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I will love the Stones forever
Shlomo Artzi
Published: 07.06.14, 00:15
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1. BDS movement suffers a major defeat
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (06.07.14)
Dylan encouraged the Stones to perform in Israel. Roger Waters urged them not to. The Stones played. And Israel rejoiced. (Is that Waters' head I just heard explode?)
2. Ronnie Wood
Fishr ,   Winnipeg Canada   (06.07.14)
Wood didn't join the band until very late. I think you're referring to Bill Wyman (the bass player who is now retired). The original lead guitarist was the late Brian Jones.
3. rolling stones
janet ,   jordan valley israel   (06.07.14)
I don't get it . You would rather see a group that two of the members are dead and had split up how many decades ago?I was at the concert having seen the S tones a couple of times before, without any wish list of songs or really caring if any of them dye thier hair. We had a great time and saw a great band of musicians without any gimics just good solid talent . by the way they were doing okay before Ronnie Wood joined them in 1975
4. #3: ouch :) and wasn't it Brian Jones who founded the band?
I'm not a fan of the stones but I think I read it in Wikipedia.
5. Lol Shlimo Artzi!
Mathilde   (06.07.14)
Maybe Shlomito Artxi thinks Yahir Lapid journalist,,,wrote a lot better articles compared to Artzi... But who knows? I heard that Lapid knows to I would not pretend to criticize their music. And even if they would have given a bad show, I wouldn't have told you that."
6. Ps:
Mathilde   (06.07.14)
I was saying that i heard that Lapid plays the guitar and haves a great voice too, Shlomo Artsi dont give up writing your comments for ynet ;-)
7. @ 5 editing post
Mathilde   (06.07.14)
Maybe Shlomo Artzi thinks Yahir Lapid the journalist,,,wrotes a lot better articles than Artzi... But who knows? I heard that Lapid knows to play the guitar and has a good voice too. Like singer lol I am a moron re-editing this for you, the public. Anyhow no one is following the Rolling Stones! Well, maybe Tel Avivians when are bore. Groitze mitzie the band learned a few words in hebrew and tel aviv thinks they want to become the defenders of israel musicians Come on! They are just a rock & roll band. Another ps Shlomo Artzi, you should be writing an article about Hasidic music
8. Stones are great band. Artzi shallow gooey "forever"
Jewish Mirror ,   Israel   (06.08.14)
No contact at all with reality. Such a shallow perspective of one's short life and what's important.
9. Stones are the BEST
gaby levy   (06.10.14)
They gave me such happy two hours, that I will not forget my whole life. I have been waiting for this some 56 years .... I like it that today they are 'nicer' in performance, but same great music as always.
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