MBTA approves pro-Palestinian ads in Boston subway
Published: 07.06.14, 13:54
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1. Every Empire deserves downfall of their own choosing.
tom ,   tel aviv   (06.07.14)
2. Useful Idiot
Howard ,   Seattle WA   (06.07.14)
Once again a academic liberal US Jew is behind an anti Israel campaign.This is sickening and more proof that the American Jewish community is in self desruct mode.
3. Great Campaign!
Doug ,   Rochester, USA   (06.07.14)
People in the U.S. often only hear the Hasbara version of what is really going on in Palestine. There is very little coverage of civilian deaths unless the civilian is Jewish. Almost nothing about apartheid walls, roads, checkpoints, buses. Almost nothing about land and water theft.
4. Ads against Apartheid
Harold ,   USA   (06.07.14)
The people all over the world and not only MBTA woke up and found out what is going on to the Palestinians and their lands colonized by Jewish immigrants from Europe and the United States. The word Apartheid will grow and grow and damages the occupiers.
5. Boston not to long ago
Robert ,   lost in Farmington   (06.07.14)
Boston not to long ago had their own terrorist attack, now they put posters up supporting the terrorist and the organizations .
6. They should try again in Seattle ,...
split ,   US   (06.07.14)
7. One persons "facts" is to everyone else manufactured LIES
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (06.07.14)
These assholes should be made to prove in court their assertions. The MBTA should be sued for libel.
8. Do the Arabs want peace or land. If peace, sit down and talk
N.L.Katz ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (06.07.14)
peace without pre-conditions: Peace-for-Peace. Refusing to do so, one only assume that the Charters of the Fatah, PLO and Hamas continue to constitute the priories for the Arabs: Israel's demise and the "cleansing" of the Jewish state of its Jews, for the sake of land.
9. Inevitable
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (06.07.14)
The US First Amendment makes banning the ads impossible. And with Israel's Public Diplomacy (propaganda) campaign going for decades, some response is inevitable. Israel or its surrogates can up the ante by counter advertising. Netanyahu chose to make Israel and the conflict a partisan issue in the US. This is a first step in the process. Billboard owners and TV and Radio ad executives will enjoy the revenues.
10. What is already being done
Ron ,   oc us   (06.07.14)
Support Susan Gellar. There are ads supporting Israel on D.C. busses as we speak. Susan Gellar kept the mosque out of Ground Zero, and does other good work.
11. This Is HOW Allies Act?
We will see how till Boston Jewish Community STANDS FOR THIS??? Shabbat Shalom
12. Boston, the city where these muslim boys put a bomb ?
Andre ,   Clichy, France   (06.07.14)
Americans know who their allies are. Americans know who their enemy is: the muslim terrorist. The palestinian is nothing more than an arab, a muslim. And Americans have nothing in common with the occupied, degenerate Euros...
13. Ahmed Youssef on Facebook
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (06.07.14)
No, you spare us yours. The Pals had the chance to have a state the same time Israel did and they refused. They have been offered a state since then but still refuse. 6 times they went to war instead and lost. The ersatz Pals don't deserve a state beyond what they already have...Jordan, Egypt etc.
14. @5 Boston didn't do this, Chadi Salamoun did
Tom ,   Boston   (06.07.14)
This ad is blurring out the real reality, whether or not it state some facts. "Child" do they mean 20 yr old throwing rocks and moltov cocktails at civilians?
15. Those publishing ads aid & abet new Jihad brothers in Boston
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (06.07.14)
16. You can Bet............
Dan ,   USA   (06.07.14)
the MBTA would not put a pro Israel, anti Palestinian poster up. And still Jews continue to vote for liberal Democrats.
17. Israel wants peace very much
jochair ,   kfar saba Israel   (06.07.14)
peace with the Pals means nothing as long as the whole Arab world wants war. try to attact Islam, not israel, with these advertisements.
18. It is not disloyal to Mr Katz of Qatzrin
exUK ,   Tel Aviv   (06.07.14)
to point out that there are two points of view,each valid depending on who you are and what your agenda is. Whatever you wish to label west bank Arabs,they are still human beings,some having lived there perhaps far longer than you.They have to live.Jordan has absorbed half a million Syrian refugees.The demographics of our region are in flux! Either both sides come to a painful Compromise or the future may be even more painful for all
19. The best counter?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.07.14)
Put up ads showing in gruesome clarity the aftermath of a suicide bombing by a "Palestinian." Facts. Documented. People blown apart, bloody lumps of flesh unrecognizable as human, and severed limbs strewn about. All the different suicide bombings; with places and dates. Pictures of Yonatan Palmer, z"l, and of Shalvehet Pass, z"l, giving names and dates. Pictures of the three Fogel children, z"l, including the one of Hadas Fogel, three months old, nearly decapitated. How do you think the good people of Boston will view the "Palestinians" then? The "Palestinians" are using photographs which have likely been taken in Syria. They've done it before. You fight despicable, misleading and even outright untrue "Palestinian" propaganda with FACTS and PHOTOGRAPHS. Of those, Israel has plenty. The "Palestinians" want to tug at the heartstrings of the people using questionable photographs and untruths. I want to turn the stomachs of the people. I want them to see what brutally slain infants look like. I want them to see what the aftermath of a suicide bombing looks like. If they want to see the true face of the "Palestinians," we can show them.
