04.06.14, 17:05
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1. So it goes by what the mass murderer Muslim wants?
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (06.04.14)
2. So why....
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (06.04.14)
does he have a choice?
3. Of course he wants to be tried in a Moslem Country under
meir Elazar   (06.04.14)
Of course he wants to be tried in a Moslem Country under Sharia where he hopes to get a medal of Honor instead of facing a death sentence.
4. What happened to the good old days of the Guillotine?
jack Cohen ,   San Diego   (06.04.14)
5. We can only hope that the Germans stay vigilant...
Kolboynik ,   Baltimore, MD   (06.04.14) the French seem to be asleep at the wheel. -- Just saw a video about UK border control. They have quite a bit on their hands. The infiltrators which they call "clandestines" never cease to attempt entry into U.K.
6. Since When Do Murders Have A Choice
What Choice Do The Victims And Their Famlies Have??? Deport his sorry ass back to where this COWARD murdered unarmed people, Convict him, Lock Him Up Till The Day He Leaves G-ds Green Earth!!!
7. The best country for extradition
Moshe ,   Israel   (06.04.14)
If Nemmouche were smarter, he would have asked to be extradited to Israel, the best western state for convicted Jews' murderers. There he can achieve a university degree, and be released after a couple of years. Perhaps he can apply for it due to killing Jews.
8. There is no death sentence in Belgium
s ,   Belgium   (06.04.14)
9. Extradition? What is happening to the European Union?
S ,   IL   (06.04.14)
Isn't it like asking someone from Maryland to be extradited to California? Isn't this a bit of legal game playing when for the rest of everything, for all practical purposes, there are no longer boundaries?
10. Better that he is tried in France and not Belgium
A ,   Belgium   (06.04.14)
His "homies" in Belgium may help him escape from prison, it's been done before with helicopters. He may have to run, hide in his moslem home state Morrocco, fend for himself. In France, he will be thrown in prison with the rest of his moslem "brothers"...start an uprising, or a hunger strike, maybe kill a guard or two. Islam controls France.
11. Dirty and Shameles Liar
Maurice ,   Montreal   (06.04.14)
He claimed that he had stolen the Kalashnikov and pistol he had in his possession when he was arrested, from a car in Belgium. WOW! What a coincidence! An Islamist named Mehdi finds these weapons in a car and steals them! Does he think everyone is stupid to believe his lies? Wherever he will be tried, this monster should not see the daylight anymore!
12. Stolen
Angela ,   The Netherlands   (06.04.14)
The lawyer of this pig told a belgium newspaper that his client was not the shooter but had stolen the bag with gun etc on the day of his arrest. The lier!!!!!!!!!!!
13. 1 not mine.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (06.05.14)
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