20. To: No. 4
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.07.14)
There is no "apartheid" in Israel, you jackass. Arab Israelis enjoy all the rights and privileges of citizenship, but not all of the obligations. They do not, for example, pay municipal taxes. They are not obligated to serve in the military, nor to perform some sort of national service. In point of fact, most do not. They are well represented in the Knesset, and there are Arab government ministers, judges, physicians, businessmen and lawyers. Arabs in Israel are given preferential treatment in terms of university admission. Arabs may live in any Israeli city, village and town that they wish. In fact, quite a number do. Jews, on the other hand, are prohibited from residing in Arab cities, towns and villages. That's apartheid. So you really do not know what you are talking about. The "Palestinians" in Judea and Samaria are not Israeli citizens; they are citizens of Jordan. Because of their extraordinary inclination towards violence and terror, they are subject to military rule. You are probably not aware of this, but a terrorist attack by "Palestinians" against Jews is thwarted on a virtually daily basis. We built a security fence, which effectively put an end to suicide bombing attacks, and that is why the "Palestinians" howl about the security fence -- it prevents them from killing Jews. You have a fifty cent education, Harold; don't throw around five dollar words. You embarrass yourself. Still waiting for you to share the personal, first-hand experience in the United States airlift of Jews in 1948 which you claim you have. I'm really interested, because there was no such airlift. So please enlighten us all. And don't forget to buy a dictionary and look up the word "apartheid." If you're going to throw it around, you really should discover what it means. It's a Dutch word, and a Boer concept. Perhaps Ben Alofs can help you; he's Dutch.
21. Israel should learn from the Pals,
David ,   Montreal, Canada   (06.07.14)
how to use propaganda. Like it or not, they are much better than us in that respect. It could be and it is our downfall.
22. Truth be told
John ,   USA   (06.07.14)
Israel has enjoyed the support of the American public for so long because of its ability to present a false narrative that so many believed in for so long. Now that more Americans have access to alternative sources of information that carefully crafted narrative is crumbling, and those of us who realize we've been lied to and manipulated are helping others around us to recognize that truth. These ads help in the effort to educate, and for that reason I dully support them. If Israeli politicians ate smart they will make peace now, whole the US gov't is unwilling to force their hand. If they wait too long enough of us Americans will become educated about the reality in the ground so that US politicians will no longer fear the wrath of the Israeli lobby. As soon as that happens peace terms will be dictated by the Americans, and they are highly likely to be less favorable than terms that could be dictated today if am Israeli politician who had enough sense to be an honest peace broker was elected.
23. Ads are not "Anti Israel"
Garrett ,   Utah, USA   (06.07.14)
They are anti Israeli policy. There is a big difference.
24. Truth is not antisemitic.
James   (06.07.14)
25. Boston
agokoy ,   cebu   (06.07.14)
9/11 murderer hijackers came out of Boston. Marathon bombers. Now this. Boston strong?
carlos ,   San Diego U.S.A.   (06.07.14)
Where are the Jews from the Democratic Party? Speak up!. Have you noticed that nobody talks about peace or alliances by Israel and the Arabs that will pull the Arabs out of their barbarism? Only hate mongering and genocidal words by Arabs and their sympathizers, it resembles Nazi Germany in the 1930's. What a shame that this is happening in America.
27. r.c-h leftist putz
Steve Goodman ,   Israel   (06.07.14)
another self hating liberal jew that will spew his ignorance, and vote for hillary. he must not be all that brilliant as he is on the faculty of u.mass. I would also like to hear his views on the p.a.-hamas unity govt. AM YISROEL CHAI
28. #5, #12 you argue like nazis
Albrecht ,   EU   (06.07.14)
Arabs, muslim (most of them friendly) = terrorist (for you) Jews (most of them friendly) = "Bolshevist terrorists" (for nazis)
29. The ads aren't shocking, but they ARE misleading.
Corey ,   Canada   (06.07.14)
30. Reaction to 1939 Genocide Paper
Zechariah   (06.07.14)
These demolishing of houses while counterproductive are not as bad as USA bombing of Japan which Defense Minister McNamara admitted later were a War crime .A hundred thousand Japanese civilians killed in Tokyo in one night by incendiary bombs .The reality is the Islam blocked the escape of Jews from Nazi Europe from Turkey to Afghanistan including Mandated Palestine .USA business built up the Nazis supplying oil and rubber for mechanised warfare and deals with IG Farbin for Genocide .Palestinian Leader had Lemon Juice with Nazi Feuhrer discussing Genocide extension of Jews to all Islamic Lands .
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